Accessories for new cars: Which to buy?

Updated Dec 22, 2020 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Here are 8 accessories recommended by for new car owners.

After buying a car, owners can buy additional accessories for passenger convenience and car protection purposes. Some of these are only optional, while others are indispensable. So which equipments are necessary? Look through our list of recommended accessories for new car owners on

1. Window insulation film

Window insulation films are attached to the glass windows to dim the sunlight. This could benefit the passengers and the car itself in different ways. The insulation film helps to protect passengers’ eyes from the glare of the sun, while preventing damage to the leather interior, and especially reduce the risk of shredded glass if there was an accident.

Window insulation film and its advantages

Window insulation films are attached to the glass windows to dim the sunlight

To choose the right film, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of automotive insulation film and how to distinguish fake goods. When gluing, you should choose the film on the side windows and rear glass with darker color, and the film of the windshield with brighter color and better material to maintain its transparency.

2. Backup camera

Ordinary car models are not equipped with backup cameras so the owner often has to install this type of camera. It helps a lot when backing the car into the garage or other parking spots. In addition, new drivers also need additional sensors in the rear, which is very important in noticing objects that may obstruct your back parking.

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Backup camera on a car

Backup camera helps a lot when backing the car into the garage

3. Camcorder

Camcorder is one of the accessories used by many car users nowadays. This camera allows us to review the situation in front of the car, which could be used as evidence in an accident or when there is police error. Not only that, the camera can also integrate satellite pathfinder programs to help with directions, speed warning, and many other uses.

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4. Side camera

In addition, drivers can install side cameras to complete the supportive car camera set. This is especially important for large vehicles such as pickups and full-sized SUVs because the large-size design of the A-pillar could obscure the visibility of the right side. This often makes it difficult to pass another vehicle in the right side lane, thus an additional side camera is very necessary.

Side camera installed on a side mirror

Camcorder is especially important for large vehicles

5. Convex mirror

The convex mirror which is installed on surface of the rearview mirror is an additional accessory to remove blind spots of the rearview mirror. The convex mirror is small and not taking a lot of space, but it is very effective in eliminating the blind spots, which greatly enhances road safety. It is also not expensive so can be afforded by any car owner.

6. Rainproof cover for rearview mirrors

Rainproof cover for rearview mirrors on a car

Rainproof cover for rearview mirrors is very helpful when it comes to visibility during the rain

Attaching this piece of plastic on top of the rearview mirror does not affect the visibility of the driver. On the contrary, it helps a lot to improve the visibility when it starts to rain.

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7. Interior insulation

When the car is parked under direct sunlight, it generates a large amount of heat inside the cabin, making the air conditioner work harder as well as damaging the interior. To help reduce these damages, the owners should install a layer of aluminum foil on the insides of the cabin, and at the same time cover the ceiling with nylon to minimize stains on the surface during usage. Doing this, the amount of heat will be significantly reduced, which is especially useful for high capacity vehicles to reduce the heat generated by engine operation.

Interior insulation being installed inside a car

Interior insulation can reduce the heat generated by engine operation

8. Toolkit

In addition to the necessary equipment and accessories above, many experienced drivers recommend to equip a medical first aid kit, antibiotics, rescue kit (battery cable, flashlight, cord rope, electric pump, fire extinguisher ...). These equipments will be useful in the event of an accident or vehicle malfunction. Click here to find our list for must-have emergency items for your car.

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