PGA continues sanitation SOPs for virus-free Porsche Taycan, 911 viewing

Updated Jul 17, 2020 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates
If you want to see the Taycan, wear a mask and book an appointment.

PGA Cars, Inc., the official importer and distributor of Bentley, Lamborghini, Audi, and the popular Porsche cars like the 911 and the recently released Porsche Taycan here in the Philippines, are continuing to implement sanitation standard operating procedures.

These measures are currently in place to further protect its clients and employees from COVID-19, and to provide peace of mind to visitors, as well as to keep its facilities open in tip-top shape.

A picture of PGA Cars employees with Porsche models

All PGA Cars employees are wearing PPEs for their safety, and for yours

For starters, the sales executives as well as the service advisors who are tasked with interacting with dealership visitors are now donning full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Likewise, visitors are also encouraged to wear a facemask and to practice social distancing at all times, while inside the showrooms.

To support the social distancing measures, PGA Cars, Inc. is also encouraging prospective visitors to first book an appointment whether it be for servicing vehicles, test driving, and model viewing. In that regard, all the vehicles that have arrived for servicing are immediately disinfected. The same goes for vehicles that are to be released to an owner, as well as new vehicles that are about to be delivered.

A picture of a client entering the PGA Car's facility

Everyone entering the premises of PGA Cars should be wearing a facemask

Apart from the continuous sanitation, the donning of PPEs, and social distancing, PGA Cars employees are also required to undergo total antibody testing before reporting for work and are required to submit a health form. All people entering PGA Car’s facilities are also given a temperature check and sanitize their hands.

All in all, these measures are fully compliant with international health and safety standards. Do note also that PGA Cars has recently released the Porsche Taycan EV, so we’re guessing that the car distributor will be seeing more visitors to its facilities soon. Being a Porsche EV, the Taycan will undoubtedly draw crowds. And furthermore, the said model is one of the few fully electric supercars in the world right now.

A picture of a client checking out one of PGA Car's models

With these sanitation SOPs in place, everyone's health is actively kept safe

So if you want to book an appointment, contact PGA Cars at +632 87270381 to 85.

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