Vinyl Wrapping: Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

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Vinyl wrapping is an effective method to change your car appearance in the most saving ways. However, you need to evaluate its dark side to the bright side as well.

A vehicle being subject to wear and tear, parts will definitely break due to usage, tires will wear thin, and paint will fade. The engine will always be manageable given that you have given your best to maintain it, but what about the looks? Will it matter when the car is longer new and has been tried and tested on the road?

Thanks to modern technology, it isn’t much of a headache to think if your car needs an upgrade on its exteriors. Luckily the process of vinyl wrapping is introduced. In this article from, we’ll be discussing what vinyl wrapping is, its advantages and its disadvantages.

1. What is Vinyl Wrapping?

Pretty much like a decal, a vinyl is wrapped around a car’s original body paint. Most of the time motorists or vehicle owners would lay a vinyl wrap on their newly-bought car to protect the original paint.

While some would choose to do so if the body paint is worn out and a need for a new color is needed. Vinyl is a thin film that functions like a decal.

Man putting vinyl wrapping in the car

A vinyl is wrapped around a car’s original body paint

Some service providers offer a protective film on a vehicle’s bumper or hood that are always vulnerable to bumps and debris. However, instead of a decal that is usually a décor or sticker-like that is placed on a specific area, a vinyl wrap goes around the entire exterior of the vehicle.

In addition, there are a lot of different types of vinyl wraps to choose from. There is what you would rarely see referred to as car chrome wrap, the emerging matte car vinyl, the classic looking- pearl vehicle wraps, and even the latest to the vinyl wrap technology, identified as vehicle satin wraps.

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2. Advantages of Vinyl Wrapping

People may not see how convenient car wrapping is but aside from this advantage, there are a lot more to which a motorist can enjoy. Read about it all below.

Affordable option

What makes vinyl wrapping stand out from body painting and other customization options is the fact that it is relatively cheaper. When compared to the over-all body paint to which would sum at about Php 40,000, a vinyl wrap would cost a vehicle owner around Php 20,000-Php 30,000.00. If you were the one who’d decide which the more practical choice is, you’d certainly go for a vinyl wrap.

Shorter waiting period

When you opt for whole body paint, you’d have to surrender your vehicle for a maximum of 4 weeks. This means that you’ll have to endure the pain of commuting back and forth to work.

For some, this might be an experience to refresh your perspective or a break from taking charge of the steering wheel but, what if you need to use your vehicle for a business trip by then? You’ll be forced to rent one at your own expense.

putting vinyl wrapping in the vehicle

Vinyl wrapping will be finished on a matter of two weeks, maximum

Vinyl wrapping, on the other hand, will be finished on a matter of two weeks, maximum. However, you have to account what type of vinyl finish you chose for your vehicle. There are cases when a more sophisticated option, such as matte car vinyl would take longer than the most common choice.

Explore Design Possibilities

Another feature that makes vinyl wrapping one to watch out for is its variety. You can have your face plastered on your hood, and you won’t worry about scratching the surface. Like what was previously mentioned in the former part of this article, there are a whole lot of options you can try when it comes to vinyl wrapping. Matte, glossy, chrome and many more.

Not to mention the fact that if you own a business vehicle, you can customize it so that your logo and other branding materials will be given a new strategy of visibility. Talk about practicality and marketing feasibility.

car wrapped with vinyl

Another feature that makes vinyl wrapping one to watch out for is its variety 

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Paint protection

Investing in a vinyl wrap while your car is still brand new can be handy for future circumstances. Since the process of vinyl wrap involves layering a thin film over the vehicle’s original body paint, the layer beneath will be protected. In cases of accidents, bumps, and collisions, rest assured, scratches won’t be an issue.


If you’re looking for a one-time change or a fresh new vibe in your vehicle, vinyl wrap is a great option. It is more of a disposable choice because you can have the film removed and a new one with a different color scheme will be placed.

blue vinyl wrapping

If you’re looking for a one-time change or a fresh new vibe in your vehicle, vinyl wrap is a great option

3. Disadvantages of Vinyl Wrapping

Although the benefits mentioned above are desirable and may look appealing, there will be instances where it won’t suit a motorist’s needs. To shed light in this matter, we'll elaborate on the disadvantages of vinyl wraps on vehicles.

Cheap quality, low price

Be careful in investing in car service providers that offer cheap vinyl wrap while promising a high-quality result. There are films available on the market that costs cheap. However, this doesn’t mean that you get the finesse you’re expecting. Always remember, you get what you pay for.

Car wrapping

There are films available on the market that costs cheap

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Cannot cover dents and paint imperfections

Vinyl wraps are great if you are covering up old paint or wants to spice things up in the visual department. However, if you have been involved in a minor collision where the situation involved dents, covering your vehicle with vinyl would not be able to hide the car’s imperfection.

In cases of body paint imperfections, it is recommended to have your vehicle undergo a paint job.

Finding the right vinyl wrap service provider

Yes, vinyl wraps and customized designs sound fun until your car is returned with a mediocre cover over-all. The secret in making vinyl wraps work for you is to find a service provider that knows exactly how to do it and how would you like the result to look and feel like.

making vinyl wraps

The secret in making vinyl wraps work for you is to find a service provider that knows exactly how to do it

For some final words, vinyl wrapping is a new technology that makes color changing and customizing a whole lot of fun as a car or vehicle owner.

But, it is essential to know that before you choose this kind of option, you have to have a maintained and preserved body paint as it will act as the canvas for a masterpiece. Pristine body paint is an excellent canvas for an interchangeable design and car color. 

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