How to choose car seat cover in the Philippines [Essential Tips]

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Can’t come up with the best car seat cover in the Philippines for your lovely car? Let us help you with that.

“You are what you wear” and how you dress up your car also reflects your personality. As such, many car owners will want to make their “buddy” appealing and attractive with aesthetic car accessories. Some of these are only optional, while others are indispensable.

Car seat covers are one of the accessories widely used by car users these days. They are good at protecting the seats’ condition as well as increasing the convenience and practicality of your seats.

However, purchasing car seat covers in the Philippines is a daunting task especially for those who have never done this before. Being well equipped with the crucial information that should be taken into account when picking out the car seat covers.

In this article, has prepared essential tips and recommendations to help Filipino drivers make the right decision every time.

How to choose the right seat cover for your vehicle 

I. Benefits of using car seat covers

Equipping auto seat covers brings many considerable benefits for both the cars and the car owners.

To begin with, the major function of these accessories is to cover and protect the seats from unexpected damages or dirtiness. Thanks to the covers, your seats can avoid the pain caused by cleaning supplies and tools.

Seat covers are normally made from long-lasting materials, becoming the safe solution to the bad effect of spills, UV damage, and debris, plus consequently extend the durability of the original seats. Therefore, this is a great choice for car owners who wish to keep their car resale value at the highest.

dirty car seat covers

Seat covers can protect your cars from unexpected damages or dirtiness

Additionally, car seat covers can improve the convenience of driving experience. These useful car add-ons efficiently adjust the cabin’s temperature, whether you are driving in extremely cold or hot conditions. In fact, leather car seat covers are able to absorb the heat and make the interior warm enough during the rainy season.

Another advantage of opting a car seat covers is to add an elegant decoration to the cabin, especially when the drivers are not satisfied with the default patterns and colors inside their cars. Filipino car enthusiasts can easily customize car seat cover design based on their taste, style, and personality.

customized car seat covers

Customized car seat covers make your car's interior attractive and appealing

II. Features to consider when choosing seat covers in the Philippines

Considering the best seat cover for your car is not a simple task. There are many factors that you should examine carefully before grabbing the suitable auto seat covers.

1. Materials

The fabric used for car seat cover is the critical feature to consider when selecting one. Like car seat material, there are various types of material used for car seat covers. It is recommended that you should choose the right one depending on your habit and country weather conditions.

The table below presents a deeper look into the Pros & Cons of each material:

Pros and Cons of different car seat cover material

- Decent protection
- Luxurious and elegant look
- Hot during summer
- Can not absorb spills
Affordable price
- Not resistant to UV
- No waterproof
Ballistic nylon
- Great protection against UV
- Very durable
- Exceptional waterproof
- Great for outdoor drivers
- Sporty
Difficult for the seat to breathe
Saddle blanket
- Warm and durable
- Western look
Not available for all style
- Very comfortable
- Best option for cold weather
- Luxurious material
Very expensive

2. Quality

When choosing the right car seat covers in the Philippines, quality is always one of the first concerns. The higher the quality of the cover is the more comfort it brings to the drivers.

Among tons of car seat types and materials out there, neoprene is advised to use because of its sporty look, tight fit, waterproof ability, and reasonable price.

Car seat covers Philippines_neoprene

Neoprene is advised to use because of its sporty look and tight fit 

3. Car size

Today, most manufacturers offer different models of seat covers that fit particular vehicles. It is important to have the make, model, and seat types of your car on hand so you can acquire the most compatible covers that work perfectly with your car and give it a whole new appearance.

Fortunately, you are capable of picking between the universal car seat cover or customized car seat covers in the Philippines.

4. Other additional features

In fact, it is challenging to recognize and mark off which cover is better in the market if examining only based on basic factors. Therefore, additional features such as water resistance ability, durability, and ease of cleaning or odor control should be taken into consideration. Do not hesitate to ask the retailers about these extended qualities to watch out for a high-quality seat cover, allowing an authentic and elegant look to your car. 

