2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE Review | Philkotse Philippines

Updated Apr 27, 2022

Editor's: 3.7/5
No-frills pint-size hatchback for the urban jungle.
2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE Review | Philkotse Philippines

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2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE Review: Pint-size goodness

Small hatchbacks are ideal vehicles for the busy urban jungle. With their diminutive dimensions, they can easily drive through urban streets as well as squeeze into tight parking spaces. Their light weight also plays a role when you’re particular with fuel efficiency. 

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE - Basic Car With Some Flair | Philkotse Reviews

Suzuki is among the car brands in the Philippines that want to capitalize on the small hatchback segment, especially during this time when having a fuel-efficient vehicle is important. There’s also the fact that having your own car offers you more convenience and is relatively safer to get to and from your destination considering the COVID-19 threat. 

Suzuki Philippines has an answer to those concerns with the S-Presso, a small hatchback that undercuts its Japanese rivals in terms of price. To further add to its charm in the local market, Suzuki PH introduced the S-Presso Special Edition (SE). What makes the SE different from the regular S-Presso? More importantly, can the SE continue the S-Presso’s momentum in the local market? Here’s Philkotse’s 2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE full review.


Suzuki S-Presso 2024 Review

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2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE Exterior Review: Adding a pinch of silver trims

The Suzuki S-Presso SE looks almost the same as the regular variant. It still has the familiar diminutive and mini hatchback appeal that the S-Presso is known for. The differences might be subtle but I find it appropriate as the SE trim looks more composed than the regular S-Presso. It’s as if Suzuki added a pinch of salt to the already flavorful wagyu beef.

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE front The S-Presso SE has a bolder front end

The front end gets additional silver trims as seen on the grille, and on the bumper creating the illusion that the S-Presso SE comes with a skid plate. I also appreciate that the added trim doesn’t come in shiny chrome. The headlights still come in halogens, which is expected considering the vehicle’s price point.  
The S-Presso SE’s side profile looks bulkier than the regular variant due to the integration of black cladding and silver trim. The black cladding on the doors and fender flares also makes the S-Presso SE look more crossover-ish when viewed from the side. Adding to its bulkier appeal are the 14-inch alloy wheels, which are night and day compared to the regular S-Presso steel wheels.  

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE side

The black cladding with silver trims gives the S-Presso added style points

In case you’re wondering, the Suzuki S-Presso measures 3,565mm long, 1,520mm wide, and 1,565mm tall. It also has a wheelbase of 2,380mm. But the most interesting fact when you look at the S-Presso’s dimensions is the ground clearance. The S-Presso comes with 180mm of ground clearance, which is even better than larger crossovers such as the Mazda CX-3 (155mm) and Hyundai Kona (170mm).

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE rearA more composed stance than the non-SE S-Presso

The addition of silver trims continues at the rear as seen on the bumper, and the faux skid plate.
The S-Presso SE also comes with a more prominent rear spoiler giving the vehicle more character. LED taillights, and third brake light is still standard on the SE’s rear end.

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2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE Interior Review: Equipped with the essentials

The Suzuki S-Presso SE’s interior still has the same layout as the regular version. The cabin design is basic and straightforward with the abundant use of hard plastic materials, which is expected considering the S-Presso’s price point. Mind you the S-Presso is the most affordable brand-new Japanese car you can buy on the market to date. 

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE interior dashboardSimple and straightforward dashboard layout

The S-Presso’s dashboard layout is unique compared to other small hatchbacks in the market. It doesn’t have the usual instrument cluster or speedometer that’s usually found behind the steering wheel. Instead, it is placed at the center of the dashboard, a reminder of what the first-gen Toyota Vios used to have.

The cluster comes with an orange backlight, and it has a large numerical display for the digital speedometer. But, I wish that it also comes with a meter for RPMs as it could help new drivers when it comes to shifting gears. The S-Presso comes with a manual transmission only. Even the SE comes solely with a manual gearbox.     

The S-Presso SE’s cabin features subtle silver trims to make it stand out compared to the regular version. Suzuki added silver trims on the center console, aircon vents, and door panels. Other than that, the S-Presso SE’s interior is basically the same as the regular S-Presso. 

That said, the buttons for the front power windows are placed at the center, near the infotainment system. Why place the button at the center? Well, this is to give the S-Presso more space on the side.

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE rear seatsIt can easily accommodate up to two average-sized Filipinos

The rear passenger area can comfortably accommodate up to two average-sized Filipinos. Adding a third passenger in the middle is possible but overall comfort would be compromised. Rear passengers also get manual windows, where you need to manually roll them down or up. 

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE cargo spaceDecent cargo space

As a small hatchback, cargo space is a bit cramped. But, despite the S-Presso’s size, you can still load up an assortment of items such as three to four overnight bags. The rear seats can also be folded down in case you need more space. That said, I wish that Suzuki did put a latch or lever for the liftgate for easier access to the cargo area.      

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE: Tech & Safety Review

The Suzuki S-Presso SE doesn’t come with advanced tech and safety features, which is expected due to its price tag. But, it’s not that bad either considering that this small hatchback is priced under Php 600,000. 

For starters, the S-Presso SE has a seven-inch infotainment touchscreen that comes with Bluetooth connectivity. I do wish that it already comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but I also understand that’s asking too much.

