The 5 No-no’s When Your Car is Dusty and Dirty

Updated Apr 09, 2020

What anybody should not do when their car is covered in dust and dirt.

Clean me, my master!

You walk to your garage on a fine Saturday morning and saw your car. In your still hazy subconscious, you ask yourself, “I own a white car, if my memory serves me right, why am I looking at a gray car?” You then walk inside, take a shower and sip a cup of coffee, go back again to your car and realized that she has been crying out loud, in your face, pleading you to give her a well-deserved bath.

One of the things you can give your car as a reward is giving her a nice, thorough wash. Some people do the carwashing themselves, however, if you are don’t have much patience and you’re not the type who pays attention to the smallest details, then its best to leave the car cleaning to professionals.

a dusty red car

Your car pleading you to to give her a bath she deserves

While your car is covered in dust, there are some things that you and other people shouldn’t do on it, no matter how tempting. Keep reading through our article on to be aware of 5 things that you should not do to a dusty vehicle.

1. Never touch and run your hands through the dusty panels

Admit it or not, this is one of our favorite things to do whenever we see dusty cars parked along our street. We giddily run our hands along the hood or the trunk just for fun. Much as we love doing this, it can actually affect the clear coating of the car, or worse, if you have long and pointy fingernails, you can possibly chip off some of the paint.

running hand through the dusty panels of a car

Never touch and run your hands through the dusty panels

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2. Don’t write or draw on the dusty windows!

After you run your finger through the dust on the door panel, you then proceed upwards, this time, targeting the dusty windows. You now unleash the hidden Picasso in you and make that dust covered window your canvass. Again, you can accidentally scratch the window.

drawing on the dusty tailgates of a truck

Don’t write or draw on the dusty windows

The Dirty Car Artist

3. If you see a bird poop on the windshield, don’t remove it using your fingernails

OC as you may be, if you see a bird poop on the windshield, let it be and wait for the professional car cleaning services to remove it for you. I know, it’s totally agitating, however, if you insist on removing it using your fingernails, you may be in for more trouble by scratching your windshield.

This is also applicable if you see a hard stain stuck on any painted part of your car. Don’t force remove it by using your fingernails or anything sharp. By doing so, you may chip off the paint and end up with some minor repainting. More money out of the window.

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removing bird poop using fingernails​

Don’t remove bird poop using your fingernails​

4. Don’t force to lift the windshield wiper

If your car has gotten to the highest point of filth and it reached your windshield wiper, don’t forcefully lift it to clean. It may break and even cost you more by getting a replacement.

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5. Don’t wipe it with a shirt or a rag

Maybe you are in the ‘petsa de peligro’ week but your car desperately needs some cleaning. You now resort to a DIY simple dusting off by grabbing an old shirt and wiping your entire car using it. You should keep in mind that the best tool you can use to wipe your car is a clean, microfiber cloth. By using a microfiber cloth, you can make sure that you won’t incur any scratches while wiping your car and temporarily making it clean.

Using a microfiber cloth to wipe the car

Using a microfiber cloth can make sure that you won’t incur any scratches

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