How to survive from different driving incidents on the road

Updated Sep 21, 2022

When you drive, unexpected car problems are unavoidable. They could threaten your safety and damage to your vehicle as well.
To help you have the remedies against the different conditions on the road, we recommend these following life-saving tips in certain driving situations:

Blown-out tire
This is the most common incident while driving. Many drivers don’t check the tire pressure regularly and this can blow out your tires, especially when driving on overinflated tires and in hot weather.

So what will you do if a tire blowout happens while you are driving at a high speed?

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Blown-out tire

Blown-out tire is the most common incident while driving

The first thing you should do is to squeeze the gas. You shouldn't hit the brake since you will lose control of the car. The blown tire is already pulling the car to one side and makes it hard for the car to accelerate. Let the car gradually slow down at a safe speed and try to pull over to a roadside.
After safely stopping your car on the roadside, call a local car mechanic to replace your blown-out tire or have your vehicle towed by a car rescue team.

Stuck throttle
This trouble doesn’t happen as frequently as the first case. But it can be very dangerous if you don't know how to handle the situation in advance. 

Your vital tasks are to put the transmission in neutral and to push the clutch to reduce your speed and safely stop on the roadside.
car throttle

Stuck throttle makes your car uncontrolled.

In case you can’t put the transmission in neutral, switch off the ignition. However, you will not be allowed to do this in many car models if your car doesn’t stop.

Emergency stop without ABS
Many modern vehicles are now equipped with an anti-lock brake system (ABS) – a safety system ensuring stable braking characteristics of your vehicle. However, if you are driving an old car of the 90s model without this system installed, how would you deal with it if you are forced to do an emergency stop?
Squeeze the brake pedal firmly

Squeeze the brake pedal firmly but with the right touch to prevent your tires from skidding.

First of all, don’t hit or slam on the brake. Instead, squeeze the brake pedal firmly but with the right touch to prevent your tires from skidding. Once the car stops moving, the tires will lose their grips on the road. You should release the brake for the tires to roll again and carefully press the brake pedal again.

When the brakes are locked, you can't steer your car. Panic drivers will try to steer the wheels without knowing if they are moving forward or pointing away to a side. Learn how to stop a running car requires the experiences. Hence, practice frequently in the parking lot will help you react to this situation quickly.
These are three common driving incidents that you may encounter while driving. Take caution and calmly handle if these situations arise so as to save your life.