This is how most car nuts will celebrate valentine's day

Feb 13, 2020 | Same topic: Survive driving in the Philippines
Dear couples, are you celebrating Valentine's day comfortably? If not, maybe because you're doing it wrong. This article is designed for you and make sure that you will have a memorable night with your beloved one!

Here are the many ways a lot of car enthusiasts celebrate valentine’s day. And yeah, these are FAR from the standard fare of valentine’s day activities. So, if you’re a date and/or partner of a car nut, then you might want to buckle up.

1. The long road trip

Road trips are a pretty big thing for car enthusiasts especially for the ones living in Metro Manila, Cebu City, or Davao City. They can let their cars let it all out which will, of course, make the cars use all of their gears.

Also, getting stuck in traffic a lot will cause more harmful deposits in your car’s ventilation system. In the long run, this will end up damaging a lot of your car’s critical parts.

With this year’s valentine’s day being set on February 14, 2020, which is a Friday, then there’s no better time that to file for a leave (on that Friday), pack your bags, and head to somewhere far and fun.

A picture of a portion of Patapat with the ocean visible to the right

Patapat is like the Philippine equivalent of the Pacific Coast highway

Apart from allowing a car to let loose all of its power, going out of town can also be a potentially fun day for the driver, i.e. you the car’s owner.

You can go the several fun and exciting driving roads in the Philippines like the Patapat Viaduct in Ilocos Norte, in and around Baguio, Tanay, Rizal, Balamban, Cebu, or even the entire length of the awesome island of Palawan.

Or better yet, turn off your GPS and drive to anywhere your heart (or your lizard brain) will tell you to go. Think of it as getting lost intentionally. This is pretty fun, as long as it isn’t some traffic-congested road like the ones within Metro Manila.

Either alone or with your significant other, this is a sure-fire way to maximize your weekend and your valentine’s day.

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2. An entire day of pampering the ride

For those homebody type car guys who can’t be bothered to go on a long-ish vacation, a great surefire way to spend this year’s valentine’s day for many car guys is to DIY the crap out of their cars.

Be it washing the exterior, cleaning out the interior, or applying a new coat of wax. Either by themselves or with their boo (if he/she’s into it too). Why? There’s no better source of joy for a car enthusiast than seeing their own cars shine as the result of their efforts.

A picture of a man and kid washing a car

You can involve your kids/grandkids too

Another is that car guys will take their own cars on a date. A periodic maintenance date that is! There’s changing a car’s oil, a car’s automatic transmission fluid, and many other things that might need a car owner’s tender loving care.

If you aren’t confident enough to do this yourself though, then don’t be shy and take it instead to the casa or your trusted mechanic. There’s no shame in that and your car will still love it. You’ll love it. But don’t blame us if your girl won’t love it. LOL!

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3. Taking your date on a night cruise

While driving out to the provinces can be fun and refreshing, it might be a bit torturous on anyone’s budget. You need gas, you need to pay for toll fees, and you need to eat afterall. As such, great alternative car guys do is to cruise around in the wee hours of the evening within the city.

A picture of a car travelling on a road at night

No, it's not street racing or hooning. It's just going to be a nice relaxing night drive

What we’re talking about here is driving around within the speed limit while chatting with a date and/or listening to the right soundtrack. No not blood pumping Eurobeat but instead some relaxing urban drive soundtracks like the good stuff from Kavinsky or Daft Punk.

Better yet, some car guys will often set this up with their broskis who also have cars thus turning it into a group event. Fun right?

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It’s been proven that experiencing frightening events together will solidify a relationship. As such, there are some select car guys who will take their date to the track day.

Also, many car enthusiasts combine their track day with the long vacation road trip. Many race tracks, after all, are located outside major Philippine cities.

There’s the Batangas Racing Circuit, the Carmona Racing Circuit, the Clark International Speedway, and the Palawan International Circuit.

A picture of a female race car driver

This experience might be new to your partner but if he/she is a racer then prepare to eat dust

5. By getting a gift (for yourself)

As we’ve said in a previous article, valentines’ day is a heavily commercialized event where people like to buy stuff. So, what’s more, appropriate valentine’s day celebration than buying a fancy set of coil-overs, a new set of wheels, getting an ECU to remap, or even getting racing seats.

A picture of several turbo chargers

If you've got the dough, why not a turbo!?

That might get expensive though, so an alternative is getting the simple stuff like a new tool-kit, jack-stands, or some random accessory you can use for the rest of the year. Maybe a new touchscreen to replace a vanilla 2-DIN head unit?

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6. Dinner date

No, this ain’t no regular dinner date. Instead, what we’re talkin’ about here is getting take-out, driving to a secluded spot in or around Metro Manila or where ever you’re from, and parking there with your date.

Sure, some of you guys might not allow eating inside your cars so instead, some will bring along either a foldable picnic set, a blanket, or even a tent. How romantic right?

Bonus points though if it’s a spot where the night sky is clear so you and your boo can stare at the stars together. Even more bonus points if your car has a sunroof.

A picture of Kaji and Misato with a car

Just chilling out on a nice quiet spot with your partner and your car

But guess what’s more romantic? Doing this in one of the many awesome beaches spread around the entire Philippines. Yay! But if that isn’t available, then you can settle for a fancy park or even a resort.

How do car nuts celebrate valentine’s day: Conclusion

Regardless of how a car nut will celebrate valentine’s day, remember that doing it together with the one you love, or with a date will always be more memorable than doing it alone.

This is regardless of whether they liked the activity or not. But if you’re the considerable type, then do talk plans with your date and/or partner first yeah?

itasha car

There are also ways to turn your car into your date. Teehee

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