First Look: This is the all-new 2017 Suzuki Ciaz

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Suzuki unveiled its all-new 2017 Suzuki Ciaz
Today’s dynamic working environment tends to demand more than sharp wit. It is clear that with more vehicles plying the streets, road constructions and floodings added to the equation, getting to one’s destination on time is no mean feat. Therefore, to be at the top of the game, the working professional, for instance, needs a ride that is not just efficient but presentable as well.
This means rushing to and from meetings, corporate events and office errands while still having some time for lunch dates and personal obligations. Furthermore, the worsening traffic congestion in the Metro also requires an efficient set of wheels and a comfortable cabin.

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Brown Suzuki Ciaz Side View

The worsening traffic congestion in the Metro also requires an efficient set of wheels and a comfortable cabin

Determined to help young professionals in keeping up with their fast-paced lifestyle, Suzuki – the popular compact car manufacturer, has rolled out the Ciaz, a subcompact sedan that delivers fuel efficiency and smooth driving experience for today’s road warriors.
Suzuki PH serves up a stylish and chic option in the Ciaz subcompact sedan. The sleek lines are likewise a balance between sharp and sporty looks, while the body hides a roomy interior that is packed with upscale touches that were once the domain of larger vehicles.
One gets an integrated multimedia unit with an Android touchscreen, as well as the convenience of audio and hands-free connectivity in the steering wheel and keyless push start system.
Brown Suzuki Ciaz angular front

The Ciaz delivers fuel efficiency and smooth driving experience
First seen in 2016, the car gives buyers the right mix of driving performance, fuel efficiency, comfort, and space. It is available in three variants: the GL Manual Transmission, GL Automatic Transmission and the premium GLX.
In case you’re unaware, the Ciaz won Best in Fuel Rating under the Sedan-Gasoline Category at the Department of Energy’s Euro Fuel Eco Run, Best Subcompact Car for the Car of the Year Awards by the Car Awards Group Inc. (CAGI), and Best in Value for Money at the Auto Focus Media’s Choice Awards under the Compact Sedan category.
All told, the Ciaz makes life easy while you are on the move.
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Suzuki Ciaz GL AT Review - Grey

Know more about Suzuki Ciaz 2021

Suzuki Ciaz

Suzuki Philippines’ entry to the growing demand for a sub-compact sedan is the Suzuki Ciaz. It is meant to compete with the likes of the Honda City, Nissan Almera, and the Toyota Vios. Aside from its modern, elegant styling and tons of safety features, the selling point of the Suzuki Ciaz is its spacious cabin considered to be the best in its class. Expect the utmost comfort inside provided by its roomy head and legroom. With its growing demand in Latin America, Africa, and some parts of Asia, expect this model to grace every road soon. Locally, the Suzuki Ciaz 1.4 GL MT and the Suzuki Ciaz 1.4 GL AT are available.

From ₱823,000