How to remove bird poop stains from car without ruining your car's paint

Updated Feb 17, 2021

Bird poop not only spoils your car appearance but also does bad for the paint layer as well.

Bird poop is annoying. It not only spoils your car appearance but more seriously, causes significant and costly damage to your beloved vehicle. However, if taken care of timely and properly, we can easily get rid of this 'unwated gift'.

Before guiding you on how to remove bird poop stains from car, would like to spend some words explaining how these annoying things can ruin our car's paint.

Stop Birds From Pooping On Your Car

1. How do bird poop ruin your car's paint?

In terms of chemistry, bird poop is a real acid because of its high uric acid level ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 PH. The acid devastation is obvious: corroding the paint's surface step by step. The longer bird poop stays, the more serious consequence is.

Some owners rush into scratching it out of the paint's surface while having no idea that they themselves, by accident, are damaging the paint layer as well.

The top layer of the car's paint will get even worse if the owners do nothing and leave it there. Here is how: during daytime, the outside layer of lacquer paint turns softer and expands as it gets warmer due to sun heat. Meanwhile, bird poop converts to hard and dry form. At night, when temperature gets lower, the lacquer will cool down, which constitutes a mold around the hardened bird poop, leaving an unwanted annoying bump on the paint's surface. Gradually, the bird dropping patch will eat away the paint layer and the consequence can be clearly seen as shown the photo below:

bump on car's paint due to bird poop

The bump on car's paint due to bird poop

2. How to remove bird poop stains from car?

First of all, remember that the sooner you clean the bird poop, the minor effect leaves on the paint layer. This must be specifically taken care of during warm seasons as lacquer will soften easily, meanwhile, the droppings become hard faster because of high temperature.

To remove bird poop stains, pour some drops of water to wet the bird poop. Alternatively, you can put a moist towel over it and leave it there for a couple of minutes. Keep doing this until the bird dropping patch turns into something similar to a liquid glue.

Putting a moist towel over the bird poop

Put a moist towel over the poop and wait a few minutes

Then, use a non-abrasive, facial tissues or dry towel to softly wipe it off in an downward to upward stroke or vice versa. Do not wipe in circular stroke.

When removing bird droppings, do not use too much force unless you will rub away pieces of paint along with the poop.

One last thing, wash your hands carefully after finishing the whole process.

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3. How to avoid bird droppings on your car

Birds often prefer some certain places for pooping. If you don't want your car's paint gets full of bird's waste, park your car far away from the below places:

  • Under the trees;
  • Next to light and electric posts;
  • Under telephone wires;
  • Near garbage dumps;
  • Near lakes and rivers;
  • Near building’s edges (particularly near parking lots).

If your neighborhood is always found with hundreds of birds all year round, then the only way to deal with this is to cover your car carefully whenever you have to park your car outside. This is a highly recommended method for avoiding bird droppings as wel as preventing acid rain spots from ruining your car sleek appearance.

There are two more solutions to keep bird away from your vehicle. The first one is to place a big predator visual aid picture on the car window to scare birds away. The other is to put black plastic bags or add reflective tape on the car's windshield or window.

After all, we want a harmony life with birds without their disturbing waste. The suggestions above are some, not all, but we can figure out more methods on how to remove bird poop stains from car. Be creative and proactive to choose the best way to take care of your car while still living in harmony with our feathered friends.

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