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE steering wheelSilver trims on the cabin 

The S-Presso SE also doesn’t come with a rear camera but at least Suzuki did integrate it with rear parking sensors. Plus, having a rear camera is not that much needed considering the S-Presso’s overall size. 

Other safety features include driver and front passenger airbags, an anti-lock brake system, ISOFIX, and an immobilizer. 

Of note, the S-Presso tested by Global NCAP didn’t have the same specs as what we have locally. It only had a driver’s airbag and no ISOFIX tether points, so it scored badly in almost all categories, hence the zero-star crash safety rating.

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE: Driving & Performance

A 1.0-liter K10B three-cylinder gasoline engine that puts out 67 hp and 90 Nm of torque lie under the hood of the Suzuki S-Presso SE. It comes with a five-speed manual transmission, similar to the non-SE S-Presso.

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE engineEquipped with a 1.0-liter gasoline engine

The S-Presso’s seemingly low output rating should not discourage you from driving home one since it doesn’t actually lack power. The 1.0-liter engine delivers adequate power for the S-Presso’s overall weight and size. 

To put things in perspective, it only weighs 770 kilograms, which is lighter than the Celerio, and the Toyota Wigo. Another thing is that it comes with a five-speed manual, giving you control over the gears. Meanwhile, as mentioned, it would have been better if the S-Presso also comes with a tachometer.  

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE frontThe S-Presso SE is an urban jungle dweller

The S-Presso SE’s pint-size dimension makes it an ideal mode of transport within the urban jungle. Driving through tight streets is not a problem, and finding a suitable parking spot is easy. The overall ride comfort is not that notable but it’s not that bad either. I find the suspension leaning more on the firm side making the ride a bit harsh but tolerable.
It also has a light steering feel, which is something you’ll appreciate in your daily drives within the city as it lessens fatigue. The steering wheel also responds well to the driver’s input, allowing the car to go in the direction you want to. Another thing I noticed is the S-Presso’s soft clutch pedal, which is beneficial in making your drives more pleasant. However, I find it too soft for my liking – but that’s just me. 

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE rearIt comes with 180mm of ground clearance

The S-Presso can also hold its ground when cruising on the expressway but open highway driving is not its strongest suit. It’s fairly stable on the expressway but due to its size, overall stability is a bit compromised especially when larger cars drive past you at highway speeds. 

Then there’s also the issue of its noise insulation. Outside noise significantly creeps into the cabin whether you’re driving within the city or on the expressway. But this is already expected considering the S-Presso’s price point. Like what they usually say, you can’t have it all, especially when the budget is in consideration.

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE: Fuel Efficiency

The Suzuki S-Presso SE comes with notable fuel economy. During the duration of testing the car, it delivered 16 km/l within the city with light to moderate traffic. Suzuki’s small hatchback also returned an impressive fuel economy of 24 km/l when driven at an average of 90 km/h on the expressway. 

With a combined fuel eco of 20 km/l, the S-Presso SE is currently the most fuel-efficient car we’ve tested so far. 

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE: Verdict

It’s not that hard to realize that the Suzuki S-Presso SE is one of the ideal cars that should be on your list if you’re looking for a fuel-efficient and no-frills car. The simplicity in design might not suit everyone but the S-Presso’s straightforward appeal is what makes it stand out from the competition.  

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE front 2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE is priced at Php 568,000

The SE is a good addition to the S-Presso’s local variant lineup as the addition of silver trims and black claddings gave Suzuki’s pint-size hatchback more appeal. However, some car buyers might still be dissuaded to drive home an S-Presso due to the sole five-speed manual transmission option.

But despite that, the S-Presso still has an ace up its sleeve as it is the most affordable brand-new Japanese car you can buy in the market to date. Pricing for this small hatch starts at Php 523,000 while the S-Presso SE retails at Php 568,000. With that pricing, you can expect that the S-Presso will continue to be one of the best-selling Suzuki vehicles in the Philippines. 

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE Review: Variants and Price

Suzuki S-Presso Variants & Price in the Philippines

Suzuki S-Presso SE

Php 568,000

Suzuki S-Presso GL with Alloy Wheels

Php 543,000

Suzuki S-Presso GL

Php 523,000

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE Review: Color Options

Suzuki S-Presso Color Options

Starry Blue Pearl, Silky Silver Metallic, Granite Grey, Fire Red, Sizzle Orange.

2022 Suzuki S-Presso SE Review: Specs





S-Presso SE

Body Type

Small Hatchback

Dimensions & Weight


3,565 mm


1,520 mm


1,565 mm


2,380 mm

Ground Clearance

180 mm

Seating Capacity


Engine & Transmission


1.0L K10B

Fuel Type



998 cc


5-speed Manual


67 hp @ 5,500 rpm


90 Nm @ 3,500 rpm


Black Front Grille

Halogen Headlights

Fog lamps

Manual Side Mirrors

LED Taillights

Body Color Door Handles

Rear Spoiler

Black Cladding

Silver trims

Black Rear Bumper

14-inch alloy wheels


Electric Front Windows

Manual Rear Windows

7-inch infotainment system with Bluetooth

Tilt Adjust for Steering Wheel

Manual Air Conditioning

Fabric Seats


Folding Rear Seats

Safety & Tech

Anti-Lock Braking System

Rear Parking Sensors






MacPherson Strut


Torsion Beam



Ventilated Disc