2020 Toyota Wigo facelift debuts in Indonesia's Agya

Mar 20, 2020 | Same topic: Auto Industry: Latest Updates
Toyota Agya, or Wigo as know locally, modifications worked immensely in our books. Let’s take a sneak peek at the newly released facelift. 

Toyota Wigo is one of the more popular cars in the Philippines, but its latest refresh was back in 2017 – can’t say it’s in dire need of a facelift, if not a full-on revamp.

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Thankfully, we get a preview of what the new Wigo is going to look like with the facelifted version launched in the Indonesian market where it is known as the Agya.

First things first – the exterior. Toyota Wigo 2020 gives off a heavily modified look to it especially the bumpers and side skirts.

Little details such as the red trim on the bumper definitely add a fiercer and sporty look. The change in Agya’s front fascia affects the overall design of the bumper.

Front view of the Toyota Agya

Check out the details on the front bumper

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The redefined front bumper, well-profiled side skirts, and aggressive rear bumpers all contributed to what a sporty look the Wigo facelift offers.

In terms of wheels, the facelift runs on a fan-styled 14-inch alloy wheels design – almost the same as the Wigo’s but the facelift looks more ambitious. After all the new styling for the facelift, the wheel design now fits better with the overall design. 

Inside, the dashboard on the facelift version gets a new center stack design. One of the newer features from the facelift is the engine/start button.

Push to Start button from Toyota Wigo facelift

Get to enjoy this new feature 

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The facelift got the upper hand in engine displacement as the Agya offers a 1.2L for the high-end variant while the current Wigo only offers a 1.0L engine displacement.

The Agya engines produce higher horsepower at 87 hp @ 6,000 rpm and higher torque at 108 Nm @ 4200 rpm compared to the Wigo’s 66 hp @ 6,000 rpm and 89 Nm @ 4,400 rpm.

Both transmission options are still the same at 4-speed A/T for the high-variant and 5-speed M/T for the basic variant.

Interior of Toyota Agya

Even the interior gets generous updates

One of the concerns fans have is dealing with ruined facelifts. If there is anything the Agya brought, it would be better exterior styling and updated interior features.

After the release of the facelift, it definitely gave people an idea of how a simple and practical car can turn into sporty without overdoing certain modifications. 

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Rear view of Toyota Agya

Rear modification definitely gave Agya a boost in style

Overall, we could agree that his year belongs to the facelift. The Wigo or Agya may have done many modifications but it’s not to the point where people think it’s too much.

Source: Rex Sanchez