Top 4 best Bluetooth kits for your car and its cost

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Now, Bluetooth is changing the entertainment scene in-vehicle multimedia. If you want Bluetooth for your vehicle without breaking the bank, keep reading for our top 4 suggestions!

The advancement in technology is growing day by day. It’s hard to resist the temptation not to keep up. Everyone knows that most car upgrades and features are very expensive.

There are also cars that are equipped with all the latest high-tech goodies. Good thing is that you can buy these upgrades that can be bought piece by piece. This way, you can only choose the upgrades you want.

bluetooth in car

One of the most sought-after features is Bluetooth technology

By buying car upgrades separately, you get the features that you like without spending millions on a new car. One of the most sought-after features is Bluetooth technology. This was first enjoyed in our mobile phones way back.

But now, it’s making other technology more advanced with wireless connectivity. It first dominated speakers in the Philippines. It was then used in headphones and earbuds. Now, Bluetooth is changing the entertainment scene in-vehicle multimedia. If you want Bluetooth for your vehicle without breaking the bank, here are suggestions:

1. Nulaxy’s KM24 Bluetooth hands-free Bluetooth car kit

This first Bluetooth device comes from a company recognized for making quality products. This powerful device will let you plug it into the power socket as easy as one, two, three. After that, you can freely talk with your caller on the phone.

This will help you keep both your hands on the wheel. Keeping your hands on the steering wheel will minimize the chance of getting into an accident. It will also help keep your focus on the road.

This Bluetooth device from Nulaxy is very versatile. There are very few devices in the world that this intelligent system won’t work with. It also has a larger-than-average size screen display.

Nulaxy KM24 

Nulaxy KM24 comes from a company recognized for making quality products

Another good thing you might like about this is that the screen is bright. It can let you see info regardless if it’s night or day. You can also turn it off and on easily using the manual button. This will let you turn off the device when it’s not in use. You will want this feature so that you can save battery when you really need to.

A few other notable features about this is its notable sound quality. The sound is crystal clear. When tested, the receiver of the call also hears the speaker’s voice well. You can also use it to play the music that fits your mood.

Instead of one, it has two USB ports. One is for charging your devices while the other is for reading files and data. The Nulaxy KM24 is available at a local e-commerce store for Php 3,184.00.

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2. Roav Viva, Alexa-enabled 2-port USB Bluetooth car charger

The second device we have here is a semi-Bluetooth hands-free gadget from Anker. They call it the Roav Viva. The device uses Amazon’s newest Alexa voice control tech to offer a completely hands-free experience. Even though the device is small in size, it is packed with superbly satisfying features.

Some of its capabilities are the instant voice-activated navigation, one-touch mute, non-cloud based syncing. It also has two microphones to keep all your phone conversations clear. This also helps with keeping your communication with Alexa as accurate as possible.

Roav Viva

Roav Viva is a semi-Bluetooth hands-free gadget from Anker

The two USB ports that are built into the device also offer fast charging capabilities. This will let you and one other passenger charge up a device at the same time.

There are three drawbacks to the device, however. The first one is that it can have issues with some vehicles. Second is that it can also have issues with some devices. Third is that none of the two USB ports can read data or music files. This is available via a Philippine online shop for Php 1,043.00.

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3. Kinivo BTC450 hands-free Bluetooth car kit

The third device on our list is a very versatile device. Whether your phone is an international or local brand, the Kinivo BTC450 swears to keep you connected. It can handle Android operating systems, iPhones, iPods or even Blackberry.

The smart device has a built-in audio-catching mic that can capture everything you say. The device is also good at transferring the audio. That means that your caller can hear you well.

Kinivo BTC 450

KINIVO BTC 450 is a very versatile device

One feature you’ll love about this is that it works like noise-canceling headphones. It can tone down the noises or disturbances that can be heard from the background. This is added so the caller can hear you clearly. If your caller hears you clearly, you won’t have to stop close to the mic. This prevents you from taking your attention off the road.

Some other features that you’ll love about this device are its auto-connect capability. Once your phone has been synced with it, it will automatically recognize your phone the next time. A drawback, however, is the fact that it can only pair with one device at a time.

Kinivo BTC 450

One feature you’ll love about this is that it works like noise-canceling headphones

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4. MPOW Bluetooth receiver

This car Bluetooth device is currently one of the hottest-selling devices on the market. Once you read this article, you’ll understand just why.

If you compare this with the other devices here, this is relatively cheaper. Second, this is actually one of the most versatile devices out there as well. If you’re driving around with kids that have their own phones who enjoy multimedia, you’ll love this feature. You can even connect your headphones or home audio systems if you want to.


MPOW Bluetooth device is currently one of the hottest-selling devices on the market

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Another plus point for the MPOW because it can connect up to two devices at the same time. It also automatically reconnects once it detects a familiar device. The adapter can be turned on manually. To do so, simply press on the multi-function button for about three seconds. To turn it off, do the same.

One of the market's favorite features from this device is its long battery life. It can work up to eight hours straight. It can also keep working while charging. The negative truth about this device is that it is difficult to turn on and off.

It doesn’t turn off if you hold the button less than three seconds. If you pressed it for too long, it will turn on and off again. The MPOW Bluetooth Car receiver can be bought at Php 1,049.00 in leading online stores.

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