Glass coating vs Ceramic coating: What’s the difference?

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Skip regular car waxing by applying either of these coatings.

Glass coating vs Ceramic coating: Introduction

As a car owner, it is really inevitable to have scratches and damages to your car paint. There are plenty of factors why such things happen. It could be because of dirt that pass through your car, using a dirty towel, bird poop, and many more.

A man coating a black car

Ceramic coating does not only provide shine, but also protection [Photo: Shine Armor]

One of the most frustrating things to see in your car is what they call the ‘swirl marks.’ Even if you are a new driver or a veteran, I’m pretty sure you have seen one of these. Swirl marks are apparent scratches on your car paint that takes up the shape of a spider web. If you own a black car, then swirl marks are easier to spot.

For this reason, many automotive experts have come up with different solutions in order to avoid such unwanted scratches on our cars. These solutions include glass coating and ceramic coating. Read on as we tackle how these coatings help maintain your car paint, as well as the difference between the two: glass coating vs ceramic coating.

Glass coating vs Ceramic coating: What is the difference between the two?

Ceramic coating

Let’s start off with the ceramic coating. This type of coating is a liquid polymer specially made to bond with your car’s paint. The ceramic coating creates a layer of protection that fills the space from done by scratches.

The best characteristic the ceramic coating possesses is its hydrophobic nature. What it does is helps repel water that can also damage your car. Since it creates a layer of protection, any debris doesn’t stick easily on your car – resulting in easier car washes.

In addition, the ceramic coating also provides a gloss on your car. Putting ceramic coating on your car can make it look like it just came straight out from the factory.

Before and after of coating a car

See the effect for yourself

If you read ceramic coating descriptions, you would find that it says “permanent.” In some way, yes, it is indeed permanent. However, that is if you leave your car in a tightly enclosed garage with limited exposure to environmental factors. Be sure to use a microfiber towel to avoid damaging your ceramic coating.

Using your car every day will obviously deteriorate your ceramic coating despite it saying it’s permanent. On average, a ceramic coating will last from two years to five years – depending on how the driver maintains the coating.

This then raises the question, “do I still need to wash my car?” The answer, yes, you still have to wash your car to remove unwanted debris. The benefit of having a ceramic coating is that the debris on your car will be taken off with just pressurized water.

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A red Ferrari with coating

Improve the visuals of your car with automotive coatings [Photo: Ceramic Car Coating]

Hearing all of these things may make you want to apply a ceramic coating on your car as soon as possible. However, applying ceramic coatings require professional installation in order to keep it intact for longer. A ceramic coating can be hard to remove if it is installed properly. Besides, most ceramic coating installation shops have warranties so it wearing off is the least of your problems.

In the Philippines, the cost of applying ceramic coating on your car varies depending on the size of your car. For a small car, it would cost you around Php 17,000 on average, while for a larger car, it would cost you around Php 24,500 on average.  

Glass coating

On the other hand, the glass coating is almost the same as the ceramic coating. There are just some few structural differences between them but both basically create a layer of protection for your car. Both the glass coating and ceramic coating use nanotechnologies in order to make its magic happen.

A red BMW with glass coating

Example of glass coating [Photo: Liquid Glass Coating for Cars]

So what is the difference between the two? The difference between the ceramic coating and glass coating is their qualities. A glass-coating is more durable than a ceramic coating. And yes, a more durable option usually ends up as the more expensive option.

Unfortunately, a glass coating usually wears off way faster than ceramic coating despite numerous maintenance efforts. Glass coating also provides better gloss as compared to the ceramic coating. The only advantage of having a ceramic coating is its stronger hydrophobic quality.

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Glass coating vs Ceramic coating: Which one should you get?

If you want to have a long-lasting coating, then the ceramic coating is the one you should get. One of the biggest advantages of choosing ceramic coating over glass coating is its more affordable price. In short, practicality is the best word to describe ceramic coating.

A man coating a black Volkswagen

Always take care of your car in order for your coating to last longer

However, if you want a fancier glass-like look and you are up for the pricier cost, then you can roll with glass coating. Just keep in mind glass coating wears off faster as compared to ceramic coating. At the end of the day, both ceramic coating and glass coatings offer great benefits. The answer depends on the car owner’s preference.

Whichever coating you get, don’t ever attempt to do it on your own especially if it is your first time. Despite having plenty of automotive coatings you can get online these days, we still recommend you visit your local auto shop for a more professional installation.

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FAQs about Glass Coating and Ceramic Coating

Q: What is a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating creates a layer of protection on your car that prevents scratches from dust and dirt, rain, and other environmental factors.

Q: How much is a ceramic coating in the Philippines?

The price depends upon the size of your car. To give you a number, applying ceramic coating on your car would cost you around Php 18,000.

Q: How long does ceramic coating last?

Manufacturers may say that ceramic coating lasts for a lifetime, but of course, it has a lifespan just like every other thing in the world. On average, ceramic coating lasts around two to five years depending on how the owner takes care of his/her car.

Q: What is a glass coating?

Just like ceramic coating, glass coating creates a layer of protection on your car. However, it lasts shorter and has a more expensive market price as compared to ceramic coating.

Q: Is it recommended to get a ceramic coating?

If you want your car to shine on the road, as well as avoid unwanted scratches, then you might want to avail of ceramic coating services. Plus, applying ceramic coating on your car will reduce your visit to your local car wash shop.

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