Car seat covers Philippines_waterproof

Water-resistance is one of the additional features should be taken into consideration when choosing seat covers

III. Places to buy the best car seat cover in the Philippines

1. Shopping for leather seat covers in Banawe: Overview of prices and services

For denizes of Metro Manila, you might be familiar with Banawe Street, a famous place known for its numerous automotive supply stores and accessories stores. In this case, a leather seat cover price in Banawe street will typically, will run you around an average of Php 4,000 or more per seat. This is just as estimate though as cars with larger seats will cost more, and smaller seats will be cheaper. For synthetic leather and fabric seat covers, prices will largely be identical to those sold online. Universeal type seat covers however are usually made out of synthetic leather and will significantly be cheaper than real leather.

If you really need to restore or convert your car's interior to full-on leather, do note that several shops at Banawe is able to do this for you. Again though, the cost of this will vary depending on your vehicle. Regardless, there are shops there that will be able to deal with custom leather car seat covers, custom leather interior door cards, leather dashboard covers, etc. On average, installing leather covers on your car is a four-day that will cost somewhere around Php 35,000 to Php 45,000 or more.

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banawe car seat covers Philippines

Shopping around different retailer departments, you would surely carry home your favorite leather seat cover in Banawe

2.  Online shopping

Shopping is becoming easier than ever with the development of an E-commerce website. There are many different online shops where you can purchase car seat covers, ranging from car seat cover specialists to generic auto part stores.

That said, you only need to type your desired items for your car such as these terms “wigo seat cover”, “avanza seat cover”, “innova seat cover”... and get easy access to an impressive list of available items.

Lazada and Shopee are definitely good places to browse thousands of models and allow users to get a good deal easily. Here's a list:

Car seat covers Philippines_sparco

Sparco SPC1014 Seat Cover (Gray/Black)

IV. Car seat covers Philippines: Top 11 recommended products

Top recommended car seat covers Philippines
 Key feature
9-Piece Car Seat Cover Set with Headrest
Very affordable
Premium Car Seat Cover Knitted Fabric Mesh Composite 9 Piece Set
Durable Polyester
Hello Kitty Car Seat Cover
A very comprehensive car interior accessory package for its price
Universal Breathable Faux Leather Car Front Rear Seat Cover Pad Mat Cushion
Flameproof, water-resistant, and static-resistant
(Order 2, get 10% off)
Universal Car Front Seat Mat Covers PU Leather Breathable Cushion Pad
Made from textured PU Leather
JOGMACHINE universal car seat cover
Have 3D tire pattern embossed design
₱459 - ₱1,199
9Pcs PU Leather Car Seat Cover
Made of PU leather
Full set cartoon car seat cover
Have cartoon characters
Basic car seat cover
Ice silk car mats
Made of ice silk
Crown Leather Car Seat Cover
Bring luxurious experience

1. 9-Piece Car Seat Cover Set with Headrest

car seat cover lazada

Usually, we don’t recommend universal car seat covers, but this particular one is actually compatible with several makes including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Ford, Hyundai, Suzuki, Chevrolet, Isuzu, and Subaru. Do note however that this set is for five-seater cars only.

These are also very easy to install and remove, and best of all, they’re machine washable too. They’re made out of 100 percent polyester and we all know that that kind of material can withstand a lot of use.

  • Made out of sturdy polyester
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Set is only for five-seater cars
  • Limited color choices (Red and grey only)

2. Premium Car Seat Cover Knitted Fabric Mesh Composite 9 Piece Set

car seat cover Philippines

This is another premium seat cover that comes in a set. It’s also made out of polyester, has a 3mm thickness, and can fit all standard car seats. Unlike the previous ones, however, the fabric of this set is grippier thanks to its unique texture that helps you stay planted on your seats. The package includes two for the front seats, five pieces for the headrests, one backrest, and a single piece for the rear seat.

  • Durable Polyester
  • Grippy felt like texture
  • Comes in a set
  • Very premium looking
  • Pricey
  • Might be susceptible to damage caused by liquid spills.

