Toyota Hilux vs Strada 2020 Comparo: Keep on Trucking

Updated Nov 15, 2022

The local mid-size pickup truck scene has been dominated by these 2 behemoths: Hilux vs Strada. Read our comparo to learn how these two do battle against each other.

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  1. 1. Toyota Hilux vs Strada: Introduction
  2. 2. Toyota Hilux vs Mitsubishi Strada: Exterior
  3. 3. Toyota Hilux vs Strada 2020: Interior
  4. 4. Toyota Hilux vs Strada Philippines: Engine and Performance
  5. 5. Toyota Hilux Conquest vs Mitsubishi Strada GLS: Safety Features
  6. 6. Toyota Hilux vs Strada Philippines price
  7. 7. Toyota Hilux vs Mitsubishi Strada: Conclusion

1. Toyota Hilux vs Strada: Introduction

The pick-up truck has been one of the most iconic sights on our streets and a major consideration for all families.

My memories are just filled with riding the rear bed of our old pick-up truck with my brothers seated and well behaved, that is until the car reaches terminal speed and we can hang our heads out the sides and just play silly.

You can consider this to be the ultimate Filipino family car because this doesn’t just ferry the family along with distances, but can be used for the business as well! What is more, the government wants you to buy pickup trucks as there is a sizable tax incentive. You can get the top of the line model but still, don't take a sweat from the larger payments associated with SUVs.

Toyota Hilux 2020 on the road

Consider this to be the ultimate Filipino family car

Unless you've been living under a rock, you will notice that Manila City streets are filled with different models for mid-size trucks from various brands, from the unabashedly macho, Ford Ranger, the American Alternative Chevrolet Colorado, the ever-reliable Isuzu DMAX and the Nissan Navara.

You even have newcomers from Korea such as the Ssangyong Musso. All theses trucks and more are poised to do battle with the local wonder twins in the pick-up scene; the Toyota Hilux and the Mitsubishi Strada GT.

Mitsubishi Strada the design

Imagine if you could do this in heavy traffic

For decades, they have been at each other's necks for sales supremacy and utility. With Mitsubishi and Toyota taking jabs at each other and fighting for the pick-up truck throne.

On the one hand, you have the Mitsubishi Strada with its edge in Technology while the Hilux prides itself in its prestige and durability. Let’s take a look at one of the most anticipated head-to-head comparos of them all brought to you by!

2. Toyota Hilux vs Mitsubishi Strada: Exterior

The 2020 Mitsubishi Strada GT and the Toyota Hilux Conquest are arguably 2 of the most bad-ass and well-designed pick-up trucks out there in the local market. They both carry an imposing presence with their hulking dimensions and interesting designed.

The Mitsubishi Strada GT recently underwent a major mid-cycle refresh this year, ditching the old pumpkin look, in its place lies Mitsubishi’s current corporate design language, their Dynamic Shield front grill. On the Strada it just looks stunning, it has smaller and slanted LED headlamps mounted on the top part of the hood and right below it is the larger flood lamps.

Right at back it still shows the same old sexy look. The side fenders have also been reworked to feature a more square, macho look.

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Mitsubishi Strada the cool look

The new Mitsubishi Strada Just looks Stunning 

The bed also leads its class in total length, thanks in part to the mid-cycle refresh model keeping the J-Line design that separates the cabin with the bed. This design quirk in effect optimizes loading capability and interior space.

It also provides an interesting design philosophy wherein Mitsubishi breaks the mold of common 2 box pick-up trucks.

Mitsubishi Strada 2020 front view

The odd design frees up a lot of interior space

The Toyota Hilux will not take all these laying down, though. With custom livery peppered around the body panels, it is as if Toyota doesn’t want you to forget that you own the top of the line of Toyota Hiluxes

The rear bed latch even gets inspired of old pickups back in the day, with the big ass Conquest decal and other custom stickers strewn all across the bodywork.

Toyota Hilux 2020 rear view

Toyota doesn’t want you to forget that you own the top of the line

The grill has been reworked and is significantly different the rest of the lineup. With that blacked out and split grill, the Toyota Hilux Conquest design now draws inspiration from the old Toyota Tacoma, and that always is a good thing.

It also features LED fog lamps and headlamps as well as Daylight Running lamps to help illuminate your way. You can also find a sports bar mounted on the rear bed, pretty much a mandatory piece for all off-roading capable vehicles.

The wheels are also quite beefy with 265/65/r18 all-terrain tires shod over 18-inch Special Toyota Mags and Bodykits for a more aggressive look.

Hilux vs Strada: Dimension
Mitsubishi Strada GT
Toyota Hilux Conquest
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)

You have to hand it to both of these contenders in their own beauty contests. This time though I will take the Barney Stinson route of saying “New is Always Better”, as in this case, the simple yet streamlined design of the new Mitsubishi Strada wins the round.

