Pros & cons of buying a white car

Updated Apr 22, 2020 | Same topic: Best Advice for Car Buyers

Buying a white car: pros and cons? If you've been asking yourself the same question: Should I buy a white car? Read on to find the answer!

“Elegant” and “luxurious” might be the first words coming to mind when we look at a white car. However, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. In fact, there are still some problems that you had better thoroughly consider before buying a white car.

In this article, Philkotse has collected some pros and cons of buying a white car that might help you reach the right decision to some extent.

I. Should I buy a white car? Yes, because it is...

1. Good-looking

No matter which models you go for, a Mercedes-Benz S500 or a Toyota Vios, white will make you feel sedated and premium at all times. This is the main reason why most car brands often showcase white models at car events.

Side view of a white car

White will make you feel sedated and premium at all times

2. Never outmoded

White, silver and black are three colors that never go out of fashion. As a result, white vehicles always have a higher resale value when compared to the same models with other outlandish colors. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make white cars difficult to sell at all. Surprisingly, those’re still much sought after. If your are interested in high resale value vehicles, here is our article for Top 10 best resale value cars.

On top of that, most car manufacturers offer white as a no-cost option (except pearl white color), so you don’t need to pay any extra for it.

3. Practical

White is among the best colors for reflecting heat. In other words, the cabin will be kept cooler from summer heat. In addition to that, how could you see spot small scratches on white paint color?

II. Buying a white car also has certain drawbacks...

Apart from a long list of advantages above, a white paint can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance. Thus, check those cons out in order not to be dazzled by its appeal.

1. Get dirty easily

Let’s imagine that you’re driving a white Ford Ranger. You might expect such admiration from others as “How alluring this white off-roader is”? Nope, “How tragic!” they shouted. In lieu of hiding all stains, now the tiniest bit of grime will be all shown off.

A white Ford Ranger crossing mud

How tragic when you are off-roading with a white Ford Ranger

Hence, if you’re a busy driver who cannot spend much time on car wash or car maintenance work, never set your heart on white.

How To Keep A White Car Clean

2. Different quality between different levels of white

As we have mentioned above, white is a no-cost option since it’s usually cheaper to produce than other colors. Besides, white is easy to get dirty, so it requires you to wash your car more regularly. Everything could be better unless you take home a metallic or pearl white machine.

3. Over-popular

A lot of white cars in the parking lot

Oops! Too many people like white

It is a matter of fact that white is the favorite color of many people. This means your new car will never look as exclusive as you’re expected. If you don’t want to follow the crowd, of course, white does not belong to you.

We’ve gone through most outstanding pros and cons of buying a white car, now perhaps you’ve had your own answer to the question "Should I buy a white car?". To our eyes, white is still very trendy, especially in urban areas like Metro Manila. To you, how do you think?

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