Honda Cars Philippines extends PMS appointment, warranty by 30 days

Mar 24, 2020 | Same topic: COVID-19 Updates
This is good news for Honda vehicle owners.

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. releases a public advisory saying that its dealerships will temporarily be closed. This left Honda customers questioning the Japanese automaker about their PMS or expiring warranties.

But just after three days, Honda released a public advisory about the extension on Periodic Maintenance Service and Warranty of its valued customers.

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Honda is giving a 30-day grace period to those customers with a schedule for preventive maintenance. This is good news considering we are currently practicing social distancing and limited use of the roads.

Honda also reminded its customers to bring their Honda vehicles to its service centers as soon as the quarantine is lifted in order to maintain their good condition.

The extension also includes its customer’s warranties. This means that Honda’s valued customers will not lose a month with their warranties. But rather, their warranties are given a one-month extension.

However, the extension is subject to validation under the Honda Standard Warranty Guide. It’s a good way by Honda of showing their compassion to its customers by keeping them safe at all times.

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The official statement from Honda Philippines

The official statement from Honda Philippines

Preventive maintenance can be costly. But, it actually has many advantages to it. Preventive Maintenance can improve your car’s overall efficiency, pose longer asset life, and can lessen the chances of your car stopping in the middle of the highway which can be really inconvenient.

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Preventive Maintenance reduces overtime costs

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