This is in no way a knock against the truly aggressive look of the Hilux, as it looks as if it's ready to battle the Ford Ranger Raptor in looks but the Strada simply looks immaculate with no unnecessary overhangs. This round goes to the Mitsubishi thoroughbred.

Score: Mitsubishi Strada GT -1 | Toyota Hilux Conquest – 0

3. Toyota Hilux vs Strada 2020: Interior

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear. Trucks, by their very purpose, do not offer the best and most luxurious interior amenities in the market. They were intended to be workhorses featuring bare-bones interiors to either keep the overall costs down or make them easier to clean.

But that was in the past, as the Mitsubishi Strada GT and the Toyota Hilux Conquest offer proper amenities for occupants to both enjoy and marvel at.

MItsubishi Strada interior

Mitsubishi strada 2020 cabin

Strada interior: Leather everywhere!!!

The Toyota Hilux Conquest’s interior features a highly logical placement of buttons and switches. Everything is well thought of from the leather-wrapped steering wheel, which feels amazing, the center console and some soft-touch plastics on the door trims.

Apart from those details, the interior is a cacophony of hard black plastics. I would understand if this was intended to keep things simple and easy to clean but this is instantly negated by the presence of piano black trims and plastics.

They may seem to look good in pictures or after you’ve shined them lovingly, but simply staring at it gives it fingerprints. The seats have also shied away from any leather products as it maintains fabric seats as optional.

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2020 Toyota Hilux interior

Those plano black accents inside the Hilux are a pain to maintain

It makes up for it with a nice automatic up and down power windows controllable by the driver. It also has a 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment display but it lacks Android Auto or Apple CarPlay which is quite a shame if you ask me as smartphone integration via Apple Carplay and Android Auto are already being introduced to a multitude of models.

Stepping inside the Mitsubishi Strada GT, you finally get a taste of what you are missing as a Mid-size pickup truck fan. Mitsubishi definitely pulled out all the stops with the model, featuring a full leather interior seats, which instantly makes it a tad better already than the Hilux Conquest.

You also get paddle shifters behind the steering wheel already adding the car’s sporty demeanor. There are also multiple USB sockets around the car as well as access for the rear passengers. It also has a great infotainment system with a touchscreen but again no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Mitsubishi cars have never been known for coming up with nice interior amenities, but the Mitsubishi Strada GT changes that. Bringing a one-two punch score for the Mitsubishi Truck.

Score: Mitsubishi Strada GT - 2 | Toyota Hilux Conquest - 0

4. Toyota Hilux vs Strada Philippines: Engine and Performance

Both of these trucks are powered by the most advanced diesel engines available in the Philippines. Anyone worth their grain in salt knows that pairing pickup trucks with diesel-fed engines are the way to go. As they require a whole lot of torque to pull their very heavy frames.

Mitsubishi Strada Super Select II System

Mitsubishi has its famed Super Select II System on the Strada

In one corner you have Toyota Philippines’ king of pick-up trucks, the Toyota Hilux 2019. Powered by a straight-4 common rail direct injection and a variable nozzle turbocharger, chain-driven, intercooler 1GD-FTV engine it makes do with 177hp at 3400 RPM and a spine bashing 450 Nm of torque at a very early 1600 – 2400 RPM.

The 4x4 automatic conquest has selectable drive modes with a shift on the fly-drive selector for offroad use. It is a simple yet powerful machine. Suspension Tuning is biased to be softer for a more comfortable drive at the expense of heavy body roll which is expected for a tall and large vehicle.

2020 Toyota Hilux engine

The 1GD-FTV engine under the hood of the Hilux can make out of 177hp and 450 Nm of torque

Mitsubishi, not to be overtaken is then powered by a smaller displacement 4N15 MIVEC Diesel engine that makes its money producing 181 hp at 3500 RPM and 430 Nm of torque at 2500 RPM from a smaller 2.4-liter engine. It is powered by virtually the same 6-speed AISIN sourced automatic transmission bringing power to the wheels in an efficient and powerful manner.

What sets the Mitsubishi Strada 2019 apart from the 2019 Hilux is Mitsubishi’s signature drive selection technology Super Select II. With various mode settings such as Gravel, Mud and Snow, Sand and Rock modes, you will be able to relieve your Dakar Rally dreams, especially with the Strada mated to a finely tuned suspension that promotes nimble action at the expense of towing capacity.

Toyota Hilux driving experience

Toyota Trucks always make you look cool

In heavy traffic, the tested fuel economy for the Hilux can dip as low as 7 km/l while the Mitsubishi ekes out 8 km/l. Bring both to the highway, then you will find fuel economy of both hovering in and about 12 km/l

Never has the Hilux and Strada been so evenly matched although carrying 2 distinctly different sized engines, the engineers who perfected both of these trucks tuned them to ensure pure enjoyment while driving, This is a difficult round to choose between the 2 competitors so I will call this one a tie.

