Next Geely dealerships, PMS duration, and other podcast nuggets we caught

Updated Oct 06, 2020 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates
Here are the tidbits we got from Geely's Gpod podcast.  

To better connect with current and prospective clients, Geely Philippines recently held a podcast called the “Gpod – Geely Aftersales Podcast.” It was broadcasted via Facebook on October 3, 2020, and it was a short and very informative session hosted by several Geely aftersales services managers.

A picture of the Gpod logo.

The fist Gpod podcast episode was aired on Geely Philippine's official Facebook page

On the Gpod Podcast, they answered several questions about Geely’s aftersales services. As such, here are all the useful nuggets that we caught in the said podcast.

1. Geely PH to expand its dealership network

In order to provide better access to Geely products and its services, the company will be expanding its dealership network. Geely dealerships will be built in Makati, Quezon Ave., Quezon City, and towards the south in Alabang, as well as in Imus, Cavite. A timetable wasn’t mentioned regarding this, so let’s wait for further information from Geely.

2. Will Geely cars have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the future?

Currently, the Azkarra and Coolray’s entertainment systems are equipped with Geely’s proprietary smartphone linking software. As such, many are asking whether Geely will be upgrading it to come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In the podcast, it was mentioned that this is currently being discussed in Geely China. 

3.  Geely car warranty questions addressed

The Geely Coolray is already a cool car but several of its owners are wanting to give it a more personal flair. That’s well and good, but some modifications might actually void the warranty. To be more specific, these are mods that will have an impact on the car’s performance. One example they mentioned in the podcast was that changing into larger aftermarket tires and installing unauthorized parts might void the warranty. If you want to personalize your Geely vehicle, it was suggested that you stick to authorized accessories.

A picture of a Geely Coolray.

A stock Geely Coolray is enough to turn heads

In addition, using non-approved motor oil will also void the warranty. Also, skipping a scheduled periodic maintenance service schedule will void your Geely’s warranty.

4. The question about approved oil for Geely cars

According to the updated Geely manual, both OW-20 type oil and 5W-40 oil are suitable for Geely models. Note however that one should stick to the Shell branded oil that was approved by the car company.

In addition to this, Geely assures that all the parts and systems in Geely models were all certified by Volvo.

5. How long does a Geely PMS take?

For the first PMS for the 1,000 km mark, it usually takes about an hour. The next 7,500 km PMS takes about two hours. The 15,000 km PMS is the longest at 2.5 hours. This is because Geely’s technicians will need to check the components more thoroughly. 

This was the first-ever Gpod episode, and more will come in the future. Keep reading here on for more automotive industry news, car reviews, and car maintenance tips.


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