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Handy tips and guide on how to have the Internet in your vehicle and the role and importance of the internet when driving.

Being able to access the internet anytime, anywhere allows to stay connected, informed, and production wherever we may be. The good news is that Wi-Fi is here to make sure you get your daily dose of the internet when and where you need it.

But how exactly do you get one for your car? Will it be worth it? What will you need the Internet in your car for? Find out the answers in this article from Philkotse.com.

The internet is slowly becoming a necessity for a lot of people out there. That’s why a lot of companies see the opportunity to make the internet more accessible. But what exactly do you need wifi in the car for?

GPS – First of all, GPS has made itself a necessity for every vehicle owner. Sadly, you will need internet access to run it. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people need the internet for their vehicles.

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in-car navigation

GPS has made itself a necessity for every vehicle owner

Entertainment – Whether you have FOMO (fear of missing out) on the latest songs or unruly kids, you’ll appreciate the internet in your car. If you like to keep track of the latest songs from your fave artist, the internet will have it for you.

If you have noisy and head-turning children at the back, the internet can save you from the agony. Just get them a tablet or a phone to view their fave online videos.

Family inside a car

If you have noisy and head-turning children at the back, the internet can save you from the agony

Those are just two ways of how people use the internet in their car. Aside from that, you can also check the latest weather updates, get real-time traffic news and so much more!

1. How can I get wi-fi in my car?

The easiest way to have Wi-Fi available in your car is by utilizing your smartphone. If you didn’t know yet, you could actually use your handheld device as a wireless hotspot. However, there are also other ways to get this. Find out the other ways you can get connectivity from the comforts of your cabin below:

Utilize your smartphone for its hotspot capability

This has got to be the easiest and undoubtedly the cheapest way to get wi-fi in your car. The hardware you’ll need here is nothing more than your smartphone. If your current phone does not have this capability, you may need to spend on that.

Even with that said, getting a new smartphone will still be a cost-effective option. This is especially if you were planning to upgrade your device in the first place.

Mobile hotspot

Using your phone's hotspot capability is the easiest and undoubtedly the cheapest way to get wi-fi in your car

To get connected via a mobile hotspot, you will need to download some kind of app. This app should let you manipulate the hotspot settings as you please. You can also turn on the mobile hotspot option by accessing your phone’s settings. Regardless of what you do, the main idea is the same. You will be using the phone as a router and a modem.

Whenever you turn on your phone’s hotspot capability, you are allowing other devices to connect to it. This includes devices like MP3 players, tablets, other smartphones as well as other Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets. To put simply, you allow other devices to use the same data connection that’s available on your phone.

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As simple and convenient as this seems, there is actually a drawback to this option. For starters, when you use your mobile to provide Wi-Fi, you are permitting other users to use your data allotment.

For example, if you have kids with you, you may be obliged to keep them entertained. By letting them watch videos online, you are letting them consume an enormous amount of data.

in car wifi

If you have kids with you, you may be obliged to keep them entertained

There are also cases when cellular service providers offer tethering or some kind. It can be included in your data package. Though most of the time, it is an add-on service. One general fact is that tethered data is limited to slower download speed. Regardless of whatever the cellular companies promise, it’s always best to read the fine print.

Use a mobile hotspot device to get wi-fi in your car

Another easy way to get Wi-Fi in your vehicle is by getting a device dedicated to it. A dedicated mobile hotspot is designed to work just like a phone with some exceptions. It includes the same type of data connection. It also has a similar ability to create and share a wireless network. Besides that, there is nothing more it can do that’s comparable to a smartphone.

A lot of the cellular companies here offer regular data service. This will usually come with a dedicated mobile data for you to share. Now, you have the option to request a mobile hotspot device by spending a bit more. Note that this could be different from one provider from another. You also have the option to consult a different internet service provider.

hotspot device

Another easy way to get Wi-Fi in your vehicle is by getting a device dedicated to it

If you want to purchase a Wi-fi device in the Philippines, check out to get some useful tips: 

2. Types of dedicated mobile hotspots

There are mainly two kinds of so-called dedicated mobile hotspot. These are self-contained devices and dongles. Here are their differences:

Cellular dongles

These types of mobile hotspot devices are mainly USB devices. Like typical USBs, they are designed to be plugged into laptops and computers. Once activated, the device generates a Wi-Fi network. This will provide users access to a cellular data connection.

Cellular dongles

Cellular dongles are mainly USB devices

Self-contained devices

One example of a self-contained device is Verizon’s MiFi. These types of dedicated mobile hotspots are more portable compared to dongles. However, they can also be more expensive. Self-contained devices tend to have built-in batteries.

This means that you basically bring and use the device wherever you go. However, its main power source is usually the accessory outlet. So if you’re inside the vehicle, you can plug the device to your 12V cigarette lighter socket.

Get Internet using your OBD-II device

OBD-II is less portable compared to the mentioned options above. However, it also has functionalities that other options lack. OBD-IIs work by being plugged into the same port where technicians perform diagnostic work. Aside from giving you wireless internet, this also gives you the same functionalities that can be found in an ELM 327.

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