5 helpful guides to prepare your car ready for a perfect holiday trip

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Are you ready for the New Year Celebrations? Following these below tips for a safe and smooth Holiday trip!

This season, there is surely lots of celebration from different friends and families. It’s tradition to visit and go to our friends and families to celebrate the holidays with them. We often travel miles to be with the people we love during the New Year holidays. Everyone would not want to miss it right? That is why we travel as early as possible to arrive on time.

Sometimes, no matter how we want to arrive early or on time, traffic or car mechanical errors ruin the whole plan. So to ensure that you will get to your destination without being stuck in traffic, leave as early as possible.

Avoid the rush hour and heavy load of commuters and drivers. And to ensure your safety and hassle-free drive, it is best to prepare your car too. Aside from the gift list and #OOTDs, you have to prepare, getting your car ready for all the New Year celebrations you have to attend is a must too.

To help you prepare your vehicle, here are some helpful guides from Philkotse.com to make sure that you wouldn’t have any problems with your trip.

1. Check your car parts carefully before driving

  •  Car fluids

Your car has lots of mechanical fluids for it to run properly and smoothly. So before you drive, make it a habit to check the vehicle’s fluids. Are you aware of your car’s essential fluids? It is the oil, brake and transmission fluid. Your windshield wiper is to be checked too!

  • Coolant System

You also need to check the coolant system of your car. We’re talking about the antifreeze, radiator, and hoses. Due to extreme temperatures, these coolant systems were forced to work overtime. Having it checked before you go will prevent any mechanical errors.

  • Windshield wipers

Your car’s windshield wipers are important most especially during rainy days (not to mention that most, Christmas and New Year season here in the Philippines is really rainy). If your car’s windshield wiper is over 6 months old, it is time to let go and purchase a new one.

Windshield wiper

Windshield wipers should be replaced every 6 months or whenever it is worn out already

  • Tires

Of course, tires are one of the most important parts to be checked in your car, not just for the holiday trips but also for all the drive you have to do. Even a simple drive to work, checking tires is essential. For long rides, thorough checking of tires is important. Its alignment, air pressure, and the tire’s condition should be inspected. It does not only affect the car's fuel economy but the whole drive as well.

  • Interior 

Engines and mechanical parts of the car are not the only one to be focused on. We also need to check the components of the car’s interior. This includes the seatbelts. Check if it is working properly.

Also, check the car's air conditioner. Clean the seats and floor mats for a great driving experience – not just for you, but for your passengers too. Also, keep a designated trash bin and cleaning cloth inside the car. It can help clean those messy leftover meals such as burgers, fries, and coffee.

Cars seat belt

The car's interior components should also be checked too, and that includes seat belts.

2. Prepare an Emergency Kit

Having an emergency car kit is necessary. The kit should contain the tools for basic auto repairs and other emergency supplies. You can never tell when and where you'll be needing those tools. That is why being prepared all the time is a must. Prepare your emergency kit and spare tire just in case. It is better to be safe than sorry right?

Winter Car Emergency kit

The kit should contain the tools for basic auto repairs and other emergency supplies.

3. Don’t Forget to Stock up on Entertainment

Short or long rides, good music will make the whole trip fun and calming. If you’re riding with a bunch of kiddos, better prepare some toys for them to play. The importance of entertainment during trips and long rides does not only to bring fun but it also helps the driver to be more focused.

Keeping your passengers entertained will keep them from distracting the driver. It also helps the driver be awake and alert during the whole drive.

Car's infotainment system

The importance of entertainment during trips and long rides does not only to bring fun but it also helps the driver to be more focused.

4. Research is a Must!

Research is done not only of those who need it for their job, or those students who need it for their projects and school works. You, as a driver who plans to go to holiday celebrations, should also research. You need to know the following:

  • Your route and an alternative route – you can never tell if there are/will be heavy traffic on your route. Researching for it can give you a heads up, thus, alternative routes will be of great help.

Man holding a phone

Research your route and any alternative routes if possible just in case.

  • Weather – It is indeed a very smart move to check the weather of our destination, but even smarter to check for the weather for the whole journey. This will also give you a heads up if you’ll be having a really rainy ride (so you can prepare), or the ride will be sunny and bright.
  • Traffic rules and coding – it could have been a perfect trip if not only for the traffic constable who stopped you and told you that your car is coding. You wouldn’t want to be in that situation, right? So it is recommended to know the number coding and traffic rules to avoid traffic violations that are a major headache and can possibly ruin the whole trip. 

New Year celebrations are everywhere and no one wants to miss it, especially when it is spent with families and friends. Before you head to your destination, it is best to check if your car is fit for the journey. If not, then take the necessary actions. If yes, then you can go ahead and drive to that New Year celebration you have to attend.

Hanna Sanchez

Hanna Sanchez


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