Can your car reveal your personality? More than just a color and style.

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There's a deeper significance to car's color and style than we think.

There's more to a car than just your status, lifestyle and level of income (probably). Your choices in life definitely mirror your behaviors and attitude in life. Although these descriptions are not accurate, read this article from to find out what type of person you are according to the choices you have with your car.

1. More than just a color

Colors beautify and diversify your car. What more can they mean? Apparently, there's more than meets the eyes.

Red - who doesn't want to see a dashing car with red shimmering hue? Although people gravitate towards a neutral color when choosing a color for a car, there is definitely a group of people that love the color red. The color red definitely loves attention.

Most of the time, people that purchase a red car only buy this despite the car's model or make. It seems that the color red is enough to persuade a person to buy it. Persons that own a red car is known to be ambitious, confident, energetic and powerful. All the traits you could associate with the blazing red color.

Red Car

A red car is known to be ambitious, confident, energetic and powerful.

Gray - cars with this color tend to just blend in with the crowd and are with the society. People that own a gray colored car like to keep everything in a low-key manner.

Silver - in a user's standpoint, silver is flashy in a new and modern way. Most of the time, silver is associated with the use of technology. Therefore, silver-colored car owners like functionality and practicality in a nutshell. Looking for these traits in everything that they'd purchase and pairing it with a silver hue for a scream of attention.

A siver car

Silver is flashy in a new and modern way.

Blue - this color associates the car owner to being upbeat, calm and generally happy. However, those who own cars with a dark blue spectrum (think of navy blue, royal blue or blue-black) mirrors formality and the value of professionalism.

Earth colors - the use of earth colors like brown, shades of green, etc., can be seen with SUVs and sports car. Car owners that possess this car colors are grounded and appreciate nature or environment.

Yellow or Gold - people that go with the colors of yellow and Gold tend to be your typical YOLO crowd. They only live once and they wouldn't mind people’s opinions of them. Aside from this bold character, they tend to have a great sense of humor and are always keen and great in financial terms.

Black - this color is chosen because of its simplicity and class. Aside from that, it is practically easier to tend and keep. This color exudes class and luxury. Most black-colored car owners have a high status in life. In technicality, the color black creates a stunning impression especially if it's glossy.

A black car

Black color is chosen because of its simplicity and class.

White - one of the non-common color that is widely available in the market right now. You wouldn't see much of white colored-cars sashaying the road. However, when one does, it's considered as perfect and immaculate. People that choose white as their car color are the ones that provide a fresh, new and outstanding perspective look in the community.

2. What's your car style?

Aside from a car's color, we also took in what your car's style is. After all, cars have its defining style due to its various functions.

Small cars - you're either a hippie that believes in prescription hugs to make this world a better place or just a person that loves to socialize with other people in their community. You can only tell. The good thing is you have a great concern for the environment by decreasing or minimizing your fuel use, thus minimizing the effect of global warming.

Sedans - are you a female? Studies have shown that women drivers tend to go for a sedan when choosing a car. This is because they simply can't make up their mind on choosing among the variety of cars available in the market (kidding aside).

Sedan drivers have no unique or distinct attitude when traveling. It's like a routine of work, house, and work. It's like they only bought a car to make transportation for them easier because they have tons of transactions for the day. Furthermore, sedan users tend to have a high position in their company and may possess a hefty amount of money as their salary.

Yellow car

Sedan drivers have no unique or distinct attitude when traveling.

Luxury cars - owners of luxury cars are known to be people of high statuses, more like the cream of the crop. They can be wall-street money rich, or the owner of a multi-billion organization or simply someone that can afford it.

Luxury car owners like taking a drive whenever possible this making them drive long distances than your average driver. Also, luxury car owners are quite older (think of the mid-'30s to early '40s), highly-educated, with a lot of cash in their respective bank accounts, highly independent, perfectionists and over-achievers.

Silver Luxury car

Luxury cars owners are known to be people of high statuses,

Sports car - these thrill-seeking cars correspond with their owners as well. People that own a sports car tend to love living life in the fast lane. They are hyper, feisty and love adventure. More often than not, sports car owners have achieved a level of education but are not yet financially stable. The demographics of sports car owner show that they are much younger than luxury car owners and are usually seeking satisfaction from the thrill and adventure life has to offer.

Minivans - owners of minivans do like to travel, and when they do, they travel a lot with their friends and families. They can go on miles and miles as long as they have someone to accompany them on their journey. They are calmer and family-oriented. These persons can be dads, your bachelor uncle that loves taking care of you and your siblings or your neighbor that likes to travel to places with his dogs and cats.

SUVs - these are your typical day to day travelers. Much like of a Sedan user, purchasing this type of car is for the convenience it offers. SUV owners can range from 20 - 40 years old. In addition, they usually tend to live in the suburbs where the environment is slower and calmer compared to what the city offers.

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