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Updated Nov 18, 2022

Editor's: 3.8/5
Is it a worthy alternative to the City Sedan RS?
2021 Honda City Sedan V Review | Philkotse Philippines

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2021 Honda City Sedan V: The urban jungle dweller and more

Vehicles under the subcompact sedan segment are usually marketed as fuel-efficient cars that come with attainable price tags, which explains why the Toyota Vios continues to sit at the top of the Philippines’ sales chart. But mind you, there are other sedans in the market that aims to offer just that. One of which is the Honda City Sedan

Introduced during the latter part of 2020, Honda Cars Philippines Inc. aims to offer a subcompact sedan that’s fuel-efficient along with having an attainable retail price. Previously, we reviewed the Honda City Sedan RS, a car that didn’t disappoint when it comes to styling and overall driving performance. 

This time around we took the 2021 Honda City Sedan V variant, slotted below the top-spec RS, for a test drive. Does it have what it takes to keep up with the challenges the motoring public is currently facing? And is it a good alternative to the RS trim? Read on to find out. 


Honda City 2021 Review

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2021 Honda City Sedan V Exterior Review: Toned-down, no-nonsense approach

The Honda City Sedan V comes with a toned-down exterior styling compared to the RS version. I consider its design straightforward with a subtle hint of having an athletic demeanor. Right off the bat, you can easily spot the features that didn't trickle down to the City V, which is expected since it sits below the top-spec RS.   

2021 Honda City Sedan V2021 Honda City Sedan V

That said, the City V has projector halogen headlights that are integrated with LED daytime running lights. Having halogens is not much of a problem since it can still do its job of lighting the road at night. But, Honda and other Japanese car brands might be a bit wary of the fact that the Geely Emgrand already comes with a set of LED headlights at a lower retail price.

The City V’s front end is obviously not as athletic as the RS but it can suit the taste of individuals who wants a more corporate-looking sedan. The chrome grille is up for one’s preference, which I find a bit too large and imposing. Despite that, the City V’s fascia has enough character that could leave a good impression when seen on the road.

2021 Honda City Sedan V side

Straight character line dominates the City’s side profile

You can still see the City V’s corporate look get up when you view it from the side. It still has the same character lines that are seen in the RS version but the City V has chrome door handles, and a simpler set of 16-inch alloy wheels. The City V’s side profile may look too plain for some but I find it sufficient and applicable since this subcompact sedan is meant to cater to individuals that want a more formal look. 

The rear still comes with the distinctive LED taillights that I find to be one of the City’s notable arsenals. The taillights are not too flashy yet it gives the vehicle enough appeal when you view it from the back. It also makes the City unique, and easily recognizable when you spot one on the road. Unlike the RS trim, the City Sedan V has no rear lip spoiler and diffuser, which is fine by me.

2021 Honda City Sedan V rearIt still comes with distinctive LED taillights

The way I see it, the City Sedan V completely veers away from the RS’s sporty appeal and went to offer a toned-down exterior that’s meant to depict a corporate-like demeanor. Regardless of your preference, this subcompact sedan is still one of the standouts when it comes to overall exterior design.   

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2021 Honda City Sedan V Interior Review: Almost but not quite

The Honda City Sedan V comes with the same interior layout as the RS trim. It has a straightforward dashboard layout that looks simple yet makes the cabin more refined. The arrangement of buttons is well thought out. Although, the use of hard plastic materials is plentiful, which is expected in most cars in its class.

2021 Honda City Sedan V interior

Clutter-free dashboard layout

While I like how the dashboard is designed as well as how good the placement of buttons is, I’m not quite sold in the City Sedan V’s overall interior. The reason for this is that it comes with a black-and-white or black-and-creme cabin color. I prefer the RS’s more premium-looking all-black interior. I’m also not a fan of light-colored interiors since they get significantly dirtier through time. This is why the City V’s interior almost ticks all the boxes if not for the light interior theme.  

