This is what you need to do when your car’s USB port isn’t working

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Everything you need to know about your car’s USB port and what you should do when your car USB port not working.

We’re talking about your USB port. This is a feature that we usually take for granted. That is, of course, until the time comes that we need to use it. A USB port is usually compared to a 12V accessory socket. Although both of them can be used to charge mobile devices, a 12V accessory socket is more versatile than a USB port. But what would happen if your car USB port not working? Is it time to panic?

USB port


A USB port is a feature that we usually take for granted

Is it time to call a mechanic? Before making any hasty choices, take our advice and read everything you need to know in this article from

1. Usb port in car not working?

If the USB port in your vehicle suddenly stops charging your phone, you will need to narrow the possible causes down. This situation may be caused by different reasons. Some of the most common ones are the cables, your phone, and even the charging port itself.

In addition to that, not all USB ports out there are supposed to charge phones. In fact, not all of them are designed to charge peripheral devices from the very start. So, that means you could also be dealing with that particular problem.

USB port

If the USB not working in car suddenly, you will need to narrow the possible causes down

So how to fix car USB port? You can try tightening the port properly by using either a sharp-edged object or a needle to gently pull up the two pins in an upward direction. This method can also be used for Toyota USB port not working Suzuki Swift USB port not working. If you have already tried this tip but the USB of your car still doesn't work, it is best to take your car to an auto repair shop. 

2. Pros and cons of USB phone chargers

Who doesn’t love the concept of USB ports? It’s universal, it’s a standard and you can find it anywhere. It’s so standard that it lets you connect your phone to tons of different things. There is a problem, however, and this can affect the satisfaction that you get from your USB device. We know that USBs are capable of sending both data and power through the same connection.

The problem is that not all USB ports in the world are capable of doing that. Even if your USB port was manufactured to produce power, the manufacturer’s preferences can get in the way. For example, Apple is a really big company. They have their own way of designing their USB ports. This particular factor could get in your way.

Universal Serial Bus (USB)


When the Universal Serial Bus (USB) was first introduced to us, there were originally two versions

3. USB data connection in your car

Most vehicles that are designed with USB ports are designed to transmit data only. These types of USB ports will allow you to plug a USB drive into your car. You can do this to install program updates, play music and so much more. This type of port uses only data connection terminals. That means it can’t power up any peripheral devices – even your phone.

If you don’t know whether your USB port is powered data or data-only, you can try this simple tip. Try using two or more different USBs and see if there’s a connection to power. If you don’t have multiple USBs, you can just check your manual or look for notes near the port.

Inserting USB in the car


Most vehicles with USB ports are designed to transmit data only

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4. Charging cables vs. USB data cables

The USB standard indicates a configuration with four terminals. These are clearly numbered from one to four. The first and fourth terminals are responsible for transmitting power. Terminal numbers two and three, on the other hand, are capable of transmitting data. A lot of the USB cables sold nowadays are capable of transmitting both power and data.

USB types


A lot of the USB cables sold nowadays are capable of transmitting both power and data

Data cables only have the first and fourth terminal. Power-only cables have terminals numbers two and three. But unfortunately, the system is more complicated than it sounds. For your carputer and infotainment system to provide you with higher charging amperage, a charge-only cable won’t be enough.

Your computer needs to receive a specific command that tells it when to provide the higher amperage. That command could be different depending on your device.

If you need your USB cable to charge your phone, you can short the second and third terminal. This can be found at the end of the cable. This works for a lot of products out there. But Apple has a different way of doing things, so you can’t always assume this will work with their products.

car usb

If you need your USB cable to charge your phone, you can short the second and third terminal

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5. The powered USB port in your car

It is, of course, possible to have power-only ports in vehicles. But most of the USB ports that can be found in cars are still tapped into the infotainment system. That means that even if your vehicle does come with a power port, its primary purpose will still be sending data.

There are times when your car USB port not working. Once this takes place, your port may not charge your phone even if it can originally do so.

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