5 tips to correct your driving position to avoid back pain

Updated Oct 23, 2017 | Same topic: Let's Drive Smart!

Philkotse recommends 5 simple tips to improve posture whilst driving to prevent back and spine-related problems. Check out now!

Good posture is a matter of utmost importance in daily activities, particularly while driving in the Philippines where you might have to spend hours behind the wheel due to heavy traffic. A correct driving position not only ensures a comfortable ride, even during long-hour trips, but more importantly, it prevents you from unnecessary health problems such as neck, lower back and hip pain.

Correct Seated Posture While Driving Your Vehicle / Dr. Mandell

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1. Relax and adjust your sitting position every time you stop at red light

Relax red traffic light

Every red light stop is a good chance to relax your body

Make use of every red light stop to adjust your driving position and relax your whole body. Stretch your arms, move your shoulder blades and do some neck and leg massage for 5 seconds or more. Make sure you have already set your car in neutral to avoid mishaps.

2. Never rest your elbow on the window

Many drivers have the bad habit of leaning their elbows on the side of the window as this seems to make their ride more comfortable. In fact, safe driving tips suggest that you should never flare out your elbows while driving because doing so in a long time will likely cause hunched shoulders and put more pressure on your arms.

a man leaning his elbow in the car window

Never rest your elbow on the window

3. Keep your seat as high as possible

Stop back pain driving - How to set up your car seat correctly

Of course, the height of your seat should be kept at a proper level in which your feet can easily reach the pedals while your head does not hit the roof. Make sure the seat is high enough so that you can have a clear view of the road. This is significant as a correctly-adjusted driving seat will form a good sitting position thus prevent you from pelvis and lower back related problems.

a girl driving in a car in good posture

Good posture is a matter of utmost importance in daily activities, particularly while driving

4. Use a lumbar support

Many automakers nowadays equip their cars with lumbar support as a standard feature. If your car doesn’t come equipped with one, you can purchase this item easily at an affordable price at any car accessories. It is highly recommended to have lumbar support installed on your seat as it helps maintain good driving posture through forming the natural shape of a person’s back.

lumbar support installed on car seat

Lumbar support helps maintain good driving posture

5. Fully stretch your body once you arrive at your destination

When you get to your destination, don’t forget to spend some minutes to fully stretch your body and release stress from your muscles. Basically, do any exercises that make you feel most relaxing. Pay more attention to your neck and lower back as these body parts tend to suffer the most pressure as you drive.

a woman stretching next to her car

Don't forget to have your whole body fully relaxed once you arrive at your destination

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