Top 5 Unnecessary Car Accessories that You Shouldn't Buy

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Decoding a car's specification is explained and what makes them good or bad options.

We all want to make our car attractive and appealing. Most of the time, we are persuaded by different ads and commercials to buy cars or car accessories that offer aesthetic effect and some functional uses too. That is why we also buy and use different accessories for our car to look good.  

But sometimes, these accessories are not necessary and just a waste of money. And other times, we overdo it that the results are not satisfying and appealing at all. There are car accessories that aren’t really functional and useful.

If you are planning to purchase a car or car accessories that you think looks good or will be a great addition to your car’s appearance and performance, then take a look in the list below. These are just some of the unnecessary accessories you can avoid. Reconsider using these accessories on your car.

1. Body Kits

Body kits are often installed for cars to have very sporty and edgy look. Almost all people want to have body kits in their vehicle. But is it indispensable, or just another accessory that will put your money to waste? Aside from the enhanced appearance, body kits don’t have any other uses left. If your car is not a power-beast and is just a simple car, it can affect and cause problems in the steering angles, suspension, and wheel’s movement.

It doesn’t boost your car’s performance. And body kits aren't applicable to most of the car model. This often results in an awkward looking car. Plus, a poorly installed body kit may cause loosen up or detachment especially during speedy rides.

Yellow car with body kits

Aside from the enhanced appearance, body kits don’t have any other uses left

2. Spoilers

Spoilers are car accessories that are best for sport and race cars only because it provides an aerodynamic effect that is used for speedy car races. If you have a simple and ordinary car, these spoilers aren’t fit for you. It does not only waste your money for a useless accessory, but it also looks terrible for most car models too.

Some of it was too big and doesn't provide an aerodynamic effect that is the main purpose of the spoilers. Sometimes, an amazing and good-looking car gets ruined because of the installed spoiler.

Orange car with spoiler

A car spoiler does not only waste your money, but it will also make your car less desirable

3. Car Bras

These are the so-called "protective cover" of the vehicles that are used to protect the front part and the grill of your car's hood, and not some kind of woman’s underwear clothing. Yes, cars also have bras too. But these pieces of accessory do not protect the car’s paint. It’s the other way around.

These car bras trap dirt, moisture and any other damaging particles that destroy the paint and the look of your car. Aside from that, this contraption also prevents and blocks the UV rays from hitting the car thus giving you uneven toned car paint. Aside from ruining your car’s finish, most bras look awful, and some rarely fit properly and do not last long.

When this accessory start to sag and the straps begin to stretch, the part of the car that it meant to protect will end up looking terrible. Car bras aren't useful at all. It rather damages and destroys the best-looking part of the car.

gray car with car bras

Car bras ruins your car's appearance

4. Fake Vent Stickers

These stick-on, fake vents are literally useless but are still widely used for its aesthetic effect on the car. Vent sticker is somewhat popular, that is why a number of car owners would also want these silly and fake vents in their car. If you want vents in your car then you can choose a car that has vents on it because these fake vent stickers are no good.

Like the spoilers and body kits, this accessory is just another waste of money and will just ruin your car’s overall appearance especially if it is wrongly placed. It will not make any sense. Definitely!

White car with fake vents

Fake vents are useless but are still used for aesthetic purposes

5. Silly Exhaust Tips

Big and fat exhaust tips are not cool at all. Most people think that larger exhaust tips mean a more powerful engine. So, some of the vehicle owners modify their exhaust tips without realizing if it will complement their car. Most of the time, it does not! This useless car accessory will just waste your money because it doesn’t have any purpose or function at all.

It definitely does not add an appealing look in your car, and it does not enhance your car’s engine power too. So what’s the use of these big exhaust tips? None. It will just make your car look too dramatic. Other than it is somewhat disturbing to look at, some of the car owners change their exhaust into extremely loud mufflers, which is disturbing and annoying too.

There are also some car owners that like to put electric lights in their exhaust tips. And others also like to put a whistle that sounds like a turbo but still useless. The bottom line is, these silly modified exhaust tips do not make you look cool. It obviously looks fake and lame. With no known use or aesthetic enhancement to the car, these exhaust tip is a total waste of money.

car with a silly exhaust tip

Big exhaust tips do not mean a more powerful engine power

It is given that we only want our car to be in great shape and condition. We also want it to look good for our own satisfaction. But sometimes, you should reconsider the accessories you would want to put or install in your car. Make sure that it will complement and enhance your car. Choose the right car accessories and consider if these are helpful, functional, useful and is worthy of the money you'll going to spend.

These are just some of the car accessories you should avoid buying as suggested by There are lots of other items like lewd and inappropriate stickers, headlight lashes, peeing Calvin stickers and many more.

These will NOT improve your car, same as the other things given above. For sure, your car is one of your precious possessions, so it is better not to mess it up. This valuable thing cost a fortune after all. Don’t ruin, damage or put it to waste by using unnecessary accessories.

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