Best in-car entertainment ideas to fight boredom while in a long drive

Updated Oct 31, 2017 | Same topic: Survive driving in the Philippines

Have these entertainment essentials on your car to keep your long drive pleasant.

A long drive can be either stressful or relaxing depending on how you prepare for it. One of the important factors you should consider is your passengers’ boredom, especially kids because their crying is every driver’s nightmare. Check out these suggested car entertainment essentials to make your long road trip enjoyable.

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1. Gadgets

Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a phone. People depend on it and other gadgets for entertaining and communicating. Therefore, those gadgets should be must-have items for your road trips.

Music player

A car radio cannot serve everyone's style. So, bring a separate music player for your kids or other passengers who might have different preferences.

Portable DVD player

Taking a laptop or portable DVD player with several films is a great way to keep people entertained.

a portable DVD player in a car

Keep a laptop or portable DVD player in car

E-book reader

An Ebook reader like Kindle is also a good option for ones who prefer to read.

Kindle Ebooks

Kindle is one of favorite Ebooks

Handheld gaming consoles

Letting kids and occupants play games might be an acceptable solution in some cases to keep them in line for hours.

a men playing games

Playing games might be an acceptable solution in some cases

USB car chargers

USB charger is a must to keep your gadgets working.

USB charger

USB chargers are must-have items

2. Toys

If your children cannot handle gadgets, toys might be ideal replacement.

Ideas for keeping your kids entertained in the car!

Plushy, stuffed toys

These toys are useful to keep younger ones comfortable and also offer them educational benefits

a teddy bear

If your children cannot handle gadgets, toys might be ideal replacement


Playing regular card or UNO games is also a good boredom fighter for some passengers.

play cards

Playing cards is a good boredom fighter

3. Musical instruments

Music is also one type of communication. It not only conveys players’ feelings, thoughts and emotions but also connects them with others. Imagine that your family is singing along the way with a lot of fun. So musical instrument is surely an essential pick for a long travel on the road.

However, remember to bring small ones which can fit in your car like a harmonica whose pocket sized just consumes a modest amount of your car. On the other hand, an Ukulele, a guitar or flute recorder are also small enough to be considered.

a family playing instrument and singing in car

Musical instruments can bring your family closer

In closing, there’re actually tons of stuff that you can add to this list but these are the basic tools for entertaining that you should keep in your car so as to make your long road trips more enjoyable. 

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