Customizing the car audio system: 7 tips for Filipino drivers

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Why settle for the outdated and unsatisfied car audio and entertainment system, when it can be customized and improved?

Is the car audio and entertainment system in your car starting to sound like it could be better? Why suffer from sub-standard audio when choosing custom components that hit the right spot is not so difficult? Would it be leaps and bounds in overall quality instead of hisses and dings? Now, who wants that to be happening every day. If setting up elaborate home sound systems are done, wouldn’t it be logical to set up the car audio as well?

Tinkering and upgrading the car’s current audio system will improve sound quality, also customize components. Even if not an audiophile, listening to high fidelity music will be good when driving. Drives would be much better when listening to favorite music, or just something to do in traffic.

The car is also a place to bring the playlists, and or set up the video when bringing the kids to school. If our eyes need something nice to look at, surely our ears need to hear great sounds too.

Custom car stereo sound systems

I. Benefits of an improved audio system

When customizing the car audio and entertainment system, it comes with great perks as well! Perhaps setting up mood music on a hot date, or just powering up and motivating one’s self for something. But one thing for sure and it all starts with high fidelity sound that’s a joy to hear. Now, some advantages which come with upgrading the stock car system.

1. Great quality sound

It’s a sad fact that car audio and entertainment systems are just an afterthought or something that comes with the car! If safety features are important to any car, then the sound system must get as much attention. It does not, and that’s evident; when so-called “premium sound systems” aren’t what they’re cracked up to be.

The sound is not as high-fidelity as it should be. Eventually, some customization and upgrades are in order if it’s desired! Quite surprisingly, some minor upgrades will yield substantial improvements in the bass and better sound clarity.

Great quality sound car system

Listen to your favorite song with a great-quality speaker is really enjoyable while driving

2. Improved control of the sound system and speakers

Personalized specs in customizing any top-notch audio and entertainment system that results in better control of the components and how music sounds. Optionally, structuring the build around an equalizer for adjusting the music channels for adjusting the sound to your liking.

Other ways to fine-tune sound is treble control, mid-range tuning, and bass control too. All these finetuning options will be welcome for better sounding music.

3. Improved in-call function whether it’s apple or android in your car

Most of the time, it can’t be avoided; but distracted driving is a result of using a mobile while driving. Sometimes, not having a hands-free on hand can be a bother and it can be a hassle when calls need answering. Some less than standard Bluetooth systems will have bad reception, so it’s better to get a good system that allows improved reception and safer driving.

in-call function in car

In-call function helps drivers to avoid distracted driving dangers

4. Audio systems with touch screens will have upgrade modules for functions like GPS and rear video cams

Upgraded audio and entertainment systems aren’t just for videos or music playlists only. These extra functions are GPS and attaching devices like rear video cams. With functional upgrades that help in navigation and backing up, it will be very helpful too.

Sometimes stock equipment will not come with these so it can be replaced. Now, with upgrades in the audio and entertainment system, these benefits can be had. Beside better sounding audio or movies, the functions are expanded further.

touch screen car audio system

Touch-screen upgrades many functions in your audio system

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II. Steps to assembling the custom car audio system

Finally, we’re in the final steps to making the upgrade a reality. These last steps will be the most important stage which is the building process. Just consider this a general outline to follow and consult a professional later. Take note that this is specifically for affordable car audio and entertainment systems, but it can be done for more complex audio-set ups.

1. Figuring out what is needed

Figure out what kind of upgrades are needed and what kind of car it will be installed in. It could be just a minor modification like changing the speakers for fuller sound. But, some may want to go for medium bass to a really loud one! If the mod will be used for car shows, then the sonic breakers are better for it.

Just look over a specific budget which will determine what kind of upgrades can be bought. But, if the sky is limit of spending, then go crazy in creating a custom sound system that’s desired.

2. Picking the speakers that are preferred

When choosing the right speakers; there are several factors that should be noted before getting them!

  • Clarity
  • Performance
  • Sharpness
  • Sound depth

Also, deciding on the specific speakers to be used in specific locations should be done as well. A custom audio and entertainment system will depend on how well the components support the speakers. If the supporting components aren’t that good; then a set of good quality speakers are useless.

3. Choose the receiver which is best suited for the setup

A good receiver is what matters when choosing a head unit for the best set up! Many aftermarket head units are available with single and double din units, with digital media reception as extra options. Remember that premium set-ups come with extra function even the ability to choose music or video, if other monitors are installed inside the car! Here are other functions that should be considered, including: 

  • Bluetooth
  • Satellite radio
  • GPS functions
  • Remote functions like in-call
  • HD radio
  • USB inputs and remote function

4. Choose the component speakers to install

These component speakers are crossovers, tweeters that produce a better sound image and make it more 3-D just like movie audio. Yes, there are the high-fidelity speakers but adding them will make the system sound better. Just consult or check a professional to optimize the setup, how it will be done.

car tweeter

A tweeter can produce a better sound image and make it more 3-D just like movie audio

5. Pick out the channel amplifier for the system

Why a channel amplifier? The reason is that factory equipment isn’t as capable, because these amps can handle several channels for components. Just like boosters, they allow more power to be supplied to al speakers in the set-up for more powerful sound! A maximum of five channels is the best compared to two, and the more channels mean more performance!

6. What sub-woofer is best for the build?

This is the last component needed to get a good bass sound, but it will need a fifth channel if the amp is a five-channel then all good! But, if more pro sound is required then install one with a mono channel for the sub-woofers. Without a multi-channel amp installed, the set-up will be limited. Choose the best sub-woofer for the system which is best suited for it.

car sub-woofer

Choose the best sub-woofer for the system

7. Fabricate a better sub-box or buy one

With stock component parts of the audio and entertainment system, there will be no problem fitting them in. When custom installation comes in to play, then making a custom enclosure is better and much cleaner looking!

All the steps needed to do in creating that semi or fully-customized car audio and entertainment system are outlined, but take time to consult a pro or check if these modifications will violate the car warranty.

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