Men vs Women: Who are better drivers?

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Combined with the biological, social, and psychological factors, there are lots of differences between men and women drivers

The battle between the sexes is a forever debate — each one wanting to be the better and more superior gender. No one is willing to accept any defeat and will continue to outbest one another for self-gratification and boasting rights.

Driving and who is better at doing it is another ongoing discussion. They say that a person’s driving says a lot about their overall personality and this is very true. Combined with the biological, social, and psychological factors, there really is a massive difference with how men and women drive. This article from will show the difference between female and male drivers.  

How guys drive vs girls!

1. Disposition and Hormone Differences

Men have always declared themselves as the ‘above average drivers’ and the ‘king of the roads.’ Their technical proficiency is more excellent as well as their ability to take risks. An example would be based on UK statistics where males do better when it comes to parking the car quicker and more accurately than female drivers.

Men are known to be more aggressive when it comes to driving. They take more risks, speed more, and accumulate more miles than women. Owning a car is the first symbol of autonomous ownership for most young men, a sign of coming to age and men does a follow-through in driving by trying to own the lanes.

Most men are most likely to drive like they own the roads and that they see themselves as the superior driver cruising and keeping the lanes. This might be related somehow to how male anatomy works as hormones specifically testosterone contributes to the quest of finding a reasonable risk, thrill, and conflict.

Angressive male driver

Men are known to be more aggressive when it comes to driving

2. Male Ego

Aside from the hormones working, there is also the factor of the male ego. Driving was classified long ago for a time to be a ‘male thing’, and men take these labels seriously. It has become somewhat of an expectation that because of being male, better driving is expected.

It should be a comfortable and almost natural activity for the male population. That ego that will lead to men deciding not to wear seat belts, driving in closer range to other cars, and driving while intoxicated more often all adds up to being male and virile.

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Female drivers meanwhile are stereotyped as bad drivers. Sure, they are considered as safer drivers but still the bad ones. The lack of confidence, the tendency to overthink every situation, and make an only situation complicated are all attributed to why female drivers are not so efficient behind the wheel.

Although personality wise, women tend to drive safer and slower because they usually have their kids at the back or family members as passengers. They are more aware of the repercussions of irresponsible driving. They are sensible enough of the risks of being the person behind the wheel.

If men have testosterone, women have the bonding and cooperative hormone named estrogen which makes them team players and relationship oriented.

Female driver

Female drivers are stereotyped as bad drivers, but in some cases they are more competent

3. Traffic Infractions

Studies show that more men are being penalized and pulled over by traffic police than women. This may or may not be a consequence of being stereotyped. Data shows that driving under the influence, jumping traffic lights, failing to yield, and reckless driving would almost always have a male driver involved. Men are up to three times to be caught violating traffic regulations than women.

man get ticket

Studies show that more men are being penalized and pulled over by traffic police than women.

The same study indicates though that although men are most likely to be pulled over, women tend to be distracted easily and more during driving. Texting, eating, checking their hair, and chatting with their passengers are the top reasons why women may lead to a traffic violation or accidents like hitting immobile cars and objects mostly during parking the car.

Concerning infractions and accidents is insurance. Based from the insurance industry, men lay claim to insurance higher than women does, and insurance companies are more adamant with male clients because of the forecast of men being involved in misfortunes, speeding, and DUI cases. Insurance companies use statistics that will allow them to be better in their industry and make feasible propositions to their clients.

Man drinking coffee while driving

Texting and eating are one of the top reasons why women may lead to a traffic violation or accidents

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4. Driving Miles

Given that the male temperament is a weighing factor when it comes to driving, it is equally important to note that men are more inclined and expected to drive than women. The amount of time men spend driving is more compared to the hours of women.

This fact will undoubtedly impact their confidence, knowledge, skill, efficiency, and attitude towards driving. Long drives are typically expected to be done by men. This not only translates to more prominent exposure to risks and accidents but it defines the quote ‘practice makes perfect’.

Women usually drive out of necessity. This is especially true for homemakers – the need to drop off the kids to school, run errands like grocery shopping, and go to appointments. It is very seldom that women drive just for the pleasure of driving.

This limits their ‘practice’ and hours behind the wheel affecting their confidence. Any chance that a male family member or friend can take the wheel, women would be more than happy to oblige and enjoy being the passenger.

Male and female drivers

The amount of time men spend driving is more compared to the hours of women

Exposure and practice will undoubtedly impact the driving capabilities of either gender, and this is another advantage for men. The circumstances of the environment, exposure to natural elements and being able to navigate through various roads and traffic will help any driver be more self-assured.

Men typically grow up with cars and driving is intuitive to them. Women though have improved immensely when it comes to being knowledgeable and skilled in this activity. No gender would concede and accept defeat for cases like this.

And in the end, it doesn’t matter which is the better driver nor should we fuss over the differences between men and women when it comes to driving. Gender stereotyping is not something we can remove from society but what’s important is that both genders should have the confidence, the skill, and the awareness when it comes to being behind the wheel.

Men and women alike should know the responsibility once they cruise the roads not only for themselves or for their passengers but for all motorists that they encounter on the road.

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