[Philkotse tips] Top 10 valentine's day gifts for a car lover

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Don't have anything to give on Valentine's occasion? Here's some of the best, if not the best valentine's day gifts for a car lover.

The perfect valentine’s day gifts for a car lover

For Filipino couples, giving each other gifts during valentine’s day has been a tradition since time in memoriam. For couples whose other half are car enthusiasts, however, what’ll make them especially happy will come from a particular subset of stuff relating exclusively to cars.

It might be tricky so to help you make your car lover of a partner happy this season of love, here’s our recommended list of possible gifts.

1. A new tool kit

For car guys who are always wrenching on their ride, they seem to be always losing that damn 10 mm wrench. So, to make your beloved car enthusiast happy, you might consider getting them a tool organizer, a toolbox, or better yet, a full-on complete tool kit.

tool kits

You might consider getting them a tool organizer, a toolbox, or better yet, a full-on complete tool kit

For this particular car person-centric gift, we recommend the RS PRO 94 Piece Mechanics Tool Kit. It comes it a handy, very portable but very sturdy container that comes with sockets, spanners, hex bit couples, screwdrivers, a spark plug wrench and many more.

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2. Jack stands

While most Pinoy car guys will be content in using a jack and a random set of blocks to prop up their cars, the proper, safer alternative, of course, is to use Jack stands. These are height adjustable and many available today are rated to be able to carry 3 to 6 tons.  

A picture of a car lifted by jack stands

Jack stands are infinitely safer than a mere set of concrete (or wood) blocks

For this car lover gift, recommended brands are Hoyoma, Flyman, Shaffen, and Tolsen. Pricing will range from Php 1,400 to Php 3,000.

3. Injector Cleaners

Changing your car’s oil, fuel filter, oil filter, etc. as we should all know by now, are crucial things car guys to keep their cars in tip-top shape.

Sometimes, however, those aren’t enough and you’ll need to clean out your fuel injectors. You do this by adding fuel injector cleaners to your fuel. This will help a car’s fuel get rid of carbon deposits and other nasty stuff thus ensuring fuel efficiency and performance.

injector cleaners

If not this one, then you can find good alternatives in just any car supply store

For this particular product, we recommend Techron Concentrate Plus, Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron, and Gumout High Mileage. These range from Php 300 to Php 600.

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4. Deep dish floormats

While standard “flatter” floor mats can indeed protect your car’s floor from dirt and damage, by virtue of being flat, those might not be able to hold the occasional puddles of liquid coming from rain-soaked passengers and the like.

Also, taking your beloved SUV or pick-up truck can be a messy proposition especially with its interior.

A picture of a deep dish floormat inside a car

Deep dish floor mats are also much more robust than normal, flat type floor mats

So, to help protect your partner’s beloved ride, we recommend getting him/her a set of deep-dish floor mats.

These are made out rubber (or PVC) and as per the name implies, their shape forms a “cup” of sorts that will be able to catch not only liquid but also dust and dirt like a regular car floor mat.

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5. Car wash kit

If your partner’s the type who loves to DIY wash his/her car, then one of the best gifts you can get him/her is a competent set of car washing implements.

A picture of a car wash kit

It's also a good idea to include a bag to carry the kit in

And yes, while you can actually find car washing kits, you can save some cash by assembling your own. Here’s the items you need;

  • Carnauba wax
  • Car Shampoo
  • Tire gel
  • Car clay bars
  • Wax applicator
  • Microfiber towels
  • Drying towel
  • Washing sponge
  • Wheel brush
  • Microfiber duster
  • And a window duster

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6. Car vacuum cleaner

If your partner is still slaving away when cleaning his/her car by using a brush and dustpan, then another ideal car person gift is a portable vacuum cleaner.

Now there are many kinds of vacuum cleaners out there but take note that a bulky home vacuum might not be the best idea. Instead, you might want to consider a vacuum cleaner design for automotive applications.

These can be held in one hand, is lightweight and can be held with one hand but are also still powerful enough and flexible to get at those pesky spots.

A picture of a person vacuuming a car

Also consider wireless re-chargeable vacuum cleaners

Prices here in the Philippines for a small, car-oriented vacuum cleaner range from Php 1,500 to Php 3,000.

7. Driving shoes

We’ve talked about the best shoes for driving in holiday traffic before but if your loved one still drives in his/her heavy work boots, then here are some shoes that might make us a better alternative and as a great gift for valentine’s day;

  • New Balance 574
  • Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers
  • Advan Streak
  • Any brand of loafers
  • Nike Airforce 1 Sneakers
  • Puma Drift Cat

A picture of a person wearing dark colored loafers

Loafers are great casual shoes which are also brilliant for driving

8. Car charger

Car guys/gals are known for being fond of taking along useful gadgets while driving. Here in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila, a cellphone might just be one of the most crucial non-car related devices necessary for navigating the expanse of the urban jungle.

Some phones, however, despite the strides in technological advancement, still have notoriously short battery lives. As such, a good gift for a car guy is a car charger.

There are many kinds of car chargers and the most popular are those ones that can be plugged on a car’s lighter socket. This is also especially useful in some cars which lack USB charging ports.

Prices for these devices will range from Php 150 to Php 1,900 for the fast charging and/or high capacity types with multiple USB ports.

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9. Diagnostic Scan Tool

Another very useful tool for the DIY type car person is a diagnostic scan tool. By plugging it into a car’s OBD II port, the device can display all the possible defects of a car in the form of OBD codes. Note though that older cars might not be OBD-2 compliant.

A picture of an OBD scan tool

There are highly advanced scanner tools worth tens and thousands so watch out before you buy one

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10. Jumpstart kit

Sometimes, especially if your partner’s car is a bit old, then you might notice that sometimes it will have some electrical issues. These issues, of course, include starting problems and/or a dead or dying car battery.

So, if you want to spare you loved one of the stress of being stuck somewhere due to a starting problem, then it might be a good idea to gift him/her with a rechargeable car jump start kit.

For the Philippines, these will range from Php 1,500 to Php 6,000. Note though that a jump start kit is not a cure-all of a car’s starting problems.

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A picture of a car jumpstarter

You might want to consider those compact and very handy ones too

Bonus Round (If you’ve got a lot of cash)

1. New Mags

If you want to make your partner “all hot and excited” during this valentine’s season, then you might want to shell out some dough and get him/her a new set of wheels. And of course, one of the best bang for your buck wheels available here in the Philippines are from Rota Wheels.

A picture of a Honda S2000 with Rota wheels

A Honda S2000 with a set of Rota Fighters. Cool!!!

If you’re unsure as to what kind of wheels to buy for your partner’s car then we’re sure than the guys at Rota can help you with that. Just give them a ring and tell them what car he/she owns.

2. Coil-overs

If you REALLY want to make your partner happy and loyal (more loyal? Loyaler?) then one of THE best treats you can get him/her are coil-overs. Now hold up, a set of these might run you from Php 25,000 and up depending on the car so do your research first. Here’s a guide about coil overs.

A picture of a set of coil-overs

Be sure to do your research first before buying a set of coil-overs for your loved one

The perfect valentine’s day gift for a car person: Conclusion

While what we’ve mentioned so far are material objects that can be bought anytime, something that your car enthusiast partner will forever hold dear in his/her heart is to become a car enthusiast yourself, get into the hobby, and go with him/her to whatever activity he/she is participating in be it car shows, car meets, or whatever.

So how do I become a car enthusiast? Well, keep reading here on Philkotse.com of course!

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