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Toyota 2003 for sale

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Toyota 2003 for sale

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18 results found
Used 2003 TOYOTA REVO VX200


Metro Manila, Quezon City


Manual 1,234 km

Used White 2003 Toyota Hiace Van for sale

White 2003 Toyota Hiace Van for sale

Quezon, Sariaya


Manual 228,247 km

Used Silver Toyota Camry 2003 for sale in Mandaluyong

Silver Toyota Camry 2003 for sale in Mandaluyong

Metro Manila, Mandaluyong


Automatic 100,000 Km

Used Sell 2003 Toyota Camry

Sell 2003 Toyota Camry

Metro Manila, Manila


Automatic 108,000 Km

Used Selling Toyota Revo 2003 at 191000 in Quezon City

Selling Toyota Revo 2003 at 191000 in Quezon City

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Manual 191,000 Km

Used FOR SALE !!!  Toyota Rav4 2003

FOR SALE !!! Toyota Rav4 2003

Bulacan, Malolos


Automatic 112,000 km



Cebu, Mandaue


Manual 54,506 km



Metro Manila, Quezon City


Manual 100,000 km

Used  Toyota Altis 2003

Toyota Altis 2003

Cavite, General Mariano Alvarez


Automatic 50,000 km

Used 2003 Toyota Landcruiser Prado 449,000

2003 Toyota Landcruiser Prado 449,000

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic 92,000 km



Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic 170,000 km

Used 2003 Toyota Revo sr matic 7k gas  PRICE 180K

2003 Toyota Revo sr matic 7k gas PRICE 180K

Ilocos Sur, Gregorio del Pilar


Manual 82,000 km

Used 2003 Toyota Vios 1.3 E

2003 Toyota Vios 1.3 E

Bulacan, Bocaue


Manual 120,000 km

Used 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

2003 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Cebu, Cebu City


Automatic 70,000 km

Used Toyota Camry 2003

Toyota Camry 2003

Cavite, Mendez


Automatic 130,000 km

Used 2003 Toyota Altis 1.6G AT

2003 Toyota Altis 1.6G AT

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic 158,000 km

Used 2003 Toyota Camry 2.0E AT

2003 Toyota Camry 2.0E AT

Batangas, Santo Tomas


Automatic 97,000 km

Used Toyota Estima 2003 Automatic

Toyota Estima 2003 Automatic

Pampanga, San Fernando


Automatic 10,000 km

    Pros & cons of buying diesel vs gasoline cars in the Philippines

    You've landed on the page for Toyota 2003 for sale on - the leading automotive classified website in the Philippines. We strive to keep these pages up to date as much as possible so spam that refresh button to get the best possible deal on your next car!

    There are two primary fuels that power cars in the Philippines: Gasoline and Diesel. Most Pick-up trucks and SUVs in the local market are powered by the latter, sedans and hatchbacks primarily use gasoline though. Both of these fuels have their own pros and cons with fans from both sides having their own good arguments for each of these.

    We'll be listing the different pros and cons between buying a gasoline and diesel here for you to figure out if the car you're checking out is definitely the one for you.

    Fuel Economy

    The questions of efficiency always come to mind when considering whether to buy a Gasoline or Diesel car and as a matter of fact, there is no question that Diesel is the clear winner here.

    In terms of energy capacity, Diesel packs around 30% more energy than the same amount in Gasoline. This equates to better power efficiency as it takes less Diesel to power and produces the same amount of energy compared to its rival.

    Car dealerships will actually market this fact and feature their diesel models to be fuel misers.


    This is a tricky subject, as the chemical component of diesel fuel is different from gasoline, their performance ratings vary depending on the applications they are required to perform in.

    Diesel fuel may have more energy-packed within it, it is more inert than gasoline which can combust even with minimal compression. Diesel, on the other hand, requires a higher compression engine to even begin to become usable.

    Most diesel vehicles require the use of turbos direct-injection technology for its horsepower rating to be at par with that of gasoline engines, the torque figures, however, benefit from the energy produced by diesel. Gas cars, on the contrary, do not need turbos for it to spool usable power but lag behind in the torque department.

    Because of this diesel-powered engines are primarily used for heavy trucks and SUVs that require heavy hauling and benefit a lot from large torque figures. Check out our affordable deals in Cars for sale section to see what best suits your needs.


    In the Philippines, Diesel fuel is significantly cheaper than Gasoline. This is because diesel is taxed by the government much lower than gas. Apart from the fuel economy savings you get whenever you drive your diesel vehicle, filling up on it at the pump would cost you much less as well.

    Whatever scores diesel get for cost-effectiveness against gasoline is then given back during maintenance and servicing your car.

    Diesel contains more energy within it, yes, but it also creates more emission residue than gasoline. Because of this, service schedule comes in at a much sooner time table than gasoline. You will have to replace emission filters and fuel filters more often and have your system cleaned and decarbonized.

    Meanwhile, Gasoline has reached a point where the fuels are getting burned through combustion much more efficiently. Maintenance schedules can range from 10,000 to 20,000. By the time a gasoline car needs to have its oil and fitters changed, a diesel car would have had made its second one already.

    Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH)

    If you're familiar with how a truck or jeepney sounds in idle or when revving up, then you know that Diesel cars' NVH levels cannot match the smooth idle and performance of gasoline cars.

    Although diesel engine technology is continually improving, people who appreciate smooth idling and ride handling can always count on gasoline to do that.

    So there you have it! The different pros and cons of diesel and gasoline engines. In the end, you have to ask yourself what your priorities are from your car. If you need it to haul cargo, Diesel might be the best bet. But if the simplicity of maintenance, pure horsepower rating and having a quiet ride is your thing, Gasoline is still the way.

    Last but not least, as you can see from each listing in our list of Toyota car for sale in the Philippines, there is an "Estimate bank loan" function to help you, Filipino car buyers, estimate bank loan installment for your car purchase. If you are planning to go for a car loan, kindly fulfill all information including Down Payment, Loan term, Interest Rate then click "Apply for a loan" button. The information will be sent to our financing partners and they will contact you as soon as possible.

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