Car alarm in the Philippines: Installation guide, How it works, How to stop it & What to buy

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Car alarms have become increasingly sophisticated in deterring potential car thieves. Read on to learn about this important system in car.

I. Car alarm in the Philippines: A basic anatomy

1. What is a car alarm?

Simply speaking, a car alarm is an electronic device installed in a vehicle which makes a loud noise when anyone tries to break into it. In fact, the main purpose of car alarm system is to prevent the theft of your personal belongings within your car and of the car itself. In other words, it is a kind of car security system.

car alarm system

A car alarm is an electronic device installed in a vehicle which makes a loud noise when anyone tries to break into it

That said, not all car alarm systems are the same. They are triggered by different actions and have different features.

2. OEM vs Aftermarket car alarm systems

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) car alarms typically feature basic features which are limited to one-way remote start, one-way remote door locks, horn trigger, and starter/injector kill.  Most of them are merely designed to deter car theft, not to protect your possessions.

In the meantime, aftermarket systems boast a wider range of features and components that can be added on to reinforce your car security. The addition of an aftermarket car alarm with just the basic features can remarkably enhance your car security.

3. Car alarm components & How they work

Normally, car alarm has 3 main components, which are:

  1. One type of sensor (at least).
  2. Some type of noise-making (siren or flashing lights).
  3. A control unit

When looking at a very basic car alarm which includes only these 3 components, it is quite easy to see how the whole thing works.

car alarm parts

Car alarm components

In most cases, the sensor is installed in the driver's door, and it is wired to activate whenever the door is opened. With the system equipped, opening the door will send a signal to the control unit, and then the control unit will activate the noise-making part (the siren), calling attention to the car and hopefully, scaring off the “would-be” thief.

In reality, car alarm systems are often much more complicated. Most come with radio receivers built into the control units, transmitters which take the form of key fobs, and a host of different kinds of sensors. Not only that, car alarms can also be tied to other car systems, resulting in different effects.

Depending on your specific demands, you can choose to customize your alarm system by adding on several accessories. It is worth noting that car alarms are not going to completely eliminate car robbery and intrusion. Nonetheless, by installing a security system with additional parts, you can surprisingly make your vehicle a real anti-theft car.

car thief

By installing a security system with additional parts, you can surprisingly make your vehicle a real anti-theft car

II. Car alarm installation

Most vehicles today have got some forms of car alarm installed in them. will now share with you how to set up a basic alarm system in your car.

Step #1: Open the hood and attach the siren to any solid metal surface underneath. Place the siren’s horn facing down in order that no water can get into it.

Step #2: Make a hole in the car's rubber firewall. Thread the siren's wire through that hole into the passenger compartment.

Step #3: Put the alarm's power line near the battery that is going to be attached later.

Step #4: Attach a fuse to the siren’s wire that will be attached to the battery next.

Step #5: Check the alarm's instruction manual before mounting the shock sensor.

Step #6: Make a hole in the car dashboard for the LED indicator. Then, feed the LED indicator wire through that hole and secure it into place with double-sided mounting tape.

Step #7: Pin down the wires used to connect to the light button on the car door. This button will turn the light on whenever anyone opens the door. In the event you have power locks, pin the wires that connect to the power locks instead.

Step #8: Connect a sensor to the wires.

Step #9: Secure & attach all wires (both input and output ones) to the alarm module and then mount that module below the dash. Also, bundle all the wires together and hide them under the dash.

Step #10: Connect the power wire to the battery and your alarm system is ready to work.

For more detailed instructions, please watch this video:

How To Silence A Car Alarm

III. How to stop car alarm

When functioning properly, car alarms are surely a great way to prevent criminals from stealing your vehicle. In some situations, however, they might turn out quite embarrassing. So, how to stop car alarm if it goes off? Here’s how. Let’s start with the easiest and quickest ways available to you, and try the more complicated ones if you must.

1. Try stopping car alarm with the key

This is the easiest way to stop a car alarm. Simply place your key into the driver’s door to unlock your car. On condition that you have keys for yourself, you can make an effort to unlock the side door. In most cases, the alarm will shut off once the key is inserted properly.

open car with key

Try stopping car alarm with the key

What to do if you have a push-key button? Find the hidden key inside! You need to look for a small button on the key fob’s side, push it with the fingernail to get the hidden key to unlock the car and reset the alarm system.

What’s more, you can turn the alarm off by putting the key in the ignition.

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2. Reach the alarm fuse

The alarm fuse is located just below the steering wheel, so you can easily find it on the left side of the cabin. As normal, all those alarms installed post-purchase reside under the metal sheet, resting on the wire connected to the positive battery terminal. Once you discover the fuse, there’s a high chance that you will see the alarm label there. Find the wires which are connected to the car alarm from the fuse and then pull it off to stop the alarm.

3. Detach the car battery

If after trying the two ways above, you still cannot make the alarm mute, disconnect the battery. By doing this, all electrical systems will be reset and the alarm sounds will end, of course. Now, remove the negative battery cable (the black one), leave it like that for around 30 seconds and reconnect it.

open engine bay

If after trying the two ways above, you still cannot make the alarm mute, disconnect the battery

We’ve just shared with you three ways to stop a car alarm, make sure that you learn these tips by heart so as to fix the issue right away without making yourself awkward on the road.

IV. 10 Best car alarms Philippines & their price

We believe that as of now, most of you have been aware of the importance of car alarms. In case you have not equipped your beloved vehicle with one, here we have some suggestions. Today, car alarm price in the Philippines ranges from P1,500 to P15,000 depending on specific brands and designs.

Below are top 10 car alarms for sale that can easily be found in any car parts and components shops nationwide.

  1. Avital 4103LX Remote Start System with Two 4-Button Remote
  2. Avital 4115L Avistart Remote Start with two 1-button Controls
  3. Avital 5305L 2-Way LCD Remote Start with Security
  4. Cobra Car Alarm Auto Security System TW886
  5. EXAD Car Alarm System
  6. Giordon G5 Car Alarm Security System 360 Protection with 2 Remote Controls
  7. InstallGear Car Alarm Security & Keyless Entry System Trunk Pop with Two 4-Button Remotes
  8. Viper 3100V 1-Way Security System
  9. Viper 3305V Responder LCD 2-Way Security System with Keyless Entry
  10. Viper 5906V Color Remote Start & Security

cobra car alarm

Cobra car alarm is one of the most popular choices in the Philippines

Should you prefer transacting within the convenience of home, you can choose to avail car alarm products through Shopee, Lazada or many other shopping websites.