4 bad driving habits (most) women have that are wearing out their cars

Updated Jan 17, 2020

Women are often more careful and meticulous than men, but this is usually not the case when it comes to car care.

Women might be more careful and meticulous than men in almost every aspect of life. However, it is not usually the case when it comes to car maintenance. Philkotse.com has put together 4 bad habits many women have that are reducing the life expectancy of their cars.

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1. Forgetting the handbrake, or sudden braking

Female drivers can be grouped into two categories: the first group are extremely slow and careful drivers, while the second are dangerously clumsy and absent-minded when driving.

a female driver

Some women are dangerously clumsy and absent-minded when driving

More often than not, women have more problems to attend to than men, so you will be more likely to come across an absent-minded gal than you do a guy on the street. We are no statistics experts but that might be the very explanation for women’s tendency towards sudden braking. This is a very damaging habit, as it can spoil the driving shaft, reduce tire traction and duration of the brakes, as well as affect the wheel balancing system.

In other cases, many female drivers also tend to forget to release the handbrake when starting the car, which might toast the vehicle’s rear binders and even lead to a small fire in the brake pads given long enough time and high enough speed. Click here to read our tips for prolonging the lifespan of your car brakes.

2. Forgetting to change the oil

Oil lubricant is one of the indispensable parts of the engine, which takes on the roles of cooling down, reducing friction and anti-corrosion for the engine. Even so, women seem to always forget this, and an oil change is only scheduled on an irregular basis once every few years.

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3. Driving on flat tires

Women are sophisticated and discerning in a lot of things, probably except when it comes to flat or underinflated tires. In fact, driving on flat tires will severely shorten the life of the tires, sometimes even completely destroy the tires and put the driver in great danger. In addition, many women drivers might not even be aware of the rule to replace their tires after every 10,000 km. Find more common mistakes in car maintenance here.

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4. Forgetting to clean the car’s interior

a dirty car interior with a female driver

Many female drivers are often not careful about keeping their cars clean

Women are very caring and attentive to their houses and families, but with their vehicles things might be a little bit different. Many female drivers are often not careful about keeping their cars clean and rarely think of giving their cars a wash. Even more women like to keep stacks of clothes or eat their snacks in the car, both of which can make the car’s interior look like a disaster zone.

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