Let rainwater do our car washing: Yay or nay?

Updated Mar 30, 2018 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Is this an economical way to wash your car?

Are you among those people out there who take advantages of rainy days to have free car washes? If yes, stop doing so as soon as possible because letting the rainwater clean your car is a very bad idea.

First of all, remember that rain is not pure water or even regular water. As raindrops pile up contaminants and pollutants from the air during falling-down from the sky, all these elements together could do harm to your car’s coating and eventually lead to a rust.

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car running through heavy rain

It is pointless to expect your car could be thoroughly washed by the rain

Particularly, if your car have any cracks on its surface, rainwater can penetrate into these unprotected metal parts, leading to more serious rusting. Additionally, the rain itself can’t completely erase the existing grime and dirt from your car exterior. In fact, when the rainwater gets dry, it even becomes more difficult to clean those stains away from your car's coating. Overtime, this will seriously destroy your car’s overall finish, and significantly decrease the resale value of your car.

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Is the rain enough to clean your car?

For your next time, if your car accidentally meets an unpredictable shower, let’s bring it to the most adjoining car wash station. If you want to save a few pesos, then considering the following tips to wash your car yourself at home. Wet season is never a chance to have your vehicle washed for free.

washing car at home

Let’s bring your car to the most adjoining car wash station or you can also wash it yourself at home

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