[Women buying cars] Tips for shopping like a lady boss

Updated Jan 17, 2020

The fairer sex is not always easy picking when “sharkish” car salesmen will realize to their chagrin.

Women should not be at the mercy of car salesmen and these tactics will show hell hath no fury like a woman being duped! Buying cars like a lady boss and getting the most out of the deal too.

If buying cars in the showroom floor; most female car buyers will be in the cross-hairs of crafty salesmen in an instant. In most cases, the playing field is equal when men are the car buyers most of the time. The dynamic changes when women buying cars and this usually something that needs a remedy. Even though women have more than enough financial clout, they still have issues to deal with.

women buying car

The dynamic changes when women buying cars and this usually something that needs a remedy

Women buying cars for the first time will feel a bit overwhelmed and have reservations how to go about it. Women have to realize that this is exactly what an auto salesman wants so he can get one over. The smelling of uncertainty that women car buyers need guidance in getting the best option is the first impression. But, the fairer sex is far from helpless despite their appearances and have the aces. This can be used so buying cars like a lady boss will be the ultimate outcome.

These tips Philkotse.com is going to introduce today will ensure that she gets the upper hand and maybe some freebies too! Follow these steps to acquire that “lady boss” stance, so all the advantages are in her corner.

Is this hard to do? Anything is possible if the mind is put to task and can be done.

I. What are the benefits of these hard-core tactics?

These tactics have been helpful in achieving these goals when women buying cars.

  • The situation is reversed; the cross-hairs are on the car salesman to get the deal sealed, any which way it can.
  • Feeling overwhelmed is replaced by empowerment as a financially capable woman.
  • Having the ability to procure a car without any help will boost her ego.
  • She knows who’s the boss and will let it be felt by getting more out of the deal.

All these benefits are waiting to be reaped, and all she needs is to want it and employ more methods. These methods will allow her to be on top of the deal and feel confident after it.

women buying car

Feeling overwhelmed is replaced by empowerment as a financially capable woman

II. Car buying tips for Filipino women

Now, these recommended car buying tips will be very useful and keep the ball in her court. Car salesmen will try everything in the book and even throw in the bathroom sink if needed! Buying cars like a lady boss will make any car salesman agree just to get things rolling and shut on her terms.

1. Buy used cars instead of brand-new.

Used or new cars? If the budget won’t allow a new car then to opt for a second-hand car over a new one. Pre-owned cars with less mileage and well-maintained are easily available to get. Compared to buying a brand-new car which is a more complex process to go through and with more headaches.

2. Buying a new car is a difficult process.

This is where everything comes into play because it the car salesman is out to make a killing if possible. The customer being a woman may embolden him, to lord over the deal but that won’t happen. This should be done before committing to buying a new car, women especially.

women searching for cars

Buying a new car is a difficult process for women

2.1. Do the homework and research whether it’s practical to initiate an online purchase or on-site purchase.

This should be done to compare which is the better process to acquire the desired vehicle. It lessens effort and is a simpler process to do plus more practical.

2.2. Do the math and other research before negotiating.

Check on the model that is desired and what are the features and options included. Take note of the available colors and extras because it can raise the price a bit. Especially women who are not so familiar with such technical stuff.

2.3. Call and check all dealerships online so the best price is scouted before going out.

There are many dealerships who are competing to have the most sales. Go the most generous one other than the nearest one because more will be saved other gas.

2.4. Ask for longer warranties and other freebies and find ways to get the cost down!

Don’t accept everything the car salesman gives and negotiate to milk it for all it’s worth.

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3. Be the boss and keep in control.

Every lady boss knows what she wants, and the car salesman knows that he should get a bit more. This is where the tug of war happens, and a woman car buyer should keep a stoic resolve. All kinds of smoke screens will be pulled here, and very tug of emotion is exploited. Women are perceived to be caring and thoughtful but not hard-edged which is where her advantage lies.

women buying cars

Every lady boss knows what she wants, so be the boss and keep in control

4. It’s all in the timing.

Knowing when to keep quiet and to listen, demand that needs exquisite timing. Women excel at this more than men, and a lady boss will lay it on when needed! Smart negotiation is needed and to assure the ammo going to hit where it will count. In the end are freebies that most men can’t negotiate except if the seller was a female (not always though).

5. Women can get away with more than men.

Okay, it may seem unfair; but the fairer sex has built-in accommodations and advantages that men don’t enjoy. When negotiating a very attractive woman (not meaning to be too sexist) can charm the usually male car salesman, but its temporary thing. Men tend to be more giving to female customers that men in general, like freebies.

6. Be patient while going through the process.

In general, women are more patient than men and will wait for results. Never hurry it up because it can ruin the deal or a car salesman may pull a stunt. Patience is the key; sellers need to make sure the deal pushes through! If not, then it’s a big loss for them.

women buying car and car salesman

Smart negotiation is needed and to assure the ammo going to hit where it will count

7. Let the car salesman do the talking.

A lady boss will only say something if it is relevant and nothing more. Small tidbits of info will be useful for the salesman to get a bead on how to deal with a lady boss. Keeping it on a need to know is the best tactic.

8. No is the secret weapon of any lady boss.

Never feel pressured to accommodate; because if it is a “no”, then they need to give a better offer! Some will employ empathetic means or something that will connect, but a no is final.

9. Never be a chump and pay the full price!

Any lady boss will try to get it at a lower price and better payment options with extra freebies if possible. Dealerships must sell and will acquiesce to a deal which is amenable for both parties. Paying the full price is not an option when finances are finite and saving a bit is important!

III. Women buying cars: Wrap-up

More women are financially secure, so they could afford buying cars like a lady boss. The fairer sex is far from helpless because they are empowered and independent. Embracing these tips and pointers that allow any women to overwhelm, even the saviest car salesman. Each time a car drives out of the dealership with a woman at the wheel, chances are a lay boss ruled the floor!

women and car

The fairer sex is far from helpless because they are empowered and independent

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