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Toyota 2008 for sale

21 results found

Toyota Fortuner 2008 G Diesel Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas ₱630,000

Automatic Certified Seller 80,000 km

Toyota Fortuner 2008 G Diesel Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas ₱630,000

Automatic Certified Seller 80,000 km

Toyota Innova E 2008

Batangas, Lipa Negotiable price

Manual Verified Contact 85,000 km

New car Toyota Camry 2008

Toyota Camry 2008

Metro Manila, Quezon City ₱400,000

Automatic Verified Contact 35 km

2008 Toyota Vios

Metro Manila, Quezon City ₱268,000

Manual Verified Contact 130,000 km

2008 Toyota Land Cruiser GXR V8

Batangas, Batangas City ₱2,499,000

Automatic Verified Contact 94,000 km

Toyota Vios 2008

Compostela Valley, Compostela ₱140,000

Automatic Verified Contact 73,000 km

Toyota Innova 2.0G 2008

Cebu, Talisay ₱380,000

Manual Verified Contact 83 km

Toyota Camry 2.4

Metro Manila, Quezon City ₱365,000

Automatic Verified Contact 60,000 km

Toyota Innova 2008

Cavite, Imus ₱465,000

Automatic Verified Contact 82,000 km

2008 Toyota Camry 2.4G.

Metro Manila, Makati ₱355,000

Automanual Verified Contact 91,000 km

Toyota Altis 2008 Manual

Laguna, San Pablo ₱290,000

Manual Verified Contact 70,000 km

Toyota Altis 2008

Laguna, San Pablo ₱290,000

Manual Verified Contact 70,000 km

2008 Toyota Corolla Altis

Rizal, Cainta ₱290,000

Manual Verified Contact 140,000 km

Toyota Vios 1.3 E 2008

Leyte, Tacloban ₱260,000

Manual Verified Contact 90,000 km

Toyota Camry 2008 2.4G

Metro Manila, Makati ₱350,000

Automatic Verified Contact 98,000 km

2008 Toyota Landcruiser Prado GXR AT dubai

Metro Manila, Quezon City ₱2,180,000

Automatic Certified Seller 80,000 km

Selling Red Toyota Vios 2008 in Malabon

Metro Manila, Malabon ₱312,000

Manual 59,000 Km

What Are Your Rights as a New Car Buyer in the Philippines?

Welcome to our page for Toyota 2008 for sale. This page is updated daily by our certified dealers and sellers, so you might want to hit that refresh button every now and then, you may never know when your next dream car will be made available.

We at work hard to provide you with the best and certified car-dealerships and seller in the country. You can rest assured that you will be dealing with only the most reputable and respected names in the car selling industry.

Searching for you next vehicle and heading on over to buy it can be fun but did you know that you, as a buyer have many rights that protect yourself against abuse and unlawful profiteering from shady dealers?

You can be dazzled and excited with browsing through our Cars for sale listings page, looking for the best car for your budget and needs but keep in mind of the below as they are your rights as a buyer and consumer.

R.A. 10642: The Lemon Law Act

The Lemon Law is a recent law enacted by the Philippine government that acts as a safety-net for all car buyers. It ensures that the buyer is protected from all defects related to a brand-new car. Many other countries have this in place to protect the consumers but this has only been recently introduced and we believe a refresher is in order.

Provisions covered by the Lemon Law Philippines are all defects related to the car that becomes apparent within the first 12 months of ownership after delivery of the vehicle or 20,000 km, whichever comes first. It stipulates that if your car has been deemed a “Lemon Car”, the dealership is mandated to replace the vehicle with a similar model or another one with identical specifications and price; or, reimburse you the full price of the vehicle when purchased as well as collateral fees incurred along the way that includes repair costs, registration cost and others.

Truth in Advertising

Ever ordered something from a fast-food chain thinking that you would be getting the biggest, juiciest and freshest burger only to be disappointed that your meal looks absolutely nothing like the on in the picture or ad?

In buying cars, a dealership may be reprimanded if the product released to you does not perform or include features that were agreed upon or advertised. You might want to steer clear from dealers that misrepresent their model's specifications, car dimensions, horsepower ratings and more importantly safety features.

Make sure that you also get as much information as you can get from the car dealerships. Inadequate or incomplete information about all possible issues about a car as well as withholding information from inspections and checks should all be disclosed before closing a sale.

If you want to browse around for more affordable options besides this list of Toyota car for sale in the Philippines, kindly refer to our search bar on the left of this page to specify your search criteria such as price range, condition, mileage and so on. Concerning car financing, you can contact the seller(s) directly for all of your questions regarding payment installments and financing options. The seller's contact detail can be found in each listing.

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