The interior also has glossy black accents, adding texture to the hard plastic materials used on the dashboard. The leather-wrapped steering wheel feels good to the touch however I find it too thick, which is something I didn’t notice when I was testing the City Sedan RS. Despite that, the integrated controls look nice as it has a matte finish as well as a hint of glossy black trims. It also comes with tilt & telescopic adjustment. 

2021 Honda City Sedan V steering wheel

Proper storage compartment for your smartphone

Another thing I appreciate in the City V is the abundant storage area specifically for smartphones. It has ample space beneath the climate control buttons that also happen to be near the USB ports, allowing easier connectivity whenever you want to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. 

The fabric seats offer a good cushion, which is beneficial when you find yourself driving through rush hour traffic. Although it only has manual adjustments, at least the driver’s seat has a height adjuster.  

2021 Honda City Sedan V rear seatsIt comes with ample space for rear passengers

At the back, rear passengers will be greeted with enough leg- and head-room. It can accommodate up to three individuals but for maximum comfort two fully grown adults can sit at the rear. Of note, the City V has no center armrest but it has rear aircon vents, a useful feature during hot summer days. 

2021 Honda City Sedan V trunkLoading different stuff is easy

Open the trunk and you’ll see that the City has ample space for an assortment of items. Grocery runs are not a problem as the trunk can easily take on a week’s supply of goodies. You can also put up to three medium-size luggage with more space for other stuff.

2021 Honda City V: Tech & Safety Review

This car is loaded with the essential tech and safety features that can make your drives more convenient. The eight-inch infotainment touchscreen has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, giving you seamless smartphone integration. I like how I can swiftly connect my phone to the City’s Apple CarPlay feature allowing me to mirror apps such as Waze and Spotify onto the eight-inch touchscreen. 

The said touchscreen also serves as the monitor for the rear camera’s live feed. This allows you to park the City easier in tight spaces. It also comes with guidelines to further assist you in assuring that you have a safe distance when backing up to a parking space.  

Like the top-spec RS, the City V has cruise control, which is a good addition especially when you need to drive through long open highway stretches. This also adds to the City’s list of essential features, a tech that’s not present in other vehicles in its class. I only wish that the City V also has paddle shifters, which I’ll discuss more in a bit. 

In terms of safety, the City V is equipped with several airbags (driver and front passenger as well as side airbags). It’s also equipped with other standard safety features you can expect in modern cars such as an anti-lock braking system with electronic brakeforce distribution, vehicle stability assist, hill start assist, speed-sensing door locks, among others.

2021 Honda City V: Driving & Performance Review

A 1.5-liter gasoline engine lies under the Honda City V’s hood. It generates the same power output as the City Sedan RS, which is 119 hp and 145 Nm of torque. The engine is connected to a continuously variable transmission (CVT), and power is sent to the front wheels.

2021 Honda City Sedan V enginePowered by a 1.5-liter gasoline engine

Power delivery is not a problem for the City when you’re driving within the urban jungle. The 1.5-liter engine puts out adequate power while the transmission is smooth, giving you a pleasant driving experience. But it’s quite a different story when the City V is driven on the open highway as well as on uphill roads. 

Power and acceleration are still there when you’re cruising on the highway but overtaking slower vehicles should be planned for good measure. This is somewhat expected since this car has a CVT. When you step hard on the gas pedal, the engine puts out a laborious sound as it hits the 3,000rpm mark. Not that bothersome on my end but some people might not appreciate it that much. 

2021 Honda City Sedan VLook at that rear end

The City V also takes a while to get acquainted with uphill roads, but it can still get by once the gear ratio has adjusted. This is why I wish that the City V comes with paddle shifters (included in the RS variant) to give me more control over engine revs when driving through uphill and downhill roads. But, as a consolation, the City V has a Sport mode.  

Adding to the things I like about the City is its good forward visibility. The clutter-free dashboard layout contributes a lot to driver vision, giving you a more laid-back drive. Complementing this is the light steering feel that responds well even to minimal inputs. The suspension also feels alright, absorbing road impacts within reason.