Score: Mitsubishi Strada GT - 3 | Toyota Hilux Conquest – 1

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5. Toyota Hilux Conquest vs Mitsubishi Strada GLS: Safety Features

Safety is a major criteria to be considered in purchasing any car. Although Pick up trucks are large bulky machines, it doesn’t mean and your passengers would be safe in a collision. Let's see how Toyota and Mitsubishi tackle the issue of safety.

Toyota Hilux Crash Test

The Toyota Hilux uses reinforced steel to maintain its Strong Body

The Toyota Hilux Conquest being a top-end variant of the model features a plethora of safety features, from Front passenger, side and curtain airbags. It also has stability and traction control as well as Anti lock Brakes, to reel in the fun in case the Hilux gets too out of hand. It also has brake assist, hill start assist and Electonic Brakeforce distribution.

Mitsubishi Strada safety features

The Strada has more standard safety features to rock all road

Mitsubishi Strada, on the other hand, has everything mentioned above and so much more like Blind Spot Warning, forward collision mitigation, Lane Keep Assist, Mitsubishi also addresses the fear of sudden unintended acceleration so they installed a fail-safe system called Ultrasonic Misacceleration Mitigation System. A rear camera also will come handy.

This section is almost too easy. With the sea of standard equipment available with the Montero Sport, It woud be a wonder why not all cars, especially with in this price range do not have all these standard

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6. Toyota Hilux vs Strada Philippines price

Pricing for the Toyota Hilux starts at ₱ 939,000 for the entry-level J model. It comes standard with Driver and passenger side front and rear airbags, Anti Lock Brakes and Electronic Brake Force Distribution.

Stepping up to the E models you have access to upgraded 17-inch wheels as well as the option for the 6-speed automatic transmission prices for that variant start at ₱ 1,427,000. The G model has the 2.8 liter Diesel engine with Variable Geometry Turbo and over fenders. Finally, if you want to have the top of the line Hilux it starts at ₱ 1,662,000 and tops off at ₱ 1,792,000.

Toyota Hilux 2.4 J 4x2
₱939,000 (MT)
Toyota Hilux 2.4 E 4x2
₱1,427,000 (AT)
Toyota Hilux 2.4 E 4x4
₱1,030,000 (MT)
Toyota Hilux 2.4 G
₱1,204,000 (MT)
₱1,279,000 (AT)
Toyota Hilux Conquest 4x2
₱1,352,000 (MT)
₱1,427,000 (AT)
Toyota Hilux 2.8 G
₱1,506,000 (MT)
₱1,636,000 (AT)
Toyota Hilux Conquest 4x4
₱1,662,000 (MT)
₱1,792,000 (AT)

The price of admission for the Mitsubishi Strada is more costly, but you can attribute this to the lack of fleet models for the current model. I also lack more diversity in its lineup opting for a more minimal model and variant range for the car.

Mitsubishi Strada GLX Plus 2WD
₱1,165,000 (MT)
₱1,240,000 (AT)
Mitsubishi Strada GLS 2WD
₱1,225,000 (MT)
₱1,300,000 (AT)
Mitsubishi Strada GLS 4WD
₱1,445,000 (MT)
Mitsubishi Strada GT 4WD
₱1,670,000 (AT)

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You have to hand this round to The Toyota Hilux, It has a more diverse line-up of the vehicle and even the most entry-level variant is not devoid of standard convenience and safety features.

7. Toyota Hilux vs Mitsubishi Strada: Conclusion

The Pickup Truck market is currently in a fever pitch. With Companies vying for position as king of the hill, we have both Mitsubishi and Toyota corralling so many clients these days towards their quality trucks it’s almost unfair. In the end, there can only be one, and it shall be crowned champion here.

Toyota Hilux 2019

The Hilux is a good Package however it lacks standard features

The Toyota Hilux offers unsurpassed value and performance. In the world where iPhones have assumed value as a smartphone, Toyota has been synonymous with the world quality, durable, sometimes even bulletproof comes into the equation but clearly this battle goes to the Mitsubishi Strada, it has recently been refreshed seemingly with the sole purpose of one-upping the Hilux at every turn.

All I can say is the Hilux should just take the L and then bounce back with a refresh of their own.

Mitsubishi Strada on the road

The Mitsubishi Strada marries both technology reliability in a good value proposition

You can check out the Mitsubishi Strada prices with our listings from our trusted and verified dealers here, or if you fancy the Eon just click over here. Make sure to keep it glued right here at for more news, reviews, and insights as well as to get the cheapest prices on your next car!

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