2 ways on how to flush a fuel injector safely and effectively

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We’ll provide 2 simple ways on how to flush a fuel injector for you to have a fuel-efficient and well-functioning car engine.

Your car is made up of different parts both internally and externally that work together in order for it to traverse the road safely and efficiently, as long as being maintained correctly and in a timely manner. Additionally, well-maintained car engine parts will make your car become more fuel efficient and run smoothly.

Car Parts

An overview of car parts

One of the most important parts that help ensure that your car’s engine has the right supply of fuel is fuel injector. With such a role, at some point, fuel injectors become clogged or dirty. Learning how to flush a fuel injector will not only help improve your car’s engine performance but will also help you save money and time from visiting the shop multiple times.

I. A closer look at fuel injectors

Before Philkotse.com discusses the ways to flush a fuel injector or fuel injection system, we must fully understand its how it works and how it becomes clogged and dirty.

1. How a fuel injector works

Technically speaking, a fuel injector is a valve in your car’s engine that is controlled electronically. It is the one that receives pressurized fuel from the car engine’s fuel pump; hence, it opens and closes multiple times.

Once it opens, the pressurized fuel passes through a nozzle to atomize it and release it as a mist for easy burning. That said, the amount of fuel released and burned would depend on the number of times the injector opens.

Fuel Injectors

Mounted fuel injectors

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2. How a fuel injector gets clogged

Each time the fuel is burnt in the car engine’s combustion chamber, little amounts of carbon are released and would remain in the cylinders. In the long run, the deposits will accumulate and the valves would start “sitting” on the cylinder head improperly or misaligned. After which, the fuel injectors become clogged and the fuel injector function will be disturbed, which in turn increases your car’s fuel consumption.

II. Ways on how to flush a fuel injector

Throughout this post, we have been emphasizing the fact that knowing how to do a fuel injector flush can help you save money not just because you don’t have to let a professional do it, but also because your car’s engine will become more fuel-efficient. It is also worth noting that the process will also clean the other valves and pistons. That said, let us proceed on the learning the process.

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1. Using fuel injector cleaning kits

Apparently, you need to purchase a fuel injector cleaning kit, which can be found online as well as on any auto-supply or general hardware stores in the Philippines. You would also need a fuel cleaning solution, which you can also easily purchase, as well as the following basic tools and protective equipment:

  • Gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Handy tools for pipe removal

The very first thing that you need to consider before you proceed with fuel injector flushing is to ensure that your car engine is not hot or have been parked for quite some time in a shady area. Then, open the car’s hood and follow the following steps:

Step #1. Position the fuel injector cleaning kit or tool: For proper flow, it is best to hang the tool or kit from the hood so that the hose will run straight from top to bottom. Nonetheless, the kit works using air pressure, so you do not have to be too keen about this.

Hanging Cleaning Kit

Hang the kit in your car’s hood

Step #2. Load the fuel injector cleaner: These products usually come with instructions or manuals and it is advisable that you read and understand those thoroughly. Once you already know how much is too much and too less, you can start pouring the cleaner into the fuel injector kit or tool.

Step #3. Disconnect fuel lines: Using your tools, look for the attachment that connects the fuel pump’s line to the unit as well as the attachment that connects the fuel rail to the unit. In case the kit doesn’t have one, what you need to disconnect is the power attached to the fuel pump.

Step #4. Introduce the cleaner to the fuel injectors: Connect the cleaning tool fuel line to the fuel rail, and after it has been secured, open the line and start the engine. Wait for kit’s tank to be emptied and then disconnect the fuel line. After which, reconnect the fuel pump and rail’s line accordingly.

2. Using fuel injector cleaning additives

This is a simpler and more affordable option which is recommended for beginners. In fact, this technique is the first method used by experienced DIY mechanics when they suspect that the problem is with the fuel injector.

For this procedure, all you need is a small bottle of a fuel injector cleaning additive. It should also be noted that you must fill your fuel tank before you proceed with this.

Step #1. Pour the solution in the gas tank: Start filling the gas tank with the recommended amount of cleaner, which is two to three ounces for every 10 gallons of fuel. Then, keep the remaining bottle of solution in your car for future use.

Solution Pouring

Pour solution in the gas tank

Step #2. Re-do the step for the next two to three full tanks: Once you get a full tank, just re-do step number one; usually two to three times more.

III. Fuel injectors can save your day!

Your car’s fuel is the primary and most important source of energy but it contains compounds that can clog some parts of your car’s engine and make them dirty. One of the parts that are greatly affected is the fuel injectors because of their role in the distribution and burning of the fuel.

Learning how to flush a fuel injector can impact the fuel-efficiency and overall performance of your vehicle. Just make sure that you follow the simple procedures this Philkotse post provided. Finally, do not forget to visit our website regularly for more useful tips on car maintenance.

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