5 ways you might not know when upgrading car audio system

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This is how you can upgrade a car's audio system properly. Hence, for better and full audio entertainment inside the vehicle, you definitely need to keep reading!

There is so much thought put in some vehicle models, you can hardly find a flaw, including in its audio system. But not all cars are made equal and, often, a driver is simply not satisfied with the media system he or she is dealt with.

Those who have the pleasure of driving luxury cars enjoy the latest entertainment offerings. But there are many drivers who dream of better sound on the road. 

car audio system

There are many ways to better your car’s audio system

If you belong to the latter group, fret no more. There are many ways to better your car’s audio system. And you can do it without buying top-of-the-line stereo equipment or losing sleep on how you can purchase a luxury ride.

If you're really determined to ramp up the quality of your in-car jam, Philkotse.com gathers the most crafty and inexpensive ways to upgrade your car's audio system. Get started and treat your eardrums to guaranteed great sound quality by following these tips. 

1. Replace your car speakers

Owners of older car models or entry-level ones either have outdated or basic audio systems. There's nothing wrong with the speakers of these systems. These are actually efficient and provide good sound and reasonable volume. However, there are also downsides to sticking with your car's stock sound system.

For one, the materials used in these are mainly paper and other elements that are easily damaged with prolonged exposure to hot and wet weather conditions. Even when your car door is locked and closed, moisture still forms on the inside.

This can slowly degrade the sound quality that your speakers produce. If you use your car often with the music playing, then you might not be able to notice how the sound quality is slowly degrading.

car audio system in the door panel

If you want speakers that boast great sound, then you're going to have to replace your stock ones

If you want speakers that boast great sound, then you're going to have to replace your stock ones. Replacement speakers can come in a variety of price points, makes, and models.

Remember that it is not always true that you have to purchase an expensive item for good quality. On the contrary, you can buy dependable and durable speakers at almost half the price of some popular speaker brands.

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2. Upgrade your dash radio console

Cars that have older dash consoles generally promise lower sound quality. They are also missing out on the latest tech trends. Replacing your dash console can be technically challenging, so you may need to get help from experts at your local auto service shop to remove and replace your old audio system.

It will also be wise to ask experts on the compatibility of consoles with your vehicle’s system. You can discuss the features you want on your next dash radio, like having Bluetooth connectivity. 

Note that infotainment systems and radio consoles are two very different things. If your car is an older model that was not originally made with a touchscreen infotainment system, then getting one as a replacement might not work as planned.

Infotainment and audio system

Note that infotainment systems and radio consoles are two very different things

3. Get an amplifier for your car

If you are truly particular about your car’s audio system, we recommend purchasing an amplifier to give it louder volume capacity. Amps come in different types, depending on where you want to place them inside your car. 

Pick out a quality amplifier that does not only make your jam louder but also gives off a sound that is audible and clear enough but not distressing to the human ears. Signs you have chosen a model wisely include hearing all instruments equally, without the sound of bass or treble being too dominant.

For a proper test, play tunes like The Bohemian Rhapsody and listen closely. If you are satisfied with what you hear, then you might have just found the right amplifier for your car.

car amplifier

An amplifier's main job is to allow louder volume capacity for your tunes

4. Utilize your phone's equalizer

If you have an array of technological innovations installed in your car and still find yourself unhappy, it might not be the audio system's fault anymore. Consider what kind of songs you always play and adjust the settings on your mobile phone's equalizer to choose a calibration.

Usual pre-calibrated options include Rock, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. You can match these with the types of song you frequently listen to. Explore how having less or more bass can improve the way you experience music. You can opt to make your own preset and label it for future use.

phone equalizer

Classify what kind of song is playing and then go to your phone's equalizer to choose a calibration

Some phones may not have this option, but you can still take advantage of having an equalizer on your handheld device. All you have to do is download an equalizer app that caters to what you need.

There are hundreds to choose from and you can begin with free ones or explore an app you can purchase. Compare or read reviews about some of the in-car apps available to help you decide what is most compatible with your phone.

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5. Get your car a subwoofer

Some vehicle owners are very picky with the bass on their audio systems. If you happen to be one of them, you might appreciate a subwoofer. If you are looking to invest in a high-quality unit, we suggest getting a model with an amplifier already built-in.

This will preclude the acquisition of many bulky installations. You also won't have to worry about the bass being too overpowering, feel that the sound is mixing is all over the place.

Most manufacturers would create the subwoofer and amplifier in a way that the two would work together in unison and produce great sound quality.

car subwoofer

If you happen to be one of them, you might appreciate a subwoofer

Some vehicle owners are very uptight with the bass in their audio systems. If you happen to be one of them, your picky ears might appreciate subwoofers.

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