3. Hello Kitty Car Seat Cover

car seat covers

Despite being made out of simple fabric, these Hello Kitty-themed car seats are well-made and will provide a predominantly pink and girlish feel to any car interior. A single package does not include five-seat covers, but also a steering wheel cover, a neck rest pillow, a gear shift cover, seatbelt straps, handbrake cover, and five headrest covers.

  • A very comprehensive car interior accessory package for its price
  • Not very good quality

4. Universal Breathable Faux Leather Car Front Rear Seat Cover Pad Mat Cushion

leather seat cover price

If you can’t be bothered to take the time to slip in an entire car seat cover, then this might be up to your speed because all you have to do is to place it over the seat. Despite its simplicity though, this car seat is flameproof, anti-static, and is actually a bit resistant to moisture. Available colors are beige, brown, coffee, grey, and orange.

  • Very easy to install
  • Flameproof, water-resistant, and static-resistant
  • Can fit a lot of models
  • Color choices
  • Does not cover the entire seat

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5. Universal Car Front Seat Mat Covers PU Leather Breathable Cushion Pad

seat cover philippines

Unlike the previously listed car seat cover, this product actually has padding and is made of a more durable, yet breathable artificial polyurethane leather. Leather car seat cover Philippines is of course, more resistant to sharp objects, and at the same time more resistant to stains from spills. And yes, these ones also have storage pockets for the rear, comes in five color choices, and is textured to give that premium leather feel. Note that this does not come in a set.

  • Made from textured PU Leather
  • Provides extra storage via back pockets
  • Premium looking
  • Does not come in a set

6. JOGMACHINE 9piece universal car seat cover

car seat covers in the Philippines

This car seat cover will help decorate your car with 3D tire pattern embossed design. With a butterfly, the cover will likely to suit women and girl children. Besides, with five-thread sewing technology, it is durable and provides the best experience when leaning on. Installing this car seat cover has never been easier since you don't need to change anything from the original seat covers.

  • Have 3D tire pattern embossed design
  • Have five-thread sewing technology
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Looks girly

7. 9Pcs PU Leather Car Seat Cover

car seat covers in the Philippines

This looks like your original car seat cover provided by carmakers, however, it will cover up the old car seats perfectly without signaling people you are replacing something in the car. The car cover is made of PU leather which can be water-proof and UV resistants. 

  • Affordable
  • Made of PU leather
  • Don't work as decorations

8. Full set cartoon car seat cover

car seat covers in the Philippines

The cartoon car seat cover is nothing so special other than the cartoon characters are sew on it. It is a full cover to the seats, made of fabric, and has multiple colors to choose from. However, what significant about this is if you buy this, you will be provided a car headrest in a package.

  • Have cartoon characters
  • Have multiple colors
  • Quite a high price

9. Basic car seat cover

car seat covers in the Philippines

This car seat cover is made of high quality fabric which not only makes you feel comfortable but also the softness. With simple design but not too outfashioned, it will suite almost common cars here in the Philippines. Also, it comes with 4 colors for your choice and even change the colors based on your needs. 

  • Suit almost common cars
  • Affordable
  • Not really good quality
  • Not having a brand

10. Ice silk car mats

car seat covers in the Philippines

This is excessively suitable for hot days because it is made of ice silk. With simple design, it ensures easy installment without taking of original seat covers. A full package of the car seat cover includes seat covers, headrest, and lumbar pillow which are all manufactured from mainland China. 

  • Made of ice silk
  • Easy installment
  • Quite high priced

11. Crown Leather Car Seat Cover

car seat covers in the Philippines

If you are looking for a luxury car seat cover, this one is what you need. Made of high quality leather which can water-proof, you will experience the softness.This also increases the interior appearance by the unique patterns. A package of the crown leather seat cover includes seat covers, headrests and lumbar pillows. Please take note that when deciding to buy this, you need to check the notes from sellers of the car model's appropriation.

  • Bring luxurious experience
  • Made of high-quality leather
  • Act as a decoration
  • Excessively pricey
  • Not having a brand

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