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Car battery dead? Here’s how much you’ll need to cough up.

Cars powered by internal combustion engines need a spark, apart from fuel and air. But for those who aren’t aware, a car that’s already idling doesn’t actually draw much energy from the battery. Instead, it uses the charge generated by the alternator. The battery is instead more crucial in starting up the car since the alternator at that point hasn’t begun to generate power yet.

A picture of a car battery being installed.

All internal combustion cars need a battery

This means if your battery is busted, your car won’t start by normal means. You’ll have to push start it, provided that it doesn’t have an automatic transmission. Another option is to use a jump start kit, but that requires you to have another car or car battery to lend you its charge. And lastly, you could also take off your battery and take it along with you to have it charged. As with the other solutions, this isn’t always an option.

A picture of a woman with a stranded car.

Goodluck if both your battery and your alternator died in the middle of nowhere. [Source: prostooleh/Freepik]

If all those choices aren’t available to you, what’s left to do? Well, get a new battery of course. But how much will that cost? Well, you’re in luck because here's a short guide to car battery prices in the Philippines.  

I. Car battery brands in the Philippines

1. Amaron

Amazon is one of the popular car battery brands in the Philippines. Amaron car battery is made by Amara Raja batteries Limited in a joint venture with Johnson Controls Incorporated of USA, a Fortune Top 500 company. Currently, Amaron is in a partnership with several automotive manufacturers namely Suzuki, Hyundai, Mahindra, Ford, Honda, and Tata Motors.

2. Panasonic

As one of the world leaders in electronics, Panasonic also manufactures car batteries. Panasonic is a Japanese brand, but its batteries are made in Thailand. Currently, Panasonic supplies batteries and other technologies to Subaru, Toyota, and Lexus.

3. Motolite

Founded in 1919, the manufacturer of Motolite, Philippines Batteries Inc., is currently the longest-serving battery manufacturer in the Philippines. It might also be the most best-selling brand as it produces almost 750,000 battery units per month. It also exports its products to the U.S.A., Australia, Europe, and other regions in Asia.

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II. Car battery prices in the Philippines

1. Amaron car battery price list

Amaron Pro

Amaron Pro is a maintenance-free battery that comes with a 24-month warranty.

Amaron Pro battery price list in the Philippines
Amaron Pro 100D26L (2SMF)
₱ 6,100.00
Amaron Pro 125D31 Reverse (3Smf)
₱ 7,300.00
Amaron Pro Din 60 (European)
₱ 7,100.00
Amaron Pro 65B24LS (1SNF)
₱ 5,300.00
Amaron Pro 125D31L (3SMF) Base Hold

Amaron Pro

Amaron Hi-Life

The Amaron Hi-life mostly features a small terminal type as opposed to the Pro’s large terminal type. It has a 21-month warranty and is also maintenance-free.

Amaron Hi Life battery price list in the Philippines
Amaron Hi Life 95D26Reverse (2SMF)
Amaron Hi Life 85D23L (1SMF)
Amaron Hi Life 55B24LS
Amaron Hi Life 115D31L (3SMF)
Amaron Hi Life 95D26L (2SMF)
Amaron Hi Life 42B20L (NS40) Base Hold

Amaron Hi-life

Amaron Go

The Amaron Go is the most affordable in the Amaron car battery Philippines lineup. It’s also a maintenance-free battery and it comes with a 17-month warranty.

Amaron Go battery price list in the Philippines
Amaron Go 75D26L ( 2SMF )
Amaron Go 46B24LS (1SNF - Big Post)

Amaron Go

2. Panasonic car battery Philippines

All Panasonic car batteries available in the Philippines are maintenance-free. They also come with an 18-month warranty if bought from an official retailer.

Panasonic car battery Philippines
Panasonic 2SMF ( 85D26L )
Compatible with all Japanese and Korean branded cars.
Panasonic DIN 80 ( LN4 )
Compatible with most American branded cars.
Panasonic NS40ZL
Compatible with most Japanese branded cars.

Panasonic car battery

Panasonic car battery is maintenance free

3. Motolite car battery price Philippines

Motolite Excel

Recommended for diesel-powered SUVs, pick-up trucks, etc. It comes with a 24-month warranty and is optimized for hot climates.

Motolite car battery price Philippines
Motolite Battery Excel w/ Free Delivery
₱ 5,800.00

Motolite Excel

Motolite Gold

Recommended for high-performance vehicles from Japanese, Korean, European, or American brands. This battery is optimized for hot climates and comes with a 21-month warranty.

Motolite car battery price Philippines
Motolite Gold NS40
₱ 4,950.00
Motolite Gold NS40 REVERSE
₱ 4,950.00
Motolite Gold DIN66
₱ 8,700.00
Motolite Gold 1SN / NS60
₱ 5,650.00

Motolite Gold

Motolite Enduro

Recommended for normal vehicles that are used daily. This Motolite car battery in the Philippines comes with a 15-month warranty and is also optimized for hot climates.

Motolite car battery price Philippines
Motolite Enduro 1SN / NS60 REVERSE
₱ 4,350.00
Motolite Enduro 3SMF / N70
₱ 6,900.00
Motolite Enduro NS40
₱ 4,000.00

Motolite Endura

III. Disclaimer on car batteries

Before buying a car battery, please check with your car manual or your car dealership for the correct size and specs. Not all car batteries are the same and a certain car battery model might not fit your car’s make and model.

While the prices listed above are from official distributors, please expect some price differences. These will depend on the region where the seller is located or on other factors like delivery fees.  

IV. Car Battery prices in the Philippines: FAQ

Question: Do car batteries come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes, most car battery companies offer a warranty for their products.

Question: What does maintenance-free mean?

Answer: Older, more traditional car batteries need to be topped up with battery fluid through filler caps. Maintenance-free has no filler-caps and does not need to be topped up.

Question: What is the liquid inside a car battery?

Answer: It’s a combination of water and sulfuric acid.

Question: Where can I buy batteries in the Philippines?

Answer: Most automotive parts shops will carry car batteries. You can also find car batteries from online marketplaces like Lazada.

Question: Do I need to charge a new car battery?

Answer: No. A new car battery has plenty of charge to start your car. However, if you’re planning on storing the car battery, do charge it every two months.

For more guides on how to keep your car in tip-top shape, keep reading here on Philkotse.com.

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