Top 4 essential fluids in your car

Updated Mar 09, 2021

Here is a brief rundown on the most important fluids for most vehicles.

To keep the car running smoothly and effectively, you cannot forget these 4 essential fluids for your car. Other than that, they’re also useful for the longevity of your vehicle. Check out now!

Car Fluids That Keep Your Vehicle Running

Essential fuild #1: Fuel

This is pitched as blood of vehicle, so you must have understood its immense importance for the car. Nowadays, gasoline and diesel are two most popular fuel types in the Philippine market.

a girl filling fuel

Fuel is pitched as blood of vehicle

According to experts, you should not keep you fuel tank less than 1/4 full. For the reasons, allowing the level of gas to run low will do serious damage to the catalytic converter or lead the fuel pump to wear prematurely. Apart from those, many other parts of your car are also heavily affected by draining your car’s fuel tank, click here to find out. And more seriously, you will likely put yourself in danger due to emergency stops.

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Essential fuild #2: Engine oil

As a matter of fact, most internal combustion engines need this kind of oil to lubricate the moving internal parts. Without the oil, these parts will overheat and even, can seize totally.

engine oil

Engine oil needs changing every 5,000 km

This kind of oil needs changing every 5,000 km as recommended by car manufacturer. In particular, if you’ve just brought take home a brand-new car from dealership, this job of changing oil should be carried out earlier, around the first 1,000 km service.

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Essential fuild #3: Engine coolant

The engine coolant is in charge of taking in heat from the internal combustion mill then melts it away via the radiator. As a result, the engine is kept at a suitable operating temperature all the time.

engine coolant for car

Engine coolant is actually a vital fluid in your car

This is actually a essential fluid in your car. A low coolant level might result in engine overheating that could lead to severe damage. Therefore, you are advised to replace the engine coolant after the first 150,000 km, then every 23,000 km after that or 5 years.

Essential fuild #4: Windshield washer fluid

This fluid does exactly what the name evokes: it cleans the windshield of your car.

Windshield washer fluid

Windshield washer fluid helps clean the windshield of your car

Today, many drivers do not have the habit of using the right windshield washer fluid or some of them merely use water as an alternative. In fact, this can significantly affect windshield wipers. For that reason, use proper washer fluid for your windshield as suggested by carmaker or experts.

We have just called the roll of 4 essential fluids in your vehicle. Hope that after our article, you’ll pay more attention to them to ensure that your beloved car will be in optimum condition on every occasion. In passing, if you want to look for more useful tips and advice on car maintenance on, please click here.