All in all, the City V is an urban jungle dweller but it also has what it takes to make your out-of-town road trips comfortable. 

2021 Honda City V: Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is important considering the skyrocketing gasoline prices. In this case, the Honda City V posted notable fuel economy. It registered 12.1 km/l when driven in light to moderate traffic within the city while it posted 19.5 km/l on the open highway while cruising at 90 km/h. The said numbers are better as compared to some of its segment rivals.   

2021 Honda City V Review: Verdict

Retailing at Php 989,000, the 2021 Honda City V is one of the subcompact sedans that should be on your list when you’re looking for a corporate-looking car that has notable fuel economy to boot. The City’s fuel economy is probably its strongest selling point aside from its overall styling, especially with the current fuel prices we have today. 

2021 Honda City Sedan V front2021 Honda City Sedan V

I can also say that it’s a worthy alternative in case you find the RS trim too athletic or sporty looking. Priced Php 80,000 less, the City V is also loaded with an almost similar feature package found on the RS variant, albeit a toned-down version. With that, the Honda City is still one of the strongest contenders in the subcompact sedan segment. 

2021 Honda City V: Variants and Price


Honda City Sedan Price & Variants in the Philippines

City 1.5 S MT

Php 848,000

City 1.5 S CVT

Php 899,000

City 1.5 V CVT

Php 989,000

City 1.5 RS CVT

Php 1,069,000

2021 Honda City V: Color Options


2021 Honda City Sedan V Color Options

Ignite Red, Platinum White Pearl, Modern Steel, Crystal Black Pearl

2021 Honda City V: Specs






City 1.5 V

Body Type

Subcompact Sedan

Dimensions & Weight


4,553 mm


1,748 mm


1,467 mm


2,600 mm

Ground Clearance

134 mm

Curb Weight

1,113 kg

Seating Capacity


Cargo Capacity (2nd Row Up)

519 liters

Turning Radius

5.0 m

Engine & Transmission


In-line 4 Cylinder DOHC i-VTEC

Engine Displacement

1,498 cc

Max Power

119 hp @ 6,600 rpm

Max Torque

145 Nm @ 4,300 rpm


Continuously Variable Transmission

Fuel Tank Capacity

40 liters

Paddle Shifters



Gear Type

Electric-Assist Rack & Pinion

Power Steering

Electric Power Steering

Steering Wheel Material

3-Spoke Leather

Steering Wheel Controls

Audio & Hands-Free Telephone (HFT) with Voice Recognition Button

Steering Wheel Adjustment

Tilt & Telescopic

Cruise Control





Fog Lights


Daytime Running Lights


Tail Lamp


High-Mount Stop Lamp

With (LED)

Door Handles


Door Mirror Color

Body Color


Shark Fin Type

Door Mirror Adjustment

Power Adjustable

Power Folding Door Mirrors



Shark Fin Type

Side Turn Signal Lights


Front Wipers

Intermittent with Washer


Audio System

8" Touchscreen Audio with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto


Bluetooth, USB Ports (x2)



Airconditioning System


Rear Aircon Ventilation


Keyless Entry System


One Push Start System


Accesory Socket (12V)


Power Windows

With (Auto Up/Down for Driver)

Sport Pedal


Interior Trim Finish

Piano Black and Red Stitching

Shift Knob Material


Steering Wheel


Power Door Locks


Safety & Security

Multi-view Rear Camera

With Dynamic Guidelines


With (Driver & Front Passenger, Side)

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

With Electronic Brake Force Distribution

Side Airbags


Side Curtain Airbags


Hill Start Assist (HSA)


Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)


Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)


Child Seat Anchor (ISOFIX)


Child Safety Lock


Agile Handling Assist (AHA)


Security Alarm

With Immobilizer

Auto Door Lock/Unlock

With Speed Sensing Door Locks



MacPherson Strut


Torsion Beam



Ventilated Disc



Tires & Wheels

Tire Size

185 / 55 R16

Wheel Size and Type

16-inch Aluminum Alloy

Spare Tire

Space Saver Type

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