Women need to keep these 6 safe driving tips in mind

Updated Oct 07, 2020

The following 6 safe driving tips will help women having more control of their vehicles, as well as be more confident on the road.

Driving a car is actually not an easy task, especially for women. To safely arrive to the destination, it requires the motorist a number of skills, agility and also a great ability to handle on-road situations. That is why quite a few women are usually beset by worry every time they sit behind the steering wheel.

With that in mind, Philkotse.com has gathered 6 safe driving tips that will help female motorists have more control of their vehicles, as well as be more confident on the road.

1. Check your vehicle before going

In reality, not many women have the ability to handle simple mechanical problems, let alone car engines problems. Therefore, make sure that your car is in an excellent condition before initiating the engine. In case there is something strange with the warning light on the tableau, you should find a way to troubleshoot that in the car's instructional manual. In any other case, seek help by talking to your car dealers or ask any professional automotive call center services in town.

a woman driving

Make sure that your car is in an excellent condition before initiating the engine

2. Stay focused while driving

According to seasoned experts, in many accidents where women were in control of the vehicles, the first reason is that they didn't pay maximum attention while driving. 

Women have way too many things to think about on a daily basis and those are floating in their head all the time, driving time is no exception. Stereotypically speaking, even when women's mind is present while driving, they always try to fill up the commuting time by constantly multitasking between tasks such as browsing the internet, checking social networks or talking on the phone, etc and by this very reason, they can't react immediately in urgent situations.

The safest way to drive is for drivers to keep a "cool" head while driving, not only it is beneficial for the drivers themselves but also for people commuting on the road as well.

A woman in car putting on lipstick 

Ditch the distractions while driving, girls.

3. Sit in the most comfortable position

Position your driver seat in a way that you feel most comfortable, thus making the driving process more easily. What is more, a valuable experience for women while driving is to pay attention to the rear view mirror and the wing mirror. This is a crucial component of cars that help expand the driver's peripheral vision. Finally, never forget to fasten your seatbelt before going. 

Top 5 Safe Driving Tips

4. Differentiate between gas and brake pedals

Mixing up the gas pedal and the brake pedal is very common, especially for cars with automatic transmission. The reason is women tend to lose their cool in emergency situations, coupled with a weak mind that leads to confusion between gas and brake pedal. In other cases, they still push the gas pedal while slamming the brake pedal or they push the brake while their cars are in the D mode.

A useful tip for driving automatic transmission cars for women is to always use the right leg to push both the brake and the gas pedal while keeping your heels parallel to the brake pedal. 

5. Avoid driving with high heels

When using high heels, it is extra hard to react quickly to urgent situations, partly because high heels are not designed for moving comfortably. Advice from experienced drivers is to always keep a pair of flat shoes in the car. By doing that, you can be proactive and flexible in almost any situation. Be safe getting in the car and, at the same time, fashionable getting out.

a woman wearing high heels getting out of a red car

Avoid using high heels when driving

6. Be extra cautious and calm in all situations

When getting/out of the car, make sure that you lock your car carefully and never put expensive items or jewelry where it can be seen easily. When someone approach to ask for directions or when you are involved in accidents. First let your window down, carefully look around and evaluate the surroundings before getting out of the car. Being extra cautious is necessary to avoid attacks from bad guys. If possible, females diver are advised to keep a spray cosmetic nearby. It will be useful in worst situations where you have to defense yourselves against bad people. 

A woman in white clothes getting out of a red car

Be fully prepared in all situations

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