3 simple tips for Filipino motorists to adopt a proper driving posture

Updated May 22, 2018 | Same topic: Let's Drive Smart!

Philkotse.com reveals 3 simple tips to keep in mind so as to adopt a proper driving posture.

When it comes to driving posture, many take it for granted or not even care about dismal effects their wrong ways of sitting behind the wheel may bring about. In today’s article, Philkotse.com would like to give you 3 simple tips to keep in mind so as to adopt a proper driving posture.

A man behind the wheel

You need to ascertain that you are seated centered

1. Keeping things balanced

Balance - as the word says it all, you need to ascertain that you are seated centered. Make sure the steering has the direction toward your chest and your shoulders should be at the same level with the top of the wheel. To do that, mind adjusting the height of your tillers accordingly.

Video: How to set up your proper driving posture

2. Keeping natural driving movements

In manual cars, it is essential to bear in mind that as stepping on the accelerator or the brake, move your foot only. Don’t flex your knee as it strains and tires faster; Only flex your heel instead. Your hands should be at 9 and 3 o’clock positions. Also, don’t cross your arms as you’re maneuvering.

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3. Being comfortable and relaxed

Being comfortable and relaxed sounds easy to you? No, not at all. It’s easy as you acquire the position you like without considering principles of proper driving posture. But it won’t be that easy at first as you have to bear these things in mind:

  • Keep your back stay firm against the seat and your hands on the steering wheel comfortably;
  • Bend your legs and arms slightly to get rid of straining;
  • Don’t ever extend legs or arms because it limits the range you can handle the vehicle such as stepping on a wrong pedal.

a happy woman behind the wheel

Make sure your back stays firm against the seat, hands on the steering wheel comfortably

Hope you will find this article helpful and apply to your daily driving experience. See you soon with more car tips and advice on Philkotse.com.