How loud should you play your music while driving?

Updated Nov 17, 2017 | Same topic: Let's Drive Smart!

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Nothing is so boring as driving without music. Studies have shown that listening to your favorite songs can have a positive impact on your mood, particularly when you are suffering from stressful situations such as being stuck in heavy traffic. Turning on the radio while driving is not a bad idea, but what if the sound utters too loud?

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1. Disadvantage of listening to loud music while driving

Driving is not an easy task as it requires knowledge, specific skills and great concentration. According to tips and advice for safe driving from car experts, if the bass gets too loud, your concentrating ability will be affected while your ears and eyes can’t focus on the road, resulting in a distracting driving. Additionally, increasing the volume of the radio too much on stock speakers can also be harmful.

A man and woman dancing in a car

If the sound in your car gets too loud, your concentrating ability will be affected

To make this more convincing, an experiment has been carried out in the UK, showing how loud sound can distract you while you are controlling the steering wheel.

According to the result of the experiment, when listening to familiar music at a reasonable level of volume, drivers can react faster for braking or accelerating. Meanwhile, the National Safety Council in the US stated that loud music could make drivers fail to hear emergency sirens and thus, slow their cognitive process leading to a less effective vehicle control.

2. How loud you should play your music while driving?

We can refer to the law in the US state of Florida. Accordingly, it will be illegal if someone who is from 25 feet (equivalent to approximately 7.5 m) away or more could still hear the music you are playing from inside your car. This is clearly not only harmful for your own health and safety but also endangers other road users.

Remember that the calmer the tunes, the calmer the mood. And more importantly, calm music should also be played at a safe level.

Can the music you listen to affect how you drive

Turning on audio in a car

The volume of radio when you are driving must be less than 25 feet

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