Getting to know Wifi and Bluetooth: Two technologies of the present and future

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Getting to know WiFi and Bluetooth further and identifying the differences between the two, as well as determining the uses of each technology.

It is common nowadays to hear the terms Bluetooth and Wifi. These two have become part of this generation, and the kids are growing up with it. It has become an integral part of our group’s day to day living.

With this technology not going away soon, it’s best to have a clear understanding of its purpose and the differences. Read on this article from to better understand the two technologies.

For starters, both Bluetooth and Wifi are standards of wireless communication. Bluetooth, developed in the year 1994, is mostly used and maximized when you want to transfer information between two or even more devices, so long as they are within proximity with each other. 


Bluetooth is mostly used and maximized when you want to transfer information between two or even more devices

It is highly recommended for applications that only use very low bandwidth with activities like sound data transfer with telephones like a Bluetooth headset or a byte data transfer with a computer. 

Wifi, on the other hand, would be more popular when it comes to the operation of full-scale networks, thanks to its faster and more reliable connection. It also provides a better range and if configured correctly can be a more secure connection. 

Wifi surprisingly has been developed three years earlier than the Bluetooth, in the year 1991.

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Wifi would be more popular when it comes to the operation of full-scale networks

In a comparison chart, the Bluetooth frequency is pegged at 2.4 GHz while Wifi can be in different bands of 2.4, 3.6m and 5 GHz. Wifi is also more expensive compared to the relatively cheap and at-no-cost-at-all Bluetooth. 

As mentioned earlier, the bandwidth for Bluetooth is relatively low at 800 Kbps compared to Wifi’s 11 Mbps. The technicalities though is just the start. The main purpose and function, as well as the benefits of these two wireless communication standards, are far more diverse.

Wifi, short for wireless connection to the Internet allows its users to connect to the Internet, surf the WWW, use VOIP, and practically do whatever needs to be done in this technology-driven world on the go.


Bluetooth is usually pre-installed to devices like mobile phones that help with accessibility and convenience

Bluetooth is usually pre-installed to devices like mobile phones that help with accessibility and convenience. An example would be instead of listening to your playlist with your headset and cable dangling behind you, you can opt for a Bluetooth enabled headset and you don’t need to plug an earphone to the audio jack of your phone.

Definitely these two technologies have their unique and strong uses, and getting acquainted with their uses will be a great idea, given how much impact it has contributed to the modern world. Understanding their differences as well can make you wiser in selecting which technology to use.


Our smartphones now pre-equipped with Bluetooth functionality which lets the device share an internet connection with other devices. 

This is one example wherein Wifi can be used hand in hand with a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth capability additionally permits you to connect with other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets to your phone, like a headset, for example, for listening to your playlist or answering a call without compromising safety while driving. 

Computers and tablets which are pre-Bluetooth capable allow you to sync and share information from across more than one device in addition to it allowing the devices to communicate with each other. Additionally, any peripherals that are Bluetooth compatible can be connected easily less the cables and wires.

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Bluetooth connections

Bluetooth capability additionally permits you to connect with other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets to your phone


Today, most household appliances are also Bluetooth ready and capable like surveillance systems, home security, and child monitoring systems. Lighting systems are also sometimes Bluetooth capable, so it means that triggering them and controlling them would be such a breeze.

Most cars have Bluetooth capability which is built-in to its GPS systems, stereo devices, and even telephone communications systems. 


Wifi on smartphones, computers, and tablets needs to be enabled so it can communicate to the Internet. Unlike the direct connection of Bluetooth, an internet connection is needed so that the two devices can see and communicate with one another. 

The premise of the Wifi connection of these devices is it bridges the connection between the internet and between the other devices, so information from the network can be shared.

Other network devices like printers can be shared and connected to the wireless connection and print outs can be sent out and done in seconds.

wifi on car

Wifi on smartphones, computers, and tablets needs to be enabled so it can communicate to the Internet

Household appliances right now have adapted the “Stepford Wives” movie where through a wireless connection, the home entertainment systems, kitchen appliances, monitoring and security systems can be tracked wirelessly with real-time information feed wherever and whenever you want to gather data.

Many businesses today rely on their Wifi to track their surveillance systems wirelessly. This lets security protection for numerous locations which is reachable from one crossing point accessed over a wireless network.

Wifi can also be shared and be Wifi hotspots where it can serve as a hub for other Wifi-enabled devices so it can connect to the Internet as well. These devices can offer wireless connectivity for household networks, public places, and mobile devices in any place that has 3G or 4G connectivity.

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WiFi connections

Wifi can also be shared and be Wifi hotspots where it can serve as a hub for other Wifi-enabled devices

Overall, the purpose of Wifi and Bluetooth is very much similar to one another. The approach and set up for utilization are the one that varies. Almost everyone has access to these two technologies since most released devices and appliances have these as built-in capabilities so it is just a matter of preference to you which one would suit your needs and inclination.

Both wireless communication can work independently and together which doesn’t divide the population on what they need to be using or not. Together it produces awesome work that definitely makes the life of the user more manageable and definitely drama free. 

Using it as Bluetooth alone or Wifi alone is no problem either because it gets the job done anytime or every time. 

With technology ever-growing and being more advanced, there might be a new wave of wireless communication in the future but for now, everything is made easier, convenient, and economical thanks to Bluetooth and Wifi being developed. These two will definitely be around for a very long time because of how positively it has impacted and changed our lives.

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