10 types of people in the car during a road trip

Updated Oct 12, 2020

Are you the Selfie Queen, the Snack King, the DJ or the Small Bladder? Read our article to find out which road trip personality you have.

1. The “Are we there yet?”

“Where will we go?”, “Are we there yet?”, “Hey, where are we going?”, “What the hell where is it?” blah blah.

Well, they ask you constantly about the next destinations, how far it is and anything they see on the road. These friends often lie in the back seats, eat snacks and stare at their phone. You may sometimes feel angry or even crazy with their stupid questions, but somehow, they make you laugh and feel funny because of their naivete.

Bob Parr from The Incredibles driving his car

You may sometimes feel angry or even crazy with their stupid questions

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2. The Selfie Queen

Exactly, they are clues of the trip. They own selfie sticks, take photos continuously anywhere, anyone, any corners during the road trip, pose series of selfies and update every activity of the journey. With them, you will not have to worry about missing beautiful photos or videos. They will help keep unforgettable moments of the team.

man with long selfie stick on car

Exactly, the selfie queens are clues of the trip

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3. The DJ

How boring the trip would be if there was no music in your car! This person promises to make your journey more exciting than ever. They spend countless hours to prepare their perfect and endless playlist before starting the road trip. They look like a DJ or even a musical genius, remember all names of songs, lyrics and even every single beat drop. Surely, you cannot sleep if your team has a DJ. And of course, thank for them, everyone will be relaxed and happy, making a great trip.

5 men are head banging with music in a car.

Thank for them, everyone will be relaxed and happy, making a great trip

4. The Snack King

You will never find yourself hungry if your team has a Snack King. Not only snack, they have literally all kinds of food and drinks like donuts, pringles, pizza, juice boxes, instant noodles, water bottles, etc. They bring all of them in the car and enjoy them during the trip. They are stockpiles of food. So don’t worry, you will never be starved on the road trip.

A man is eating in the car

You will never be hungry if your team has a Snack King

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5. The Tour Guide

In direct contrast to the “are we there yet?”, this person proves to be a well-experienced traveler. It is as if they had a map in their hand. They know all of the entrance, all of the stops and also all of the must-visit destinations. They have already made plan for the trip and lead everyone to follow the schedule. The trip would be a hassle without them.

woman telling man how to drive

The tour guide proves to be a well-experienced traveler

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6. The Small Bladder

This person might be called “the Stop Guy/Lady”. They drink a lot, or even when they hardly drink at all, they still call for stop many times. In some half laughing and half crying cases when there is no bathroom on the road and they have to “release” in some bushes. Although they make the whole team have to delay in the trip, they still bring fun and give everyone else time to take a rest.


Although the small bladders make the team have to delay in the trip, they still bring fun and give everyone else time to take a rest

7. The Driver

We shouldn't miss the one who plays a very important part in a road trip – the Driver. Any road trip will fail without a driver. They will take your team to wonderful destinations and make your journey safe and interesting. Driving is a mission that requires responsibility, seriousness and high concentration but surprisingly, drivers are often funny people. They talk a lot, tell fantastic stories but still have the plan in their mind.

 2 polices are dancing in the car

Any road trip will fail without a driver

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8. The Shotgun

This person is sometimes considered the leader of the team as he takes the responsibility of making sure the road trip is running smoothly and the drivers are not getting lost. When they speak even small things, it is still powerful enough to draw everyone's attention. They will plan out the schedule of the road trip, take responsibility to ensure members’ safety and success of the journey. In cases of long trip, the Shotgun must keep the driver awake, which means he must not sleep, either.

Three men laughing in a car

The shotgun is considered as the leader of the team

9. The Navigator

This person is a smart cicerone. They know how to read a map, use a GPS effectively. They appear to be knowledgeable about the routes, hidden pathways and shortcuts. The Navigator is regarded as the second shotgun of the road trip.

reading map on car

This person is a smart cicerone, they know how to read a map, use a GPS effectively

10. The Old Soul

This person seems to be a serious guy/lady with uniqueness and independence. They enjoy every moment of the road trip, feel the fresh air and watch everything passionately and silently. They are optimistic type, often tell fun stories (in their unique serious manners, which makes their stories even funnier) or sometimes just sit quietly in the back, sinking so deep in their own emotions. Sometimes they make us feel that they should be living in the previous centuries. They can be very thoughful people who care for every member in the team. 

A girl is driving car

This person seems to be a serious guy/ lady with uniqueness and independence