Audi Activesphere teased as electric crossover coupe concept

Updated Dec 19, 2022 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

It will be unveiled on January 26 next year.

Audi is once again teasing the last model that will complete its Sphere series, the Activesphere. This time, the German automaker is giving a glimpse from the top of the all-electric crossover concept.

Audi Activesphere top

New Audi Activesphere teaser image

The Audi Activesphere is reportedly developed to become the perfect mobility partner for outdoor adventures. No technical specifications have been provided. So let’s see what we can take away from the two teaser photos of the Activesphere.

Looking at the first teaser photo, the off-road appeal of the concept is apparent. It appears to be fitted with all-terrain tires, which are ideal for tackling rough roads with ease. Also adding to the rugged styling is the wide body finish that goes well around the massive tires.

Audi Activesphere front view

The first Audi Activesphere teaser photo

As for the second and latest teaser photo, the Audi Activesphere will likely get two screens on the dash, one for the driver and one for the front passenger. If that will be the case, one can expect that the second screen will display information on off-road functions, and will include tools such as a compass and barometer.

“The Audi Activesphere concept provides ultimate freedom and is the perfect companion for ambitious outdoor adventures. Whether it’s water sports, golfing, or challenging mountainous roads – the Activesphere concept offers ultimate variability for all activities,” said Audi in a press release.

Models under the Sphere family share three features, namely a futuristic-looking design, an electric powertrain, and autonomous driving. The series serves as the brand’s vision for its future lineup, which should help Audi conform to the electrification shift in the automotive industry.

Audi Skysphere front view

Audi Skysphere

The Audi Activesphere is slated to be unveiled on January 26 next year. It will join other Sphere concepts including the Skysphere, an electric roadster that comes with a variable wheelbase function. Meanwhile, the Grandsphere and Urbansphere are the brand’s futuristic takes on what appears to be an electric flagship grand tourer and an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle), respectively.

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