Spec showdown: Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger in the Philippines

Updated Apr 02, 2021

A side-by-side comparison between Mitsubishi Strada and Ford Ranger will help you determine the best mid-sized trucks. Let's find out!

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  1. Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger: Introduction
  2. Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger: Reliability and aftersales service
  3. Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger: Acquisition cost
  4. Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger: Engine and transmission
  5. Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger: Comfort and Safety
  6. Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger: Exterior equipment and Ride
  7. Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger: Final thought

Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger: Introduction

Mid-sized cars should be prioritized for many reasons, not just because they’re bigger but for more legitimate and beneficial reasons. These cars are more expensive but they come with far more good stuff.

Pickups are quickly becoming a popular option once again (thanks to the TRAIN Law exempting them from price increases). Among the contenders battling it out in the category are the Mitsubishi Strada and the Ford Ranger . This showdown pits the features and available options for each model.

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Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger: Reliability and aftersales service


Mitsubishi Strada is part of the top 5 pickups in terms of reliability, customer satisfaction and aftersales service.


Although the Ford Ranger settles in at the lower 5 models for reliability (which may be a concern for some buyers), Ford is still a good option overall.

Verdict: The better reliability and point of sale is an advantage that means better maintenance and repair services will be a plus for Strada owners.

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Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger: Acquisition cost


Mitsubishi Strada is a bit expensive for the kit it offers, considering that it has slightly smaller dimensions than the Ranger. The bigger engine, touch screen and optional rear camera might
be of some consolation to buyers.


Ford Ranger's more affordable price nets more pickup, especially the cargo bed, and a capable engine in its own right. Some buyers might miss the convenience of a touch screen, however.

Verdict: The Ranger’s advantage is the relatively affordable price for the size, power and features it offers.

Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger: Engine and transmission

A total of 179 horses and 430 Nm of torque come dashing from its 2.4L DOHC Clean Diesel mill, engineered for maximum power with minimum emissions. This is mated to a six-speed manual transmission to maximize the power under most loads.

With a slightly lower power output of 148, and torque rating of 375 Nm, the Ranger’s 2.2L engine nevertheless is respectable for heavy-duty use. A six-speed manual transmission likewise channels the power to the drive wheels. 

  Mitsubishi Strada Ford Ranger
Engine 2.5L DI-D Common Rail Turbocharged  2.0 L Bi-Turbo Diesel Engine
Displacement 2,442 cc 1,996 cc
Horsepower (hp) 178 210
Torque (Nm) 430 500
Transmission 6-speed Manual Transmission 10-speed Automatic Gearbox

Front: Independent Wishbone

Rear: Leaf Spring

Front: Double Wishbone

Rear: Leaf Spring

Passengers 4 4
Fuel Diesel Diesel
Tires 245/70 R16 265/60 R18
Power Steering Yes Yes

Pickups should have more than enough power to spare, and the Strada easily edges out the Ranger in that respect.

Ford Ranger 2019 engine

The engines armed for the updated Ranger is a 2.0L 4-cylinder biturbo diesel and a 2.0-liter turbo diesel

Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger: Comfort and Safety

The interior compartment has a premium feel with various comfort and convenience features, such as adjustable steering, power adjustable seats and a touchscreen on the dashboard. Dual airbags are standard, while a rear camera for enhanced visibility out back is optional.

Mitsubishi strada interior

Strada's interior comes with the power adjustable seats

While the Ranger carries pretty much a comfortable interior comparable to the Strada, it trumps its rival with the use of five airbags all around, enhancing its safety potential.

Ford Ranger interior

The cabin of Ranger 2019 is highlighted by an 8’’ SYNC 3 infotainment system

The Strada might edge out the Ranger in terms of amenities, but the Ranger has the lead in safety.

Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger: Exterior equipment and Ride


All exterior equipment comes with headlamps either LED or HID, with adjustable headlights and foglamps as standard equipment, complemented by the rear view mirror, turn signal indicator and power adjustable exterior rear view mirror. In terms of ride quality, the Strada has good steering control with a subdued chassis roll, and the suspension is on the soft side.


Not as extensive as the Strada’s although the HID headlamps and foglamps are standard. The suspension and ride quality improves with increased load in the truck bed. Also, the suspension can take as much punishment as the Strada’s.


The Strada gets the advantage in terms of offered kit, while the Ranger’s relatively more supple ride is more apt for a pickup.

Mitsubishi Strada vs Ford Ranger: Final thought

It’s a close call between the Mitsubishi Strada  and the Ford Ranger , the former having more power and amenities, while the latter possessing more safety features. Whichever you choose, either pickup is still a good choice for the discerning buyer.  

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