Top 3 Tips on Getting the Best Deals on Car Accessories in Banawe Street

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We’ll give you tips on how to buy car accessories in Banawe to get the best deals of your life!

As a driver or car owner, you know that you must always maintain your car not just by keeping it clean in and out, but also by having its oil, belts, and brake pads changed. You also know that some parts of your car will eventually wear and tear and would need to be changed for your own safety as well as your passenger and the public’s safety.

Changing car parts and accessories comes with a cost basically because you have to purchase the parts. That said, if you are trying to find the best deals on Banawe auto supply, you should keep in mind the tips that we will share on

An overview of Banawe car accessories

As Filipinos, you might already be familiar with Divisoria. Banawe Street is similar to it, but the market is geared more towards car owners and mechanics. It is found in Quezon City and is famous for having a multitude of auto supply stores that sell parts or accessories at a price that is more affordable than what big auto supply stores and dealership service centers offer. You can find brand-new and second-hand items, as well as class “A” brand-new accessories; the choice is yours.

What is more interesting is that you can still haggle with the price to get the item at a lower price. Likewise, heading to the place won’t be that difficult since you can ride different bus lines and the LRT, or use your private car or motorcycle.

When you arrive there, you would notice that there are two areas, the one will be found in the E. Rodriguez side wherein shops are situated close together, and the other is an area near the street going to Del Monte wherein the auto supply shops are somewhat far from each other but are known for offering better terms of services.

A Quick Look at Banawe Street, Quezon City

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Tips for buying auto parts and accessories in Banawe

Since Banawe Street is full of stores, it is expected that you would find stores that will have lower prices than the others. You would also surely find ones that sell lower quality items. That said, you must be keen enough in choosing the store where you will buy one. Also, you must learn some tricks on how to get a high-quality Banawe car accessories at a reasonable rate, and that is what we are here for!

1. Stay “Low Key” when buying Banawe car parts Philippines

When we say “low key”, we mean you should not arrive at any of the Banawe auto parts and accessories shops looking like you’re the child or sibling of a famous celebrity or billionaire. That said, just wear something comfortable just like a t-shirt and cargo shorts/pants or jeans plus a pair of simple closed slippers, sneakers, or rubber shoes.

It is also not advisable that you arrive at the area with flashy jewels or a high-end car or motorcycle. Not only will you be a target of thieves, but surely, you would be getting highly priced car accessories.

Wear Something Simple

Be Like Mark: Wear Something Simple

For one, it is a known fact that when you buy items wearing and bringing all your costly stuff will give the salesperson that you are a person who can afford something expensive. Thus, when you haggle, you won’t get the lowest bargain priced. Likewise, you won’t really know the cost of the item since salespersons in the area use a different code when they discuss prices; tricky, right?

2. Arrive at the Area Prepared

No, we are not just talking about money. Before you even go to Banawe Street, make sure that you have done your own research. Know how much that certain car accessory is online or in other retail stores outside of Banawe. This way, you can compare it with the Banawe car accessories price list, and you will have an idea of whether you are buying something at a reasonable price or not. That’s what you are there for, right?

Another thing to prepare is a list of the items that you need or want to buy. Once you arrive at the area, even if you have memorized every bits and spec, you would surely forget one piece of information that is needed for you to get the perfectly matched accessory or part. Don’t ever take the risk as you might end up buying something useless! What is better is to bring a sample of the accessory you are looking for.

List Down the Details before go shopping banawe auto supply

List Down the Details of What You Need or Want

3. Disregard the “The customer is always right!” Attitude

An overly misused and misunderstood statement, being always right as a customer is something that you must throw right off the bat. By that we mean, you should approach the salesperson with a smile or with a not too demanding voice tone. They deal with a lot of customers all at the same time and a customer acting like a prima-donna is the last thing they would want; doing so will also not get you what you want at the right price.

Similarly, you must also prevent the practice of inquiring too much and ending up just leaving the shop to go to another shop. In fact, most of the Banawe car accessories shops are run by people who are related. That said, if you are a great customer, the salesperson might also find you what you need without you having to go around the whole area!

Buyers at car accessories philippines banawe

Be a Brilliant Customer!

Shopping Banawe auto supply Intelligently

The secret to the success of buying Banawe car accessories is the same as to how you shop at seemingly packed places not found in malls and supermarkets. Just make sure that you appear simple, friendly, and knowledgeable. This way, no one would trick you into buying poor quality accessories at a cost that is unreasonable.

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