What’s up with Suzuki and its fixation with coffee?

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The Japanese carmaker has a preference for a cup of joe. 

There’s probably no other beverage that’s legally associated with driving more than coffee. One can easily bring the car out of the garage or any other parking space on the pretext of a coffee run, and many drivers rely on the first morning cup as the proper start to another day behind the wheel. 

Suzuki Jimny Beans

Having a coffee machine installed on one of its models is the height of Suzuki's fascination with the beverage

As far as cars are concerned, it’s possible that no other brand has shown a predilection for coffee more than Suzuki. Along with a reputation for small and efficient automobiles, the Japanese carmaker is also known for naming its models after a variation of the typical cup of joe. 

First of these is the Cappuccino, a Kei car launched in 1991 which one automotive write-up curiously described as resembling an Arabica bean. Named after the espresso-based Italian coffee drink, it was a diminutive two-door, two-seat roadster featuring a detachable hardtop. 

Suzuki Cappuccino

The Cappuccino was the first Suzuki model named after coffee

Power came from an equally small 660cc 3-cylinder turbocharged engine which cranked out 63 hp. By the time Suzuki served the last Cappuccino to customers in 1998, the model came with speed-sensing electric power steering as well as aluminum double wishbone suspension and a limited-slip differential. 

Then there’s the more recent S-Presso. Unlike the Cappuccino which made its way to developed countries, the S-Presso caters more to emerging markets. Featuring SUV-like styling on a mini car platform, it quickly established a following in the Philippines mainly on account of its price and fuel efficiency. To date, the S-Presso is the most affordable car in the market that comes with a touchscreen head unit

Suzuki S-Presso

A small form factor packed with value is what the S-Presso proposes

Suzuki likely wanted its small cars to exude the appeal of coffee as a universally favored beverage, on how customer enjoyment doesn’t have to depend on serving size. The Cappuccino was said to exude its namesake’s style with the same satisfying kick once the pedal is pressed. 

Meanwhile, the S-Presso was probably meant to communicate a value proposition that belies its small package, much like how a single shot of espresso is already robust and full of flavor. Being made in India also helps its cause, with the country’s status as the sixth-largest coffee producer in the world. 

By the looks of it, both Suzuki and coffee will be in for the long haul, and it would be interesting to see if the carmaker will be able to come up with other brew-based monikers on its future models.   

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Suzuki S-Presso

The S-Presso is a city car styled as a crossover or mini SUV, manufactured by pioneering compact carmaker Suzuki through its Indian subsidiary Maruti Suzuki. Slotting below the Alto and the Wagon R in the Indian market, the S-Presso is also sold in developing regions such as Egypt, Latin America, South Africa, and Southeast Asia, including the Philippines. You can get more information about specifications, reviews and promos of Suzuki S-Presso here.

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