Geely Coolray maintenance: How much does it cost to own one?

Mar 22, 2020 | Same topic: Best advice for car buyers
Geely Coolray 2020 took the Philippines by storm, especially with its affordable price tag. Can it keep its affordability with its maintenance cost?

At the grand launch in Taguig on Sept. 2019, Geely announced that they are back in the Philippine market. Since then, the 2020 Geely Coolray’s name was never put off the map.

2020 Geely Coolray Philippines | Walkaround | Philkotse

The 1.5L turbo engine of the Coolray provides an overwhelming 177 hp – and produces 255 Nm of torque for its subcompact size? A light subcompact crossover with high torque definitely sounds like a car soon to be on the rise.

For its price point that ranges from Php 1.198 million, you get more than what you paid for. It is an awesome subcompact crossover that shows off great features, something that we found out during our Geely Coolray review.

2020 Geely Coolray Interior

Be mesmerized by the colorway of the Geely's interior

Yes, we can all agree that the Geely Coolray has a pocket-friendly price point. But, the question is, how much will it cost you to maintain the promising Geely Coolray?

The maintenance interval of the Coolray is every 7,500 km or 6 months, whichever comes first, to maintain the smooth operation of the subcompact crossover. The preventive maintenance schedule (PMS) below shows the 5-year timetable of the Coolray.

The type of service is classified as the following: M1 (7,500 km; 22,500 km; 37,500 km; 52,500 km; 67,500 km; and 82,500 km), M2 (15,000 km and 45,000 km), M3 (30,000 km and 90,000 km),  and M5 (75,000 km).

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Geely car dealership

Visit the Geely dealership in North Edsa, Quezon City

Maintenance costs for


The cost of an oil change for the Geely Coolray is Php 2,766.40 per maintenance service. Based on the PMS of the Geely Coolray, there is no sign of any change in the price of its oil, but of course, the prices are subject to change without prior notice.


On your first maintenance schedule (M1), parts would cost you Php 442.42. Your second maintenance schedule (M2) will have a noticeable rise in parts cost which is Php 2,015.33.

The peak cost is in your 60,000 km scheduled maintenance or your 8th visit (M4), which will cost you Php 10,998.08 in parts. M3 would cost you Php 6,656.70 and M5 would cost you Php 5,739.50 in parts alone.

geely coolray exterior sport trims

On your first maintenance schedule (M1), parts would cost you Php 442.42


Your first visit is at 1,000 km, which is free. At the 60,000 km mark or your 8th visit (M4), the labor cost will be at its all-time high at Php 4,225.00. 

The last PMS (M5) listed costs you Php 1,950.00 in labor. M2 would cost Php 1,626.00 and the M3 would costs you Php 3,575.00 in labor.

Overall summary

  • M1 – Php 5,008.82
  • M2 – Php 6906.73
  • M3 – Php 13,498.10
  • M4 – Php 18, 489.48
  • M5 – Php 10,955.90

These figures include a miscellaneous fee of Php 500.00 per maintenance schedule.

NOTE: In as much as we’d want to keep the prices here updated, the prices indicated in this article are subject to change without any prior notice.

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Geely Coolray on a bridge

In conclusion, the Coolray did not disappoint

Source: Rex Sanchez