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Want to learn more about car covers in the Philippines? Read on.

If you’ve owned a car, then you’ll know that leaving it exposed to the elements can damage it. That’s why most of us park our cars in closed-off garages away from the forces of nature. Apart from maintaining its condition, a car cover will also keep your car clean.

Despite parking it in a garage or a roofed car park, dust will still manage to get to coat your beloved ride. As such, car owners will often turn to use car covers.

A picture of an Acura NSX.

Got a particularly rare and hot ride like this NSX? Then protect it with a car cover

Before buying the best car cover Philippines though, there are things to take note of. First are the several kinds of car covers that a car owner should be aware of. Also, there are several myths about car covers that many people believe, so let’s debunk those.

I. Major types of car covers in the Philippines

1. Universal-fit car cover

As the name implies, a universal-fit car cover is designed to fit most car makes and models. Emphasis on most. Due to this, some car covers might sag when fitted on a car and some might be too tight. To address this, some universal-fit car covers come with adjustability in the form of garters or drawstrings. Cheaper ones however range from just right to ill-fitting. As a result, a simple gust of wind might blow it off.

A picture of a Mercedes-Benz with a car cover.

Universal-fit car covers are mostly drab looking but they do the job

2. Custom-fit car covers

These are car covers that are specifically made for your car model. Do note though that these are custom made so it will require the exact measurements of your car. While these might be more expensive, they'll look better and will provide optimum protection due to their snug fit.

3. Indoor car covers

Indoor car covers are designed to pamper your car’s paint. To do this, the interior part of these covers are usually made out of cotton. This results in a soft surface. If you use this with a car parked outside though, the fabric might absorb nasty things like a bird dropping, tree sap, dust, rain, etc.

4. Outdoor car covers

Outdoor car covers are made out of material that’s tough enough to withstand the elements. Furthermore, most of these come with fasteners of some kind to prevent them from being blown off by the wind. And lastly, most outdoor car covers are non-absorbent and can even stave away water.

A picture of a car among leaves.

Note also that water mixed with leaves can be acidic. And that's bad for your car

Note: Most of our recommended of the best car covers in the Philippines are universal-fit type car covers. 

II. Debunking some myths and some warnings about car covers Philippines

1. Car covers can protect the paint from UV

Yes, they do offer some measure of protection, but modern cars often come with one or more layers of clear coat car paint. And most often, those are enough to stave away damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Do note though that many modern cars also have rubber and plastic exterior parts, and those do not come with their own UV protection.

2. Car covers protect from scratches

While covers can protect from scratches caused by external factors, the car cover itself can cause micro-scratches. It might be that the car cover has picked up some dirt and debris, or the fabric itself is causing the scratches. To address this, regularly clean the insides of your car cover. Also, clean your car to rid it of dust and debris before covering it up.

3. Parking your covered car on the street at night

Parking a car covered with a dark car cover on the street at night is dangerous. It can become an invisible obstacle and it might cause an accident.

4. Do not cover your car immediately after driving

The heat from the car’s engine might melt some car covers especially those made out of nylon or plastic. It might even be enough to damage fabric-lined ones. Be warned.

III. Best car covers Philippines: 6 recommended products

Top 6 car covers for sale in the Philippines
Key features
Weatherman Car Cover
Thick and durable
₱1,450 - ₱5,500
Q’s Merchandise Car Cover
₱599 - ₱749
Clear Plastic Disposable Car Cover
Cheap and disposable
Waterproof Lightweight Nylon Car Cover For Sedans
Water and dust resistant
High-Quality & Water Repellent car cover
 With built-in reflectors
 ₱1,879 - ₱3,199
Portable Full Automatic Car Cover Tent
Have a heat insulation structure
from ₱1,999

1. Weatherman Car Cover

best car cover philippines

The Weatherman Car Cover is waterproof, heat resistant, and its interior is lined with a soft material. It’s also thick and durable so it can withstand outdoor conditions.

  • Waterproof
  • Thick and durable
  • Fits a lot of makes and models
  • A bit heavy and unwieldy

2. Q’s Merchandise Car Cover

best car cover philippines

Made out of water-resistant material, this car cover is also very lightweight so it’s easy to put on. Apart from that, it’s also dustproof. It is however a bit large and intended for SUVs only.

  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Can only fit SUVs

3. Clear Plastic Disposable Car Cover

best car cover philippines

As its name implies, this car cover is made out of plastic. As such, it can protect your car from liquids. It’s also disposable and it comes in small, medium, and large in addition to the fact that this car cover price Philippines is quite cheap.

  • Water-resistant
  • Cheap and disposable
  • Can fit many car makes and models
  • Thin and not that durable

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4. Waterproof Lightweight Nylon Car Cover For Sedans

best car cover philippines

This car cover is made out of nylon so it’s very lightweight and easy to put on. It offers protection from water, dust, and sunlight.

  • Water-resistant and dust resistant
  • Affordable
  • Light and easy to put on
  • Can only fit sedans

5. High-Quality & Water Repellent car cover

best car cover philippines

This is one of the pricier car covers on this list. However, it can repel water and can protect your car from dust. Apart from that, it also comes with its own bag, and it’s also machine washable. It even comes with its own reflector for street parking.

  • Water repellant and dust resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Garterized
  • Can fit many car models
  • With built-in reflectors
  • A bit pricey
  • Heavy due to the thick material

6. Portable Full Automatic Car Cover Tent

best car cover philippines

This is one of the best car covers in the Philippines. The combination of car cover and tent will help to maximize the temperature difference under the sun, roughly more than 30 degrees lower thanks to advanced heat insulation structure. Also, the car cover is made of High-Density 210D Oxford cloth that can be waterproof, anti-dust...

Besides, this car cover is equipped with long distant remote automatic folding which can be used everywhere to park the car. Last but not least, the car cover here is anti-theft. The steel wire is rounded by an anti-theft rope that can hardly be cut. The only downside of this option is the relatively high price. 

Pros Cons
  • Automatically fold and unfold
  • Have a heat insulation structure
  • Made of anti-theft and high-quality material
  • Relatively-high priced

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IV. FAQs about best car cover Philippines

Question: Can I cover my car immediately after driving?

Answer: No. Do not cover your car immediately after driving because the heat coming from the engine might melt or damage your car cover.

Question: Do car covers protect from UV rays?

Answer: They can but a car’s clear coat can already protect the paint against UV damage.

Question: Can I wash a car cover?

Answer: Some car covers are machine washable. Consult the packaging it came in or check its tag. If it isn’t, you can still wash it by hand.

Question: Is it advisable to store a covered car for a long time?

Answer: Dust will accumulate on and inside the cover. This is especially true if you’re going to leave your covered car outdoors. Also, note that waterproof car covers are not totally waterproof, so moisture will become trapped between the cover and the car. 

Question: Can a car cover ruin a car’s paint?

Answer: If you don’t clean your car before covering it, the dust and gunk on the car along with the motion of putting on the car cover might cause scratches. Also, plastic, neoprene, and tarp-like materials might scratch the car so be careful.

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