How your car defines your personality?

Updated Nov 22, 2022 | Same topic: Highlights of the Week

Do you think your car represents your personality? Read our article to see what a car can say about you and which one is your style.
A car is not just only a vehicle. It says a lot about the owner. Therefore, car manufacturers always try to vary their car models so that they can meet the diverse needs and hobbies of different buyers.

Based on the results collected from various sources such as forums, Facebook pages and some online car channels, we have unveiled typical personalities behind the wheel of some popular cars running around Philippine roads.

Please note that t
his article doesn’t tend to promote stereotyping people or discredit those who are owning the cars listed below. We create this just for entertainment purposes only.

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1. Mitsubishi Lancer (Box type)

Angular front of a white Misubishi Lancer (Box type)

Whenever you hear the noise of clunks, surely, the Mitsubishi is coming

Driver of a Mitsubishi Lancer is recognised by the following characteristics:

  • Classical and sluggish
  • Have modern living standard 
  • At the age of 60, witness and experienced the EDSA People Power Revolution
  • Still living in the good old days of victory and using these boxier cars as a reminder of his glory past
  • Barely use his car, except for holiday occasions

Road behavior:

  • Bring noise of clunks whenever coming
  • Only concentrate on driving

2. Chery QQ

  angular front of a red Chery QQ

The driver of a Chery QQ is as cute as the name of her car suggests

The Chery QQ should be owned by a girl:

  • As cute as the name of her car
  •  A young and single office worker in Makati
  • Has a great passion for shopping and cute things
  • Decorates her car with Hello Kitty accessories 
  • Will replace this car by another one that is more suitable for ladies when turning 30

Road behavior:

  • Gentle driver
  • Runs with a half of the road’s speed limit
  • Generous enough to allow larger cars to overtake

 3. Toyota Vios 

2 Toyota Vios are in front of a river
The Toyota Vios is suitable for a businessman

Driver of the Toyota Vios is often a man:

  • Who is a mid-level manager or a pride fledgling businessman 
  • Prefers a car for fuel efficiency to a car for good appearance 
  • Needs a car just for his job demand

Road behavior:

  • Always makes his racetrack become a cinematic car chase
  • Doesn’t let any vehicle have a chance to overtake his car even in traffic

4. Mitsubishi Pajero 

angular front of a white Misubishi Pajero

The driver of the Mitsubishi Pajero is usually an old man who is probably in the 50s

The Mitsubishi Pajero is usually driven by someone who is:

  • An old man in the 50s
  • Strict and highly imposing 
  • A “Pajero Bishop” who really enjoys his off-road adventure

Road behavior:

  • Usually drives it to get to a nearby golf course
  • Always wants his car to go and stay in an open space without any cars disturbing or hindering

5. Hummer H1

angular left of a grey Hummer H1

The driver wants his car to be firm and strong like him


  • A famous man or businessman in the age of about 30
  • Wants his car to be bold and strong
  • Won't choose the Hummer to go through an off-road adventure, but surely, will make it become a hero in EDSA

Road behavior:

  • Despite owning an intense car, he drives carefully
  • Considers himself as the only one on the road
  • Equips his car with extra light devices

6. Honda City Type-R

a white Honda City type R on the race

The driver thinks his car is a race car and he is a real racer

The Honda City Type-R should belong to a man who is:

  • Really excited about racing
  • A middle class man or a real racer at the age of 40
  • Having a great nostalgia for the 90s when Metro Manila was considered as a city of racers

Road behavior:

  • A metal pedal is actually a powerful and indispensable supporter for him in the race
  • Needs some rock or rap music to conquer the racetrack
  • Keeps the body kits installed fully in his car
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7. Ford Expedition

angular front of a blue Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is often owned by a VIP 

Owner of the Ford Expedition is not always its driver. He probably is:

  • A VIP (usually politicians) or a boss hiring someone for driving 
  • Powerful
  • Always be on time

Road behavior:

  • Often crosses the traffic jam smoothly thanks to his authority
  • Still receives some extra courtesy from traffic enforcers even when disrupting the traffic flow  

Personality Types And The Cars That Match Them